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  1. Worth a read https://lifehacker.com/why-saying-all-lives-matter-is-a-problem-1843880667
  2. alph3


    Heard (from a lady down the pub) that there are a couple of issues (notwithstanding ALL the other issues) - Couple of contractors have walked off site The slides that were purchased were the wrong size, and the contractor attempted to jam them into the rigid bit at the top, resulting in the slide getting all bent out of shape The tiles in the paddling pool being left with a lot of sharp edges Tiles falling off walls in swim area and changing area I am sure that there is a lot more but the lady down the pub wasn't telling.
  3. I had heard on the proverbial grapevine that they are looking at shuttering ISDN and moving existing customers over to SIP by the end of this year.......November was floated.
  4. I find it difficult to take you seriously when you keep refering to the system as a "failstation 3" to be honest. I'd respond to the rest of your post but it is clear that you are looking for an argument or some such with such ill informed rubbish. Anyways, one thing that we can agree on, Wipeout FTW!
  5. Are you an Xbox fanboy? Or just trolling? Honest question.
  6. It's a semi custom AMD APU, and the "little screen" is actually a touchpad. I shouldn't have bitten when I saw "failstation" (2006 called, they want their terminology back) in the title thread, but I just couldn't help myself
  7. Rooting is an option, as AC has stated. Alternatively, download the Kernal Source Code from http://www.htcdev.com/devcenter/downloads/P40. I'd personally go for the source code. I upgraded the HTC Desire S to Android 4.0 via HTC Dev, and it worked like a charm. Unfortunatly though, it appears the Desire HD is stuck at Android 2.3.
  8. I bought an 800W PSU from Waltons not so long ago. It wasn't cheap, but I had the build bug at the time and a PC in bits on the kitchen table so needs must etc etc..... I will say though that it was a decent PSU that has given me no trouble since install.
  9. It's Sonys pipes mate, they suck, and there's little can be done about it unfortunatly.
  10. [quote name='Fossils' timestamp='1295438055' post='583985' Alph3, I am reminded that this is another on-line cash-in-on-the-passenger dodge used by FleeceMe. If you book one ticket you are (over)charged for one card transaction. If you book three tickets, in one card transaction, you are charged for three card transactions. Agreed Fossils, the credit card charges are the same (charged 4 times for 1 transaction), but at least they are less than the booking fees. I'd tend to agree then with offshoremanxman that it is about time the OFT got involved.
  11. From the tone of your post it would appear that "£15 (or £60 for four of you)" is not a lot of money to you, but I can assure you that it is a lot of money to me. The Chief Minister was copied in the email to make him aware of my grievances with Manx 2. The booking fee is not a problem, I can fully understand why they do this. The problem is getting charged 4 seperate booking fees for what is, essentially, one booking!
  12. Would it be the booking fees then? I have the same issue with Manx2! 4 travellers on a return to Belfast. Each traveller has been charged a seperate booking fee for each leg. The same for credit card charges! I fail to see the justification. It isn't like the flights were that cheap to begin with, but all the charges added on an extra £60! I have previously emailed Mr. Hayes but have never had a reply. Our CM replied to his inclusion in the email with the old chestnut "That's how it is done elsewhere! Manx2 provide a much needed service blah blah blah!!!!" If I could avoid it I would
  13. I had this very same issue. Drive would read some games, but not others. The drive in question was TSST TS-H653L 16X DVD-R/RW RAM LS SATA. If this is the same as yours then this quote may be helpful "Your TS-H653L is the OEM version of Samsung's SH-S183L. Same drive, possibly different firmware." If this is your issue then the following link should help you Clickety Click It worked for me, but did take a little time. I haven't had a problem with it since!
  14. When my original 60gb PS3 died in a fit of yellow lights I sent it away to Console Doctor. If memory serves correct it cost me £70 for the repair and £20 for the P&P. The had it sorted after a week and it was back under the telly shortly thereafter. Unfortunatly it yellowed again, but because they gaurentee their work for 3 months I sent it back to them at no charge. The couldn't actually fix it the second time around, but sent me out a replacement 80gb one instead. Their communucation was top notch. I got an email when it arrived with them, an email when they had found out what was wrong,
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