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  1. Consider yourselves lucky, 8.3meg down and 0.83meg up where I am, best I ever get is 9.5meg down. Anyone know if MT are planning on improving their 'rural' structure anytime soon or are we just forever screwed?
  2. Had the same downtime issues twice, the latest being on Saturday just gone. Never had it with MT but in the last month I've switched to Wi-Manx, only on the poverty-spec broadband being where I live. Pain in the arse when you've got a nights gaming lined up......
  3. Have they tried Ian Corkhill at the 4WD Center? He was thinning down his collection the other month and had a couple of Mk1 Escorts up for sale. Might be worth checking to see if he's got a Mk2 he'd be willing to let go... Edit: Wow, thought it was a Mk2 Mexico he was after, not just the steering wheel. Still probably worth trying Ian though.
  4. A 'unique' Escort to me would mean either the Mk1 RS1600 or Mk2 RS1800..... Big money cars that I don't think I've ever see in road trim (only rally prep'd).
  5. Hope he's a quicker worker than I am then, mine's probably not going to see the road until 2016 the rate I'm going at!
  6. What flavour of Escort would that be?
  7. Here's a few poor quality phone pics from myself:
  8. Not strictly true. When the missus flipped our L200 not so many years ago that ended up at the Test Center for a check-up despite them only passing it a few weeks before... No fatalities, no injuries. Just to add, wasn't a major accident, no other cars involved.
  9. Even the MOT system isn't fail safe. I've known UK builders working here that when the MOT was up the van they just called their mates garage in the UK and had it passed over the phone....
  10. It's bonkers that we don't have a closed circuit. Could be multi use for karts, motorcycle, cycle racing, track days etc and would cost 'reasonable' money compared to other development initiatives. I heard a rumour years ago that there was a proposal to build a circuit at Jurby. It was also rumoured that Honda offered to finance it too, but it was turned down. I did the outline drawings for the track out Jurby years back for a local company which got turned down due to 'a rare nesting bird', not that it stopped the prison going ahead though.... I've also seen (and may possibly still have somewhere) comprehensive plans for a race track out by the Creg, some of the figures banded around to make it happen were eye watering. From memory it also included a rally-cross track, technology park, extreme sports center, lodges and a festival area. Not sure if it will ever go ahead (would be nice though) but someone had seriously put some time and money into the propsal.
  11. From what I can gather there's no numbers as such but anyone that want to sow their car off is more than welcome. I've got a Classic Ford meeting tonight so shall mention it to the chaps there to see if any of them want to pop down.
  12. Good call, probably should have posted that up myself
  13. There's a rather neglected looking P1800 in Kirk Michael, would absolutely love one some day but the prices of them have rocketed over the last year or so.
  14. Would love to, but I'm in the 50% of households that won't be able to get it. That'll be the same 50% of household that don't have the regular VDSL available to them too..... Be nice if they'd actually do something for us lot 'out in the sticks', might enjoy playing the PS4 a bit more if I had a decent stable connection (rage-quit once again tonight, game was so laggy it was just rubber-banding).
  15. Don't see the problem to be honest, we used to have to pay for the school bus 20ish years ago. Was 10p each-way back then though......
  16. Shouldn't be an issue, the TV's are suspended at ceiling height and controlled with a remote only.
  17. Bry Rad has opened a little Veg Shed now just outside of Ramsey if you miss him on a Saturday: https://www.facebook.com/BryRadsFreshVegShed?fref=ts
  18. My parents are currently renovating the Unique Boutique building, upstairs is being converted into apartments from the derelict void of nothingness it had become. If their last project on East Street (Penny Farthing) is anything to go by then it should look nicely done once it's finished.
  19. Sold over the weekend sorry.
  20. Just while this topic is active is anyone having issues with the PSN at all? Been trying to download the new maps for BF4 (and the PSN freebies) since Friday morning but all I'm getting is an E-82000121 error saying 'the funds could not be added to your wallet'. I've got £10 still sat in my PSN account and the maps are a free download anyways for buying Premium on BF4 so no idea what's going on. Nothing on any of Sony's blogs that I can find either.
  21. It had a Manx registration so probably the same car.
  22. Spotted a McLaren MP4-12C (think that's the right model) at Raymotors earlier. Have to admit they look nicer in the flesh than on the screen, never been a fan of the looks before now.
  23. Is it not Arthur Radcliffe that owns that land? I'd say Red Scaffolding would get a fair chunk too as there would be rental to pay while it's left unused from TT fortnight.
  24. Unsure to be honest, I got the impression that it was taxed but has lapsed for longer than the two year period allowed. Couldn't say on colour either, only briefly asked him as I was after a daily driver not too long ago.
  25. I know of a 4x4 Calibra Turbo for sale over here, problem with over boosting and it's out of tax though.
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