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  1. I'm still playing since vanilla on Terenas realm. Have to say the new expansion MoP is really good, great visually, interesting story lines, lots of new content like scenarios, farm, no more groups for raids so a chance to get those long awaited legendary items! Being a casual player I still enjoy jumping into it every now and then, got 1 toon to lvl 90 so able to enjoy end game content.
  2. Just noticed from one of the photos on the WeberHaus website that the RedBlue energy van was on that site.
  3. Thanks for the replies, will take a trip to take a look at them. Anyone know who is marketing them, can't see anything on the local estate agents websites.
  4. Good question Albert, I guess for even short stints of work on the island they would still need some form of permit.
  5. Not sure if anyone else has seen them, but I've noticed on a few occasions a german registered van driving around with WeberHaus on the side, usually picking up/dropping off people from the airport. I googled them and found out that they are building 3 new homes on the island, a bit like the HufHaus featured on the TV programme Grand Designs a few years ago. I just wondered if anyone could confirm the location of where they are being built on the island and how much they will eventually be put up for sale for. Link here: http://www.weberhaus...nt-project.html I think from the photos on
  6. Thanks for the reply. It is a SATA drive and as far as I can see from the BIOS, it appears to be enabled under the RAID setup, although it looks something like the following: SATA1 and SATA2 = Enabled SATA3 and SATA4 = Enabled nVidia RAID Function = Enabled SATA1 = Disabled SATA2 = Disabled SATA3 = Disabled SATA4 = Disabled So I am not sure if that is a definite SATA Enabled or not, as it looks like both. Could not find anything with AHCI on it though. Are you/anyone else able to recommend a good local PC company that maybe able to help fix the problem, don't mind paying a
  7. Hopefully someone can help point me in the right direction. My desktop PC recently died on me (hard drive needed replacing) and this resulted in complete loss of software so had to begin from scratch - so far so good. However, when I came to re-install some PC DVD games (Battlefield Bad Company 2 and Call of Duty World at War) my DVD drive did not recognise the disc's in the drive. I have updated the driver for the DVD drive and updated all other software that I can think of (Windows updates, graphics cards etc.), I have even uninstalled the drive and then had the PC redetect it but that did
  8. I'd also be interested, played since launch but since my guild disbanded a year ago or so I've not found another decent guild to call home Got 1 lvl 80 and numerous lower lvl alts.
  9. R_ReaVeR


    Thought I'd give them a go today, was very busy which is a good sign but as previous poster said they used blade not chamois as per their advertisement. Used a broom thingamajig on my car so there goes me trying to keep the scratches to a minimum, so not really the hand job I was hoping for, guess I'll have to revert back to diy Good luck to them though.
  10. Not read the report, although I will, because if it does allow some mitigation for 'nominees' (no such thing, I have always believed) it would be a very interesting development. Is it not more that the acquitted directors were not actively involved in the scam but took every step a reasonable, professional person acting in that capacity could be expected to take? From what I know, the "nominee" defence did not hold up, the case against the 3 CSP "nominee" directors/company secretary was dropped for another reason. Where "nominee" directors have not taken part in the "crime" and taken
  11. On the contrary, the damage they have done that will affect me during my lifetime can be summed up in one word: PENSIONS. Whilst I am also not a supporter of Labour, I do not see the other 2 main parties as offering a much better alternative as they currently stand. Slightly off topic, it will be interesting to see what President Sarkozy does in France and whether he lives up to his election mandate.
  12. Yes good riddance, but with that buffoon Brown taking over it will not improve............not sure how much more the country can take from Labour, they've done enough damage in 10 years to last a lifetime.
  13. If anyone was interested, WH Smith in Douglas are taking pre orders with a guaranteed delivery on launch day of 10 consoles. As at yesterday they only had 4 names on the list.......read into that what you like.
  14. Tinkler 934 edit - damn 1 minute late
  15. Another WoW addict here and with the BC expansion due out in January , roll on another 12 months BF2 is my only other distraction for the PC, nothing else has got a look in. Only got 3 games for my PSP, of which Fight Night 3 and Virtua Tennis have passed the time waiting at airports etc..
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