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  1. kerbab liquidised and poured over...... (this has been left untouched for over a year!!!)
  2. Grand Island Hotel bloody hell, that was quick!!!! your turn!
  3. things have dried up a little here. anybody mind if i put a piccy on here, to keep things rolling???? where's this then?
  4. lol.. i listen to longwave radio atlantic 252. now, show me the money. lol.... i thought it was..... " i listen to the best music, on longwave radio, atlantic 252"!!!! god, i remember many many years ago, that thay came to ramsey 'on tour'!!!! they set up on the ground, next to the bmx track!! think i still got a crappy key ring pen thing somewhere in the drawer!!!
  5. I never did get asked for "the phrase that pays"... well ste1205, can you tell us "the phrase that pays"?????
  6. i do believe i saw the said digger driver, driving a mini digger at lezayre church/junction the other day, working for the same plant hire company!!!!!! thought they'd have sacked him after his little 'rampage'???!!!
  7. BRILLIANT!!!!!! not heard one as good for a long time!!
  8. love is........ letting her go on top!
  9. pedro

    Skip Hire

    ok, just thought you could leave my van at the tip at the same time too!!!!
  10. pedro

    Skip Hire

    you can use my tranny if thats any use. i'll be back from tennereefe on sat dinner time. so i can give you the keys. its a bit of a sh1t house, but it'll do the job if your wanting a run to the tip. its only at the bottom of the cul-de-sak.
  11. will this be on the phildraw/fildraw road??? ballasalla?
  12. value for money in foxdale
  13. are you in tennereffe to stavros ???? i saw a field like that today!!! los las de palma..... somthing or other???
  14. is it in the rushen abbey gardens, just behind the old pub (cant remember the name of it!). the other side of this wall is the road which goes to the ford. ??
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