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    Summerland Sold

    I agree. Out of respect for the horrors of that dreadful night (which I saw and vividly remember) it should be turned into a facility that families can enjoy. Apartments would be completely inappropriate.
  2. Snaipyr

    High Profile Anonymous Troll Outed

    How is this local news?!
  3. Snaipyr

    Tourists not wanted round here!!!

    I think 9pm is the limit for kids to be pubs. It even became the law in Ireland I believe (but not enough Garda in the rural areas now to enforce it!).
  4. Snaipyr


    This group of pro-life nutters were originally invited here by Glenn Walters, pastor of the Grace Baptist Church in Peel and they demonstrated outside Tynwald and in Strand Street with their ‘killing innocent babies’ placards. Well they’re coming back on Monday, this time for a whole week, to spread their anti abortion message. They’ve warned the IOM public that if they don’t want to see their gruesome (and misleading!) placards they should avoid the area outside Tynwald! Be warned! PS This lot even believe it’s a sin for women to have any form of artificial contaception!
  5. There is no god! When will prople come to their senses in this day and age and realise that all religions are a scam?! I despair at some peoople’s intelligence Remove the charitable status afforded to religious groups!!
  6. Snaipyr


    These are the MHK's who voted to keep the Bishop in Legco - it needs people to contact them, berate them for their decision and ask for another vote (except Anderson - good riddance!) The time is right! Mr Baker, Mr Boot, Mr Callister, Mr Cannan, Mr Cregeen, Mr Harmer, Mr Malarkey, Mr Moorhouse, Mr Perkins, Mr Quayle, Mr Robertshaw, Mr Skelly, Mr Watterson, Mr Anderson, Mr Coleman, Mr Corkish, Mr Crookall, Mr Henderson all voted for Bishop’s vote to remain. Surprised about Malarkey, Perkins and Henderson though - I thought they were more progressive
  7. Snaipyr


    The coast road would be a nightmare!
  8. Snaipyr

    Royal Wedding

    I watched the highlights programme - lovely except for the ceremony itself with its endless religious mumbo jumbo!
  9. Snaipyr

    Sisters Are Doin It For Themselves!

    I’m optimistic - all the newly elected MLC’s have stated that they’re pro choice on the abortion reform issue, plus (for the first time ever!) I felt proud of our MHKs when they supported Alex Allinson’s bill (with a few exceptions!)
  10. Snaipyr


    I listened to the whole debate whilst doing other things. If I'd been there I'd have definitely been on my iPad a lot - Robertshaw, Baker, Quayle and some others just waffle on and on after making their point. Dr Alex was brilliant - don't know how he managed to maintain his composure when having to explaining his reasoning again and again. Malarkey couldn't - shouted out over some idiot's ramblings 'This is about women's choices' - he's shot up in my estimation!
  11. Snaipyr


    Lord Brennan is also a leading Catholic too!
  12. Snaipyr

    Manx Radio

    Completely agree. However on MR news recently there has been some very biased reporting on the abortion reform issue with pro-lifers being given air time to express their views without challenge. Yesterday for example some woman called Joss or Jess stated that abortion was murder from the moment of conception and that late term abortions were included in the abortion reform bill for 'no particular reason', which was a downright lie and went unchallenged.. Today Lord Brennan QC was given free rein to waffle on about his concerns, but no mention was made of his high ranking position in the Catholic church and the trust he set up to further religious advancement.! Surely there must be a code of ethics for broadcasters regarding biased reporting?!
  13. Snaipyr

    Manx Radio

    Get well soon - lovely though she is Beth definitely doesn't play devil's advocate and Andy Wint just annoys me. Every time I hear his name it remonds me of all the people who went to the trouble of sending him photos and other contributions for his book, which still hasn't materialised. If he just announced that it was too mammoth a task and will never see the light of day I'd have more respect for him. Hurry up back please!
  14. Snaipyr


    PS Beecroft was absent - not well again?
  15. Snaipyr


    Yes, along with Graham Cregeen, Chris Robertshaw, Juan Watterson and Tim Baker (whoever he is - not heard of him before!) Our MHK’s don’t often get much praise but I think they deserved it today (apart from the aforementioned!).
  16. Snaipyr

    "Bless" this House

    Absolute garbage! What’s the matter with you?!
  17. Snaipyr


    That’s correct - I jotted down who they are. I’ll post it when I find my notes.
  18. Snaipyr


    Of course! The one at 22 weeks is pretty gruesome but it was probably aborted to save the mother’s life as 14 weeks is the usual cut off point.
  19. Snaipyr


    It’s an embryo before it’s a feotus. But according to the fanatical abort67 they’re all now called pre-born children!
  20. Snaipyr


    They’re not feotus’s they’ve chosen to display but ones that are nearly at full term - much more graphic for their missionary purposes. They’re probably abortions that were allowed to go ahead because the mother’s life was at risk, or could even have been where the mother had been fatally injured - who knows?! Late abortions are by no means common.
  21. Snaipyr


    There ARE laws - what are you on about?! As for choices I don’t think embryos or even unborn babies are in a position to make them - only the women who are carrying them.! Much worse were all the babies born alive to unmarried mothers in Catholic mother and baby homes in Ireland, Scotland and other places. There are thousands buried in unmarked graves and still more being discovered when developers buy the land
  22. Snaipyr

    Countryside Care Scheme

    I thought it was a countryside care scheme, ie encouraging biodiversity and providing habitat for wildlife? Someone needs to do it - DEFA’s too busy trying to make money out of our ‘forests’ and countryside.
  23. Snaipyr


    The pro-choice groups on the Island are taking the stance of ignoring the demonstration and IMO that's the best way to deal with them. There was no mention of them on Manx Radio's 5 o'clock news either so maybe they're taking the same line? I'm puzzled as to why Graham Cregeen distributed their leaflets to all MHK's though. He stated that he was asked to by a constituent but it shows a bad case of lack of judgement.
  24. Snaipyr


    It can be (and I know!). Depends whether it's an embyo, a foetus or closer to full term. The latter only occurs if the mother's life is in danger (except in Ireland sometimes!).
  25. Snaipyr

    General Election 2016

    Why is this still a fixed thread? Please, please can admin relegate it to history now as it’s well past its sell-by date