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  1. Can anyone recommend a piano teacher in or near Douglas for an adult and/or child please ? I have a list of names / numbers from the IOM music service, but looking for actual recommendations please. (and availability if perhaps known)
  2. Thank you everyone for your help so far. Is there anywhere that allows watching of the lessons ?
  3. Thanks j-c. Would you know if they are quite good in comparison to the others ? Ie is there room for growth and things to work towards?
  4. Does anyone recommend somewhere in Douglas for dance classes for kids 4 and up ? Not sure what 'genre' of dance yet, so somewhere with an assortment of ballet, modern, Irish etc would be nice. Parking is an important consideration too.
  5. Saw a lady carrying a new looking 'Weigh and Save' bag with a new book inside yesterday. Was wondering whether there is a W&S shop in the IOM ?- (we have recently moved here.)
  6. Hi We live in the Douglas area and new to the IOM. We are looking for a playschool to send our 2 year old where the kids only play and don't have to learn anything academically. Anyone know somewhere which allows the children to play for a few mornings a week ?
  7. None in Tesco, None in Next.. None in Marks and Spencers Looked on the Eden Park website and can see no mention No Online delivery at M&S or B&Q...
  8. Have you tried Woolies, B&Q, Eden Park Yep - Woolworths is bare of about everything... B&Q only had some expensive trees which had inbuilt boring white lights But haven't tried Eden Park yet - thats a good idea.
  9. Looking for a reasonable size, plain, Christmas tree. Any ideas where to find one ? Seems everywhere is basically sold out now. Also looking for some decorations other than baubles..
  10. We interpreted the Douglas Beach law as that the dogs have to be on a lead. On the sign it says that dogs may not be at large from April to Sept - and looking 'at large' up in the dictionary it means - non restrained... So we think that it is ok as long as the dogs are on a lead - otherwise the sign does not make it clear enough...
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