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  1. 2003 Giant AC 2 frame. It comes with a Manitou Swinger 4way shock with 2 springs (2.00x400 & 2.25x600), the chain guide, isis bottom bracket and integral headset. It's got the usual marks from chain slap and cable rub marks. No dents and no cracks. Structurally sound. Looking for £SOLD (rrp = £1000) Also have a set of '02 Marzocchi Shiver DC's. These were last serviced in October last year and had the new 2004 internals put in them. Looking for £SOLD Post back here or call me on 452921 if interested
  2. Have you been peeping on me again Puddy? It's a nice house, granted, it's just the tiny garage that kills me. I need garage space to play/fix with all my toys. Oh and if your ancestor does decide to haunt it, can you ask them to keep the noise down please?
  3. There's two buildings going up as we speak. I was offered one of these plots quite a while back (about 18 months ago iirc) but had to turn it down as me and my better half bought one about a fortnight before. Damn Government and it's timing. I was planning to build something along the lines of this, if there was the space.
  4. Watched it the other night, awsome film. Highly recomend it to anyone.
  5. The person above me has retired from wearing his bomber jacket, and is now an under cover agent.
  6. Someone's got to keep an eye on them all, just to make sure no one is hassling them. *cough* Gidderwook *cough*
  7. So should you mate, after oogling all the fine young fillies on Saturday night.
  8. I think the person above me has had one too many greasy kebabs already
  9. Ah, but the person above me doesn't know that I know the person above them from school.
  10. The person abvove me should be very worried that the person above him knows him.
  11. Cheers mate, I'll take you up on that.
  12. Most certainly not Mr Alex 'Binlid' Brindley. After having gone to school with him for many years, I certainly don't want to be woken up by him.
  13. We're just using it as an excuse to get a chinese.
  14. The person above me needs a shave, badly.
  15. Me and the missus are going to celebrate by having a whole Crispy Aromatic Duck to ourselves.
  16. Well, it makes me feel better if I do.
  17. Cross of Iron? Never heard of it.
  18. I'm self employed, so I generally get up when I want. Have to admit it's very rare that I see 8am.
  19. I cried when I watched the Titanic. One of the worst films I've ever watched. Now the Green Mile, thats worth watching. Oh, and for anyone with Chanel 5, the Goonies were on, takes me back I tell ya.
  20. My girlfriends little brother is entering it this year for the first time, so I imagine I'll be helping him this year instead of watching. Looking forward to it though.
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