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  1. They would be intrigued by the adjustable steering wheel, designed to lift higher to clear the enormous bloated guts. And don't get me started about the extra peice used on flights by the Bloaters and sod busters. How to be embarrassed, riding a cycle or calling the stewardess for the extra length of seatbelt. (-:
  2. I cant forget that he was in a position to argue, that young people caught having a few too many, should not be given a lifetime criminal record, after all he showed us how easy it can be to get pissed and puke up all over a bus.
  3. 30 MPH all Island speed limit and a 500% hike in Vehicle Excise Duty. We would then not need to build cycle paths, the roads would be safer. Where is your old tin hat Grandad.
  4. They have been going downhill for a couple of years now. After a change of senior management, they seemed to think that a hatchet job and streamlining the commercial side would work, hence the closing down of the out of centre nurseries. They also seem to think that a Laxey forest nursery would save them, but then delayed the opening for over a year with no thought given to the customers they had promised places too. This next throw of the dice to focus on the charity side must be the last option for the new management, since they did not seem to be too charitable when it came down to closing the nurseries due to a focus on the commercial gain side of the centre, and leaving some parents with lower incomes to suffer. They are top heavy on the management side, but do not seem to be able to bring themselves to cull the senior staff, but find no problem, casting the young staff who work like troopers in the nurseries, aside without a thought. I wonder if this "Charitable Senior Management Staff, are staying on their current salaries, which will be paid from their charitable trips to Peru and the likes. I will be finding a more worthy cause to give my money too.
  5. How exact does the person spec need to be for your new employer. Although I take it "where the owner has a brain" is essential', is the rest only ‘desirable, Just askin for a friend.
  6. A man drunk on a bus, is arrested and fined, but did not throw up on bus. http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=36351&headline=£150+fine+for+man+drunk+at+bus+station&sectionIs=news&searchyear=2017 And it's not anywhere near Christmas :-D
  7. But these mistakes or misjudgements with cyclists are not fender benders, these can easily kill or maim. I for one don't think it is just misjudgements, just like the pensioner who killed the cyclist in Kirkmichael, I don't think they care, and that is dangerous or careless driving and not an accident.
  8. It looks like anonymouse gives a list of very good reasons why not to overtake, but comes up with a percentage reason to put lives at risk and attempt it. And there are many like this on our roads, a danger to everyone not just cyclists.
  9. I watched the racing at the festval of motorcycling and felt safer than any year before, due to the ban and closure of the mountain section to cyclists, this put my mind at ease throughout the festival. If I had decided to cycle over the mountain during the races (which I never have) I would have been stopped in order to keep me safe, and to stop me from becoming a further cyclist added to the total of ZERO casualties over the years, and none again this year. This was in no way to aid motorcyclists and vehicle drivers who wished to drive over and above their ability without having to concentrate too much, although there may be some cynics out there. Hurrah to the safety czars, keeping us safe from idiots who are allowed to drive too fast to be able to see properly. I dont know if it was signed off correctly though
  10. Well make sure you don't get it on the keyboard.
  11. Although the figures do seem to confirm more people dont give a sh.
  12. Of course if I swung a six iron in front of your face with the intention of missing your nose by 1mm but instead smashed in your skull, I am sure you would be croaking, do not worry yourself, it was only an accident.
  13. No I think "Staying Alive" would be more appropriate I will get my coat
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