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  1. Planning Notices went online only years ago, which I thought was a bad move considering there are still many who still aren't online. Also I was disappointed when the Divorce Notices stopped being published - they were great skeet!
  2. I only listen from mid-day to 1pm these days but I do like Phil Gawne. When is he on these days?
  3. There was someone called Kerry with a shrieky high-pitched voice on at lunchtime today - awful Don't listed to MR much any more but are there no presenters left with a nice Manx accent?!
  4. I like Andy Wint's programme - there's much more variety and he has much wider knowledge than the last presenter!
  5. Should be Fastyr Jedoonee now.
  6. Not just poorer nations. Trump and his right wing evangelical puppet masters are shutting down family planning and abortion clinics in many US states.
  7. No matter what the supposed 'new sound' will be it'll certainly not be immediately recognisable as being broadcast from the IOM. Tune into RTE1 and you instantly know it's Irish radio!
  8. My expectations are low! Blue2 adverts are cringworthy. I remember a few years ago Stu Peters saying that he was going to set up a media company to produce the adverts here (or am I wrong Stu?). My pet hates are the voices used, eg the woman who does the Manx Telecom ads, the one who does the stairlift one and any that use children's voices
  9. You're full of shite hissingsid - were you Viper in a previous form?!
  10. I'm one of those that likes Manx Radio
  11. I listen to Talking Heads most days Stu because I like your style (some of the time!), but can't stand the constant flow of fatuous texts you read out from Gary From Ramsey and Frank the Fact. My listening experience would be so much better if you limited both of them to one text per programme and try not to encourage them by sniggering at their childish sexist comments
  12. Cotton Traders stuff is absolute crap! Nice glossy brochures come in the post but since I went into the shop I've chucked brochures straight into the bin! They deserve to go out of business.
  13. I like Phil Gawne, he speaks FLUENT Manx and he doesn't have a whiney blah blah voice! So there!
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