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  1. http://www.manxradio.com/readItem.aspx?ID=7785&cate=General




    Why not hear from them? All this talk of wanting to engage the electorate and wanting people to get involved with politics - my arse!


    Where do they think they are, Westminster? The US Senate? They couldn't spare a few minutes of parliamentary time? No doubt they'll see a few faces they've sent away today marching to the Hill on July 5.


    They're a glorified parish council and should be willing to listen to a handful of the mere 70,000 people that they represent.


    I really hope there are some suprises at this next election - oh how I long for constitutional reform!!


    Wonder if the PAG have anything to say on the matter?

  2. Ok, I have decided to buy myself a present, a DVD player. Now, I know MF to be a font of knowledge I had a good look round and found this thread but it seems to be a little old. I am going out on a limb and guessing that WH Smiths has sold out of them.


    I was wondering if anyone has one they could recommend to me? I have found both this and this, though I am leaning towards the Kiss one. The only two things I really need it to have is XVid playback and to be multiregional.


    Any help or advice of which ones to buy or steer clear of gratefully recieved.


    Don't get Sony - all seem to break!


    I'd get a cheapish one, you'll no doubt find yourself upgrading in the coming 12 - 24 months to a next generation player - BluRay or HD DVD.

  3. Am I the only one that is annoyed at the constant blurb every few minutes on the local radio stations pronouncing how great and different Shoprite is? 200% fresh fruit and veg, my arse. They stock Robinsons produce that would get chucked in the bin by the likes of Asda or Sainsbury, and that Jock accent railing on about Shoprite being Manx to the max really gets on my wick.


    Shoprite fruit has improved a little over the past couple of years but Tesco's offering is still lackluster at best. Shoprite fail to capitalise on their Manx/local brand, especially now that consumers are becoming aware of the environmental costs of transporting food stuffs.

  4. Plenty of room for a single track tramway along the underused walkway, funded by central Government, which would then allow increased density herringbone parking on the landward side of the prom.


    Sorry folks, but cars are here to stay, and Douglas needs to accomodate them better.


    Which underused walkway would that be? Not seen any on the Douglas Prom I live on.

  5. If they moved the tracks onto the walkway, the walkway could be widened as the road would no longer need to be as wide. Maybe they should consider this when they get round to the reinforcing and resurfacing of the promenade carriageway they were talking about some years back.


    Narrowing a major artery of road infrastructure, that's something I'd expect the DoT to come up with, not a rationale human being. :lol:


    Nah certainly not a good idea, especially with parking at the side of the road.

  6. I'm a Douglas rate payer and I don't mind subsidising the Horse Trams but I think long term they should be transferred to MNH, but definitely kept!


    Anyone know the profitability of the Steam Trains or Electric Railway? Don't see them getting an annual bashing.

  7. Have to say (unless I totally missed it) I was suprised that there appeared to be no fore-warning from Government on introducing competition to the mobile market.


    It seems to have been a bit of a damp squib news story for something that should be huge, I'd agree that something doesn't feel right.


    And why on earth Orange, Vodafone, Three and T-Mobile didn't get a look-in is even stranger.

  8. Any takers on info on these two new licences that have been granted by the Isle of Man Government Communications Commission on 12th May 2006? (or thereabouts).


    Just a bit concerned about the lack of anything happening with the now three operators :(


    Last Ten


    Suppose it takes time to get balls rolling but I thought they might have had something up their sleeves to begin promotion and make them the darlings of the Manx public.

  9. How so? Surely it makes sense to have all of the comments in one thread than have them across two at the detriment of the original point of the first thread.


    It makes sense and is 'a nice to have' but there shouldn't be any need for mods to be moving posts around from thread to thread :)

  10. i am currently in scotland and whilst i consider myself to be both manx and english, the xenophobia the scots have against the english is quite incredible. But this humbles me in a way, as i think very few manx people would begrudge england world cup glory like the scots do. And yes the notorious flags and every other advert on TV are a bit much, but it is surely it is only a bit of fun and no harm comes from it. For the record i believe the influx of people from the main land has only done this island good. so altogether, down with xenophobia COME ON ENGLAND


    Solution - a United Kingdom team - it's like the USA entering all 50 states in the World Cup for crying out loud.

  11. Much better design , although it doesn;t load correctly in IE7 which is stupid when it's so close to release and they'll just have to spend the money a few months down the line.


    I just hope they start getting better photos for their stories, although I would miss the laugh! :P


    Also an old shoprite advert (with the old logo) that doesn't go anywhere! :P


    I for one am confused - I didn't start this thread, my comment was a response in a different thread?!

  12. Blu-Ray is doomed I think. HD-DVD is going to win this battle on backward compatibility.


    Don't write BR off yet, it's inclusion with the PS3 is going to give it some serious market share.


    The whole thing is frustrating, no one wants another Betamax/VHS style war but looks like we're going to get one.

  13. Until the need to ROAM in the UK is abolished I don't care what the fees are I shall avoid using my phone 'abroad' at all costs.


    This is what Manx Nationalism gets us! :P We should get free roaming in the UK, Ireland and Spain with MT being owned by O2/Telefonica. <_<


    I see roaming charges have been re-structured


    Anyone else think that these new charges benefit MT more than the customers?


    On this note, they wont be around long if their business plan doesn't involve undercutting MT, loss-making or not!


    I'm no expert on how it works. Do these companies buy in the equivalent of 'Bulk' and can, therefore, buy at reduced rates? Either way they still want / need to make money, so I personally don't expect to see much of a difference.
  14. Much better design , although it doesn;t load correctly in IE7 which is stupid when it's so close to release and they'll just have to spend the money a few months down the line.


    I just hope they start getting better photos for their stories, although I would miss the laugh! :P


    Also an old shoprite advert (with the old logo) that doesn't go anywhere! :P

  15. The field that hosts the Southern Agricultural Show would rock for a festival. See the IOW festival was a complete sell out this year too, I recon if you booked the right acts it'd rule.


    I bet it's a hell of a lot cheaper to get from England to the IoW and back than it is for a trip to the Isle of Man.

  16. The Island should investigate running a music festival...


    Glastonbury style.... Pulrose playing fields might make a good venue?


    Yeah and the world can marvel at our the positioning of our powerplant and incinerator! :lol:


    Wow - what a backdrop!

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