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  1. Yep, TPR/DAM 4100 version of the 6R4. Never managed to get this close to one in the flesh before so had to grab a snap of it while it was abandoned, goes as well as it looks too. Shamefully I have to admit I was that giddy when I seen it parked up I forgot to look what engine was in the back!
  2. I'll do one better and drive it out if you're paying!
  3. Cheers for the kind words. She's certainly a lovely old barge and if I wasn't in need of a diesel I'd be keeping her.
  4. Due to an impending change in circumstances I'm regrettably looking to move my old Honda on. It's a 1st Generation 1980 3 door, 1600 Auto (3sp Autobox) with 55k miles on the clock. This isn't the fastest bus in the world, far from it infact, but it does make for a very reliable and comfy cruiser. Bodywork Bodywork is superb for a Honda of this era with it being Zeibarted at some stage in it's life although it is starting to show it's age. There's a small amount of bubbling coming through under the rear windows, the roof gutters, one corner by the boot and the scoop on the scuttle. Floor pans, boot floor, sills, bulkhead and strut tops are all bang on. Rolls on very rare Compomotive alloys (had quite a few comments about these at a car show) and budget tyres, one of which needs topping up after a few days. Mechanics Mechanically the engine is sound, it doesn't burn any oil and is totally leak free. Starts on the button every time and has been 100% reliable while being used as my daily drive, didn't even skip a beat on a 500 mile round trip to a car show earlier this month. Bits that need looking at sometime down the line are the exhaust which is blowing (not too bad) and there's a bush on it's way out on the near side front which occasionally knocks on particularly bumpy roads. Interior Black cloth seats up front and back which are starting to show signs of wear with some of stitching/seams starting to split (no tears). It'd be an easy fix for an upholsterer I'd imagine. Roof-lining doesn't sag and the carpets are nice and dry. The only thing that's not currently working inside the car is the clock, which seems to have grown a mind of it's own over the past few months. The car drives lovely and is ideal for any Honda enthusiast as there's not many of these left on the road. Taxed until August next year (£12 to renew) and insurance is a sniff over £100. Price wise I'm looking in region of £1100 ovno. ]
  5. Real or not, I'd still like one parked in my garage one day... Anyway, few more pics but this time from Shelsley Walsh hill climb. Haven't managed to work my way through all the Retro Rides pictures yet.
  6. It's not apparently. Few people on FB saying it's a Hawk HF2000 with an Alfa Romeo V6 in the back. If it is they had one of these on Top Gear a few years back, and IIRC it didn't fair too well either....
  7. Oh my.... I can't make it out in the pics, is it just liveried up or is it the full works inside too?
  8. It was the Retro Rides Gathering at Prescott Hill, brilliant day out and thoroughly recommended. The show day isn't until Sunday but people start to arrive at the campsite on the Friday (like us!). I seen the Mini go 'up the hill' just the once, but it was immense, sooooo quick. I'll see if I can find a video of it somewhere. There was a Bluebird Executive there but in saloon guise, the car you're looking at in that photo is a Mercedes 190. I've got a scutch of other photos to got through yet, I'll chuck some more up from the show and from the Shelsley Walsh hill climb we visited on the Saturday once I've looked at them.
  9. Just going to chuck a few up from a car show I was at over the weekend:
  10. Ouch, it's harder work than you obviously think... One of my old DH bikes.
  11. Ah well, best not get my hopes up then, pretty sure St Judes won't be high on the priority list for FTTH....
  12. Any idea if there's a line length restriction on this like the VDSL? I'm outside of the 2km line range so currently stuck on a lowly 6mb connection (at the best of times).
  13. http://www.three.fm/news/isle-of-man-news/police-warn-of-legal-consequences-of-facebook-postings/ And as for some of the comments on the latest barrage on Facebook.....
  14. Jump bikes tend to be hardtails, not downhill bikes.
  15. Could be this one: https://www.facebook.com/SummerlandFire?fref=ts
  16. Just as an aside, other forum members please do be wary of him. My sister bought a computer off him sometime back, after a month or so the graphics card packed up and when we took it to Colebourns (it was still under warranty) and it turned out that he'd bought it on finance and then reneged on the payments (after the first one I might add)... I'd imagine with a bike this age the loose rear suspension will be a worn bushing and he'd need to get one made up. Looking at the forks in this pic I'm also going to put my neck out and say that they're RST units and not Fox as he described. You might be best of contacting Hope directly to inquire about new brake pads, I've had a look on Chain Reaction Cycles and they're not listed on there any more. Get yourself on the Manxmtb forum, someone might have the bits you need in their box of spares...
  17. The Goonies. Best. Film. Ever. Heyyyyyyyy youuuuuuu guuuuyyyyyyyyysssssss.......
  18. I missed that pic, fancy re-posting it up?
  19. Right, for those of you who are obviously still struggling understand who the fee applies to, here's a snippet from an email all/most the Architectural practices received from the planning dept:
  20. Correct. If planning refuse your application and you appeal the decision you pay the £150. If you win you get refunded.
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