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  1. I'll second that. His food was fantastic. I miss that place.
  2. Sneak

    Petrol Prices

    Huh! I was lead to believe (by one of the retailers) that it is V power. If it is not, then what is the octane rating? nope not V power. they can only guarantee that it does not fall below 97 octane. but from a few data sheets i have seen it does tend to be in the 98-99 octane lvl, but everyload can be diffrent, so really you can only base it on the 97 They do supply v power, but it can't be guaranteed so I think its classed as 98+ Ron? nope they dont, no station supplys v-power as that is a shell brand and as there is no shell here no v-power, only 97 octane see above for what the fuel is. Shell are still supplying the fuel. Last time I asked the guy in the Milestone the petrol labelled super unleaded is in fact V Power.
  3. They do. All the the lads that erect it wear red boiler suits, too
  4. Sneak

    Bay Festival

    I have heard that the event is off due to financial reasons. Don't know whether it is true, can anyone clarify.
  5. In my experience some don't seem to know their left from their right.
  6. Me too. They annoy the hell out of me.
  7. I think I read somewhere a few months ago that motor insurance has gone up by an average of 25%. Mine went up £70 in October 2010. Had a skeet on t'internet to see if I could get a cheaper quote and there was not much difference.
  8. I am not being funny, but I assume you have installed the software that comes with the TV. Also, are you running the latest firmware. If not, it can be obtained from the Samsung UK website.
  9. Sneak

    Snow !

    It was -4.5 about 7.00pm last night up Farmhill. Obviously got a lot colder. It was -5.5 on Victoria Road Douglas at about 8.45am this morning.
  10. Sneak

    Snow !

    I'll second that. Shoprite had a mini digger up there first thing Monday morning clearing the snow and like you said - an excellent job was done. As for Tesco, I was down there on Sunday afternoon and it didn't look as if the car park had seen one speck of grit - discraceful. A company the size of them and the money they make off the public and not a thought spared for anyones safety.
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