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  1. What are your favourite parts of the Isle of Man that would not typically be recognised from a tourist/heritage point of view? I'll start - the wind moulded trees at Injebreck, many such to pick but the ones below of particular note for their resistance to the elements. As trees go they are basically horizontal.. https://www.google.co.uk/maps/@54.2366609,-4.5328489,3a,75y,135.95h,75.45t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s2jphHCnOEFxoSPKDgSu1HA!2e0!7i13312!8i6656
  2. Dont know if they are any better now but JCB diggers could be started with any key that fitted the top of the slot, often used was the head of a 6 inch bent nail and or a small flat screwdriver. Quality British Lucas parts! In the other thread Max mentions lots of car thefts in the 80/90s I seem to remember that too and again from memory the normal way of disposal after they had been driven around like a rally car for a bit was to "borrow" one of the "easy access" JCB diggers above and bury the car in a recently worked on farmers field! This is by design (same with John Deere/Massey
  3. I'm not sure why it has gotten this far. Sweden/US could have gave assurances extradition wouldn't happen or Sweden could have interviewed him by phone or by sending investigators (as often happens).
  4. Probably shouldn't bump such an old topic, but anyone know if there are any of these machines over here yet in the banks/somewhere?
  5. Alias

    Clean Tech

    Look at the 'format of events', it's like watching a clueless teacher stick on a few DVDs in class and hope noone asks questions at the end. I don't particularly mean to sound insulting to the DED lot, but who there is of interest as a speaker to anyone interested in the sector?
  6. Oh noes, my tax pounds weren't spent putting teenagers through court on a useless charge costing a couple of thousand for an absolute net result of zero effect.
  7. Perhaps if the person's not capable of good grammar/using correction tools. But if they are, it's a matter of verbosity - whereas correct grammar may be needed for dealing with partners and clients, why is it essential that grammar is always perfect? Your post's grammar isn't perfect, if this forum wasn't anonymous is that evidence enough to exclude you from candidacies for future jobs? Even then, that article talked about comma and semi-colon placement - something many of us probably don't get right. There are situations where grammar is important, but to bluntly use it as a cutoff for p
  8. I'm not fully convinced; I think a good part of it is intellectual snobbery. There are places where grammar matters (external correspondence) but there's also a lot of times that it doesn't (e.g. now). Good communication is always necessary, but writing somebody off because of a misplaced comma or apostrophe strikes me as ignorance and laziness on the viewer's half. It's always easier to find negatives in people and easier to spot mistakes, and this is just another (lazy) way of making easy choices. Sure it will be relevant in a lot of roles, but making generalisations based upon it is fla
  9. And you think that is an appropriate description for a member of the state which issues those orders to use in public against those it employs to carry out the orders?If he doesn't like what they are doing, he is ideally placed to do something about it, instead of openly criticising government employees in very derogatory terms for doing the job his government employed them to do and carrying out the duties his government requires of them. I can't link to it because he posted it on Facebook and someone I know, who is 'friends' with him on Facebook, has copied it and emailed it around a few pe
  10. On BBC news website the main headline is 'Britain's Cavendish fails to shine' taking up half the page. Bit harsh?
  11. Alias


    Does it really make you liable? A personal/character one shouldn't at least, if you're certifying competence I guess that's different.
  12. Sort of, steel has a fatigue limit below which cyclic stresses will not develop into failures; whereas with aluminium no matter how small the cyclic stress, failure will ultimately occur.
  13. Seen talk of it here. Site's not always the most reputable though
  14. But if they've returned it, surely it's not theft? I know it's still a crime, but a minor one, so what would be the point. edit: Again, what's the point unless they're going to pursue it. It's bad policing to just 'make a note' of any prints found, they might not even be the criminals.
  15. Probably the extensions you have for FF rather than FF itself. Not sure that's any help if you can't narrow which ones down, but if you've got any unnecessary ones might be worth disabling, FF is pretty stable/low-memory these days
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