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  1. I'm sure it wont be long before our two new operators are up and running! I hope it's just the first step to undoing MT's monopoly - cheaper and faster broadband would be much appreciated!
  2. Honda's adverts reign supreme along with Sony Bravia's bouncing balls, oh and Nationwide's fat Bank Manager has to get a mention!
  3. Beckett

    Red Arrows

    They were good but the "crowds" were rather slender compared to last year.
  4. I have to say I was suprised to hear SP were coming over.
  5. Pretty frustrating that the ticket dash means no Snow Patrol for me, tickets must have been all gone by 11:30 and that's with no telephone sales. Do we need to start thinking about somewhere bigger than the Royal Hall? It would help attract bigger and better bands, and there's obviously demand! Well done to the lucky sods who got a ticket!
  6. Beckett

    Red Arrows

    Nah, that's the 17th http://www.raf.mod.uk/reds/dates.html
  7. Doesn't he need planning permission for this? While most people are content with placing flags on car roofs to show their support for England, for one fan, the World Cup has really hit home. Floyd Wilson from Close Cowley in Douglas, has painted the St George's Cross on the side of his house. The Leeds fan was up on his ladder for several hours late last night. His wife Donna who had an early night, didn't know about the mural until this morning, as Floyd explains: http://www.manxradio.com/readItem.aspx?stI...26&stCT=General
  8. Beckett

    Red Arrows

    Did the DTL explain why only 1 performace this year and why it's AFTER the TT?
  9. Do they still have the big inflatable at Ballacraine?
  10. 0800 stopped as guaranteed toll free numbers some years ago
  11. Beckett

    England Flags

    Because we're a Crown dependancy and funnily enough the Manx Team didn't quality. Take a chill pill
  12. This seems to vary from person to person. I've had a double sided A4 sheet for the past few years, others have received chunkier booklets to complete.
  13. Time to contact me councillors I reckon. I'm in Victoria Ward so that would be... Mrs. R. Chatel Mr. G. R. Chatel Mrs. L. E. Ramsay What's the point of having three?!
  14. Sat in the 'town square' yesterday for lunch. The place is an absolute joke - the water feature wasn't on and was full of rubbish (the thing looks like it needs pulling down). The back wooden panelled wall was covered in poorly removed or faded graffiti. There was a random pile of soil. Oh and the whole place still needs a serious lick of paint!!!
  15. "wasn't there supposed to be a new bridge put over the river at the end of Lake Road to take Tesco traffic etc out onto the C'town end of Leigh Terrace??" It certainly looks set up for it, and deffo needs one putting in!!
  16. Great, cafe culture starts at the same time as we ban smoking and they'll all be stood outside! Hey, on the bright side, with 30 fags burning, who needs patio heaters. Thinking of being green - can't we burn the eatery's rubbish in an old oil drum outside? Saves the emmissions of the bin wagon collecting it just to burn it up the road and we'll get to keep warm!
  17. That's what's frustratung about Manx politics. He might not be too bad an MHK, but he was AWFUL when running DoHA. Shockingly so. And that's the issue, if he's gets back in he'll get a ministerial post again...
  18. Looks like e-Government is on the way at least. Project Jupiter... http://www.manxradio.com/readItem.aspx?stI...03&stCT=General "The Isle of Man Government has redesigned the look and feel of its website (www.gov.im), to prepare for the future development of its online services. New features include a new look home page, with themes based around the 'Resident', 'Business' and 'Visitor' pages. There is also a new local 'Events' service, allowing visitors to search for activities throughout the Isle of Man Government, which will be updated on a daily basis. Last year there were over 4 million visitors to the website, which has over 10,000 pages of content. The new design marks the start of work to deliver online services initiated through the JUPITER Project."
  19. ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww I have to say it looks bloody AWFUL!!!!! They should spend the money on some e-Government tools, like tax returns, rather than new designs. Moreover, shouldn't they have waited for our new 'brand'? If we ever find out wtf it is mind... BTW: http://www.gov.im/residents/ Link to Tynwald goes straight there for me without any warning or interuption.
  20. Beckett

    Any Skeet

    Kind of related - anyone know what this new Macbeths is going to be on Victoria Street? Used to be The Lounge (of how I'll miss the Skittles vodka shots).
  21. I love the way they're hacking more jobs, but spent £23,000 on the BBC Radio 2 Christmas Party. That's 181 TV Licenses!
  22. The British Government give free license fees for the over 75's, not the BBC.
  23. I think you do need a Sky box (i.e. I don't think non Sky boxes are easy to come by - but I could be wrong - plus if you're not taking up a Sky package you wont get it for free), you just don't need a Sky card as the BBC no longer pays Sky to encode and scramble the BBC signal. However I don't think viewers can get the ITV network, Channel 4 or five without the Sky card as these are still encoded. Sky do FreeSat, and the BBC should be launching theirs later this year.
  24. We can receive digital. Get in touch with Sky. Also I'd imagine we'll be able to get the BBC's Freesat. What I presume you mean is Freeview and DAB Digital radio?
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