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  1. I have had a little involvement with the organisation of the CYG Cycling events. From the outset when the course was ‘forced’ upon us due do the requirement that every event had to be held within Douglas, the plan was to have a vehicle crossing point at Ballanard road/Watterson Lane junction open all day allowing residents of all the estates within the course access, closed only briefly on each lap when the actual race is passing. Unfortunately when the DoI produced all the draft orders only last week, the closure was classed the same as road closure for a motorsport event and hence th
  2. The ideal system details I was given are as follows: EV Zx4 Speaker Cabinets £1,938.00 EV Q1212 2 x 1000 watts amplifier £849.00 Allen & Heath ZED 12 FX mixer £359.00 Sure radio microphones £400.00 + Stands & leads Considering he knows we are only a local sports association, our pockets aren’t obviously as deep as in his organisation. Harry
  3. Thanks I’ll go down to Peter Norris’s tomorrow and see what they can do. I have been given a list of equipment from a associate across who organises similar events, but it seems a little over the top with a 2000watt system at £3500 +vat, so I could really do with speaking with someone who can advise on what I actually need. Cheers Harry
  4. Hi I need to buy a portable PA system for a medium to large outdoor sporting event and for use on future events. I am struggling to find any companies locally that advertise the supply of this kind of equipment (several hire). Does anybody have any recommendations of local companies/individuals that can supply this kind of set up? As my knowledge of this field is limited I would rather keep the purchase local so I can seek future advice/repair if necessary and importantly supporting local business. Thanks for your help Harry
  5. I had a trip the the Eastern Civic Amenity Site on the Mayday bank holiday weekend with my carefully sorted 'green' and 'household' waste, to be told 'just dump it all in the green waste skips as the others are all full'. So quite put out that not only my efforts at sorting my waste had been wasted but a whole bank holiday weekend worth of green waste had been contaminated i rang DLGE, who informed me the Douglas Corporation are responsible. Finally with a call to Paul Cowin, Assistant Town Clerk, i discovered that all the waste, green/household, goes to the incinerator as there is not compo
  6. What time of day does the events start?
  7. Caught part of Bruce Hannay interview with Chris Williams on Manx Radio this morning when asked to comment on the state of the manx roads he replied 'The TT Course is in excellent condition, but there are other main roads in need of repair and these will be done on a priortiy basis, unfortnally the minor roads will have to wait until there is more money available' Nice to see the DOT has blown their budget on a certain 37miles of roads while the rest of them are deteriorating to a level one step up from the third world. But it all worth it, what would we do with out all the 'Tourists'.....
  8. Maybe you could tell John Shimmin this morning when he opens the New £750k (BA & IOM Gov funded) Stores Building next to their Engineering Hangers at 11:30am. Maybe the Govenor would like to know too, you tell him at the same time as he is due there also.
  9. The story seems to be a he was driving a high loader and drove into the river to wash his wheels but ended up in deeper water than expected, and subsequently caused the loader to fall over on to its side trapping the cab door closed under the water. A very tragic accident.
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