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  1. In fact, from my knowledge of how the press work, the Police do NOT normally release names of people charged - names only become public when the person charged appears in Court - a public court - and that is when the press get to hear who has been charged, and quite rightly, with certain exceptions, are entitled to publish the names of those charged.
  2. "This" happens about 500 times every day around the world. "This" and much worse. Could DaisyChain be American? I do hope so, I haven't had meat for a long time...
  3. Best Poster of the Year: Mr. Sausages - consistently makes me laugh out loud and the only one to do it. Best Humourous Thread: Randomness Best Serious Thread: Redundancies - great debate by most Best Mod: Observer circa 2006 - stick together girls Best Joke: Best Insult: Best Troll: Mr Sausages - when he is serious - it has to be a windup Best Blog Entry: Tom Glassey Best Gallery Picture or Picture from the Photography section: Runners Up: Blue Monday, MisTake, Vinnie K
  4. What did the Finance Sector ever do for us? Apart from the Sulby reservoir and up to date water filtration plants? A modern sewage system instead of pumping sh*t into the sea? A state of art modern Hospital instead of a cramped third rate third world facility? A brand spanking new Power Station, good for 40 years, instead of predicted sporadic power cuts? An incinerator instead of burying all our crap in the ground? A great sports centre (NSC) which has played a major part in improving our sporting prowess and youth? Virtually zero unemployment instead of 2000+ on
  5. http://iomelections.com/2006/news/news014.html Does anyone know if this is the same Peter Dawson who is Chairman of the Isle of Man branch of the Royal British Legion, and perhaps also member of the Military Police Association Isle of Man subgroup? If so, I'd think there'd be some questions about the Chairman of Royal British Legion branch in IoM apparently being a BNP member and financier. Definitely nothing to do with that Peter Dawson - who is a true gentleman in every sense of the word. It would be nice if you could remove that post as it would be a very unfortunate slur
  6. Winding up DJDan (and Keyboarder apparently). Bless.
  7. About two days after 9/11 (or 11/9 as we say) two American mormons came to my door. Young men totally deluded, as usual. Anyway, after my initial "No thanks" they tried to carry on. So I told them. I told them that their 'religion' was a stunt designed by a conman and none of it was real, that that there was NO evidence at all of ConMan Smith's tablets of gold, that his gospel was proved to be false, and that simple Americans were gullible for that sort of thing because they had no history of their own and so had to invent one. They were a bit distressed by this. Bit with a
  8. Right, how many groups can I upset here? So, Jake is a public school Welsh Scouser with an American girlfriend. That concludes the debate I think.
  9. Calm down everyone - no need to debate with Jake, because it has become pretty obvious that he is an AMERICAN. (And someone explain to him the difference between carbon and carbon dioxide) And yes, the Americans are dumb. I'm not asking them to eat less, make smaller cars, switch off some lights (though that would be nice) - just to, as Vinnie points out - use their power, money, and technological expertise to LEAD the world into new ways of providing energy and combatting climate change. They could do it almost overnight. We need their lead. They need a leader. China? Ye
  10. No it's not. It's the fault of Americans being too dumb to take action and join in with most of the rest of the world in recognising that climate change is man-made. And the rest of you, stop Bashing the Bishop.
  11. Poor old Kev. It's not his fault. He's spent too much time with those Americans on the Flying Sparks forum and got a bit infected by their Total Lack of Humour Virus - which they (not he) ably demonstrated on the Manxies forum. He needs to stay here long enough to be weaned away from them. Leave that American teat alone Kev. Manx milk, with Windscale additives is much better for you.
  12. Many years ago I took notice of them, and I let them into my home to show me their cine-film, they gave me the book - which I read, cover to cover. In those days, Americans were quite an exotic and rare species here, and meeting them, and reading the Book of Mormon was what converted me. To the view that Americans are mostly very stupid. A few weeks after 11/9 two of them came to my door. I was explaining to them how there is no God, and that chemistry and our ancestral DNA determines our fate, etc; and I saw one of the two develop a very crestfallen and sad face. He was sa
  13. How easily you all forget. Three day week? That was under the TORIES - Mr. Heath and his Tory cohorts including Mrs. Thatcher. You can't blame that nice Mr. Wilson for that. Keep up. Edit: I see this has already been pointed out - but probably worth repeating.
  14. Virginia P

    For The Oldtimers

    Mom = Mum mayo = salad cream hamburger = mincemeat icepack coolers = bucket of water jail = gaol We all took gym, not PE = We did PE high top Ked's = Pumps? sang the national anthem = did we bollocks What an archaic health system we had then = what a great health system we had. Benadryl = Aspro I got that bee sting = Waaaaaaaassssssspppp We played 'king of the hill' = King of the Castle (we have real history) vacant construction sites = building sites 48-cent bottle of Mercurochrome = big bottle of Downwards pop butt spanked = getting the slipper $49 bottle of a
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