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  1. I put this to Dazza and he told me that 'this was one cake he didn't have a bite of'. It is most lilkley that DOLGE supplied the Clerk of Works for this job, so maybe you should direct your questions in that direction.
  2. No it is not OK, the point is yet again Crumlins post was incorect
  3. You are of course making the assumption that it is the residents of the island that supply all the governments money. This is most definitely not the case as the largest income for the government is undoubtedly the tax paid by companies (both island based and off shore). It would be interesting to know the actual cost to us menial workers and payers of tax, maybe you could investigate this Rog and give us real figures instead of the sensational grabbing amounts you quote above. This is definatley not the case. This waste is treated or partially treated. The only raw human shite is as usual within the text of your posts.
  4. It does seem a lenient sentence, and doesn't really support the saying 'crime doesn't pay'. Well it seems that it does pay(sometimes), 6 months (reduced to 3 if he keeps his head down) for £100,00 doesn't seem to bad to me. Also he has been on full pay since this was identified and remains on full pay whilst in Prison. I am sure the courts have guidelines that they follow and that we are not aware of the full facts and any mitigation that was put forward, but it doesn't seem to be much of a deterrent having such a short sentence.
  5. geo


    If it was a private road and owned by him and there was no rights of vehicular access by others, then yes it would be OK for him to put what he wants across the road. So long as he ensures adequate signage is visible warning others of the wire and also advising them that it is private land. Back to the point though, it is after all his land and all he wants is his privacy, not too much to ask is it. Geo
  6. Ok Then About time. All citizens of this island have the right to legal representation in our courts, and if they can't afford it it should be made available to them. Definitely good value. Very good value. Its easy for cash run companies to filter funds and not pay the tax or VAT they should so anything that ensures these companies - individuals pay their way is good value. Still unsure on this one, but one thing for certain the system needs a revamp. Don't really care what he is called, I think the government should get on with discussing things that matter instead of wasting time on things like this. Doesn't sound much to me, works out at less than 20p of my annual tax bill, maybe you could apply for such a job FCMR. Must be value if it brings money in. Must be value if it brings money in. About time, doesn't go far enough in my opinion, but either way it is definitely good value. That just highlights that your prices were artificially high in the first place. Geo
  7. geo

    Illegal Number Plates

    In total agreement, apart from the 13 year old analogy which is a bit crude to say the least. A call to cime stoppers may sort out the brush hands problem. Geo
  8. Am in total agreement
  9. geo

    More Over Spending

    They are paid to do a job, and I too have had plenty of run ins with the IOMEF, but at the end of the day they have to take care of all the members not just one. They have made many inprovements to the construction industry, ie Death in service benifit, holiday pay, sick pay, health and safety, in fact they have taken the industry out of the dark ages something the DTI could not do the last time they ran the scheme. Its my opinion that if the DTI take over the running of the approved contractors it would do nothing but harm to the industry. I can see it in future forum topics= DTI minister in charge of approved contractors to visit Greece on a fact finding mission on how the Greeks built the great temples or Minister to visit new hotel in Florida. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> The approved contractors list, a list of GOVERNMENT approved contractors, should be administered by the GOVERNMENT and not a privately run company. It should also be remembered that you do not have to be on the IOMEF list to be on the approved contractors list, something the IOMEF will have you believe is not the case. The IOMEF have been unable to administer the approved contractors list effectively for some time. There are a growing number of IOMEF members that have not and will not be renewing their membership. It is the construction industry itself that has moved itself from the dark ages, together with the legislation that has been introduced over the last 10 years and not the IOMEF. Lets give credit where credit is due, and giving it to the IOMEF is misguided, lets give the credit to the whole industry, from client to labourer. The IOMEF does diddily squat apart from feeding the coffers of an overweight minger dwarf IMHO.
  10. To see if this is true, count the fingers on each hand. If i'ts six, they're family and so would be allowed to just help out. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> No they are not, they are taking money of punters who are having a gable and also without supervision. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I think that one went right over your head FCMR, good post sarahc
  11. sounds like you are describing peter Karren
  12. geo


    Julia Ashby Smyth is a great artist Julia Ashby Smyth pics on Manxman not sure how to contact her, maybe the phone book will give a clue.
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