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  1. Overdose


    Would not at all surprise me if her name doesn't get mentioned on FB followed by a sharpening of the pitchforks.
  2. Someone didn't get an invite
  3. Had it for a month or so now and the only issue I have come across so far is the strict NAT settings when gaming. Sure are meant to be looking at a work around but I've not heard anything about that yet. Apart from that it seems to be spot on, especially for those of us in the sticks blighted with poor speeds through a cable. I've had no issues streaming Netflix/Amazon content and, NAT aside, no issues gaming either. I've gone from 11Mbps down and 0.8Mbps up to ~43Mbps down and 11Mbps up, placement of router is key though!
  4. Jack O'Halloran (Superman villain) knows, he's been trying to publish a book about it for years...
  5. Same boat, done lots of site visits and meetings there from previous planning applications. I still wouldn't have put it down at £12m compared to some 'cheaper' places I've worked on in the past. Either way, wayyyyy out of my league if it ever came up for sale
  6. St Marks. Not sure where they've plucked the figure from but it's certainly not a £120m property either, probably not even close to £12m!!
  7. You have running water?!? I've fired you a message about your 4g setup too!
  8. No doubt us great unwashed living out in sticks will have to go without yet again....
  9. To be fair to Beecroft I didn't even know Ayres was standing in my constituency until last week so easily done....
  10. This is the shield: https://shield.nvidia.com/android-tv Great bit of kit. I'd highly recommend checking out www.RMKodi.uk too, they have windows based emulators there for your PC/laptop as well as links to full sets of roms (games).
  11. Give Retroarch a try on your PC, pretty sure it's free and there's a donate option if you enjoy it. I run RetroBox TV on my android box (Shield TV) which has quite a few emulators built in, lots of old games from the Atari to NES available to download with a bit of searching around.
  12. Yep. One of them (the T25 van) rolled out into the road last year too....
  13. And reports just doing the rounds that this afternoon he took a swing at another biker....and got put on his arse for his trouble. The man's a liability.
  14. You're right, I recall him saying there was something like 8 of them. Think Cat Turner is one too seems as they held a 'letter writing party' at hers not long ago about the percieved issue. Personally i think the man's a coward and a bully after reading reports of him throwing stones at a cyclist that dared ride on one the greenlanes, but that gives you an idea if the sort of character he is. Multiple reports of him trying to push motorcyclists off bikes in the past too, doesn't do it if there's a helmet cam in sight though....
  15. Sweepstake on Zak Hall regurgitating this further down the line?
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