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  1. Yamaha Fazer FZ1000S 2004 ~9400 miles Scott Oiler Belly Pan R&G Weighted bar ends Beowulf Radiator protector Full service a couple of weeks back, all filters and fluids (oil, brake & coolant), plugs done by myself when I spotted they hadn't been changed on the service sheet. Taxed until July 2015. Originally took the bike in exchange for a car but I really could do with the garage space and cash to put into the Escort. Great bike to ride, very quick with it having the R1 motor and comfy on long journeys with it being a sports tourer. £2100
  2. Speaking of drag racing, the Drag & Drift is on at the end of August for anyone interested: http://www.manxdragracing.com/events.htm
  3. If you hit the Perfectly Retro link in my signature that'll take you to my group on Facebook for retro/unusual motors. One of the lads on there has started a car night the first Wednesday of every month which is starting to grow, there's a few pics up from last nights meet for anyone interested. I'm a Ford person myself, love the old Mk1 & 2 Escorts, Cortinas, Anglias and the such. Currently have a half empty garage but this weekend I'm heading over to the UK to go and collect this:
  4. You mean this footage? It clearly doesn't show anything like that at all....
  5. Spotted one of those at the Goodwood revival a couple of years back, one of my fave car-park spots. Renault by CheekyOneSmack, on Flickr
  6. I know the former occupant wanted to ignore the Building Codes to allow for a reduced height figure for the railings around the exposed upper areas of the property. He said it spoiled the view, and when pressed as to the dangers of low(er) railings he advised that as he didn't have children the Codes should be altered..! As a German Consultant, he was miffed as to not getting his own way. Anyhow the place is full of damp due to a leaky flat roof. TBT. Edit to add: The spiral staircase is usually employed to save space, looks like the Architect made a serious error of judgement on this example. And glass steps wouldn't be terrier friendly. The clockwise ascent is accurate though; it favours defence as most mauraders are right handed and thus carry their sword at a disadvantage over the defenders. The stairs were an existing scenario from when it was originally built and the client at the time of the last renovation/building works just brought it a touch more 'in-date' to it's previous incarnation (which was pretty ghastly). I spent quite a lot of time working on this place in an Architectural capacity, bit of a nightmare of a job to survey and draw up from what I can remember.
  7. Turtle Beach XP400 gaming headphones bought last year but no longer use them. Originally released for the XB360 and PS3 but will also work with the PS4 via included chat cable. Good condition and battery life, all fully boxed with manuals and cables. £75
  8. Have to admit I like the sound of the engines, could just do with being turned up to 11.
  9. Ace to see Williams up there, Bottas drove the wheels off that car to end up where he did. Shame that Ricciardo has lost his second place though.
  10. The sound of a BDA powered Escort on full chat....
  11. The 'Isle of Man Buy and Sell' group on Facebook. Why it's so hard to actually buy something off there is beyond me.
  12. Bump and price lowered, £1500ovno
  13. Nooo, can't have that one. I need a cushion to see over the wheel in the Wolseley despite being a giant of a man at 5'9"....
  14. Agreed. He was one of my favourite regulars in the paddock
  15. Any interest then? ETA: Now taxed and on the road. One thing that has come to light is it's in need of a new exhaust (plenty on eBay).
  16. To meet the criteria the location must have ease of access, which is why the observatory in Foxdale and Snaefell aren't on the list. I went to a CPD there a month or so ago with regards to this, very interesting hearing about it all and seeing some of the photos that have been taken from their telescope. From what I can remember with the Island having so many Dark Skies locations there's a possibility that it could become the first Dark Skies Nation, although the street lighting around the Island would need to be looked at to achieve this.
  17. BioKent 94ltr tank with live rock, sand, clean up crew, Palys (coral), bubble tip anemone (not pictured, and not the other that's for sale) and unfortunately a very small amount of Aiptasia (Berghia currently tackling the issue). Comes with all food I can find, test kits, additives, RO Unit, Refractometer, 25ltr buckets, UV filter, Auto top-up and any other bits I feel I'm not going to need for a while. I've added an additional circulation pump to the tank which greatly helps setting up the weir water level in the back. Clean-up crew consists of scarlet leg hermits, various snails and strawberry conch. Bargain price of £150, no offers. (doesn't come with the Tunze powerhead in the pics).
  18. Might be a good idea if you posted up the size...
  19. Right then chaps, how are you finding the PS4? Any of you stepped over from the Xbox with any regrets?
  20. Yep, that's the one It was also unrealistically priced when he had it up for sale too.....
  21. Nope, just out of tax in October, £12 to renew. Just to add that the plate comes with the car also.
  22. Looking to move on the Wolseley that I picked up as a part-ex. It's a solid enough shell for someone after an easy restoration or a rolling project. Since getting it I've spent some time on the engine getting it running right, which it now does. Most of the consumables for the ignition have been replaced, as has the fuel filter so it now ticks over nicely and revs freely. Engine has around 62k miles on the clock and is leak free. Bodywork wise it's in need of some TLC. There's a couple of patches needed on one sill and a new mount for the rear bumper needs fabricating. Externally the bodywork is starting to show it's age and there's a few areas that will need attention sooner rather than later. Nothing drastic, but needs sorting out at some point regardless. Rear bumper & bracket are included Interior wise it's all wood and leather. The drivers seat has a tear and some of the wood work could do with a sand down and varnish, but apart from that it's 99% there as can be seen in the pics. Great little car that's full of character and if I didn't need to release funds to fix my other car I'd have no hesitation in keeping her. **SOLD** Pictures of the car as of a couple of weeks ago.
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