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  1. Hi All, just thought I'd have a little rant about my ISP (MT) I recently moved home, foolishly I didn't check what internet services were available, prior to making my purchase. I assumed that the property described by Hartford as a "Luxury home" would have been built to the latest specification from an infrastructure point of view. (Why lay old style cables, when you know you will need to dig up the road at a late date?) Unfortunately my new location only allows me to obtain ADSL (8mb claimed by MT more like 4mb) . My previous property had all services available, which was nice. Until this point we hadn't realised how dependant our lifestyle had become on the internet. This massive downgrade has come as a "bit of a shock" to all of us. Streaming services struggle to supply a solid feed for more than one tv at any one time. With 2 kids in the house and the adult requirements, its painful during the evenings. After various calls with MT, I'm told there are no current plans to upgrade my area . When I look on the MT website, I see not only have some locations been upgraded once, they have subsequently been upgraded for a second time to optimal fibre Wouldn't it be better, to get the whole island up to a decent speed, before upgrading the already fortunate for a second time? I'm told by MT to register my interest on their webpage and they will contact me, if there are any developments. Before someone kindly makes the suggestion to use a 4G internet service, unfortunately again this option is also unavailable to me, as I only receive 1 bar on my mobile and 4g/3g only works for a few seconds at a time. Again MT/Sure tell me "they are aware of the poor signal strength in my area" I personally feel what they really mean is "your not in Douglas, so we don't give a f*ck!" Any thoughts?
  2. Upon recently upgrading my sky package, so the box set are now included. I have found some excellent shows, which I had previously missed. Banshee The Wire Penny Dreadful Just started on the boardwalk empire Does anyone have and other recommendations ?
  3. The newly opened Noa bakehouse in laxey Went there today.......... It was excellent, just like the one in douglas (smaller menu) but final somewhere good in laxey. shame it's only open 3 days a week for now Recommend
  4. Furniture price reduced its solid wood in a ash blonde finish
  5. The minie mouse costume is brand new never used and size 14 but a large 14 hence sale
  6. Open to offers as always and if the gear wasn't mint I wouldn't try to sell it. anyone that's purchased from me in the past would agree
  7. 17inch 26" this frame is a straight forward conversion to 650b
  8. Genuine VW golf mk5 & mk6 roofbars £60 Radley handbag black £40 Acca F1 F3 books £30**** new**** Bestway kingsize air bed with built in powered pump £20 Fujifilm s4400 bridge camera boxed as new £70 inc lower case as new hardly used Offers invited on everything
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