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  1. mama

    Stuart Baggs

    Sarah Millican show BBC 2 at 10pm. Haven't heard much from him as of late.
  2. I wonder if Robertshaw has actualy witnessed poverty, or vulnerability? In fact how many of the ministers or political members of departments really have any insight at all concerning the remit of their departments? How likely is it that a man who has made his living by ensuring that the needs of hotel guests are of paramount importance and that the comfort and ambience expected from the hotel is always stable and uninterupted, can utilise this experience within the area of social care?
  3. Is Pief*ck related to Pie baps?
  4. Have you heard the CD ? Does it imply that Manxmen didn't enlist ? How did you hear the story if it hasn't been released yet?
  5. ' Arson fire in ladies toilets ' That was my favourite, from the Isle of man weekly Times many years ago.
  6. "all requests will be dealt with professionally and with the up-most courtesy." Ummm, shouldn't that read 'utmost '? Or maybe not eh?
  7. Shhhhh! Addie. I've only cooked three of them so far. All the rest are happy running around the kitchen and bedrooms. Bless 'em.
  8. As far as I know he doesn't drive, and I wonder if he's ever been on a bike....Patronising little sh*t.
  9. Would Juan have had to face dicipline proceedings by the members of his Lodge?
  10. mama


    War veterans reunion ?
  11. Dear John. Thank you for taking me George walking last week. I really discovered my wild side. Unfortunately George took a long time to discover his, but when he found it there was no stopping him. We thought that next time we could put water wings on our zimmer frames and George might take his guide dog. The dog swims quite well and is used to hauling George out of places like rivers, pubs and school playgrounds. Looking forward to our next outing, and by the way, have you found my teeth yet? Yours in anticipation. Mama Stav.
  12. mama

    Wet Shave

    I still have nightmares remembering the shit that happened when I tried to get you out of nappies. I've had post natal depression since the day you were born.
  13. " I wouldn't buy a used car from any one of them." Well no, quite! Especialy if it belonged to Quinton Gill. Think of all the mileage it would have on it.
  14. Wasn't it John Rimmington who said that pensioners were a drain on the state ? I hear he is in New Zealand now. Then there was Phil Kermode who pissed off a group of pensioners for some reason. Where's he these days ? We're a feisty lot, us Manx pensioners Come to think of it there are a couple of us coffin dodgers in Tynwald: Well there's Eddie Lowey for a start, then there's Noel Cringle, not sure who else but Alan Bell is 62 . However, I doubt if any of them are worried about their bus passes.
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