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  1. Most of the taxi drivers I encounter always seem to be doing the job until their "other business" get's off the ground. You never seem to meet one who is exactly delighted to be doing the job in the first place. I was charged £15 from the Airport to Colby last year. Think I'll walk next time.
  2. Have you checked your travel insurance?
  3. Forgot one, staff in garages who say "which idiot fitted that tyre / brake pads / exhaust ?" I really want to have the opportunity to say YOU DID!
  4. People who don't use indicators when they are centimetres from your fingers. Staff who ignore you in shops / bars. Liverpool FC and their supporters. Next!
  5. Some top notch camera work there I remember when James Hunt's palms bled after continuing racing when his gear lever broke in half. Champers and fags in the paddock after, nails and class that man.
  6. And lets hope that Honda get rid of that stupid livery, god it was awful.
  7. Apparently they have already chosen the song for the winners of the pop factor and it will be a duet, no prizes for guessing who will win then. Malcolm Middleton, he of Arab Strap fame? V good, love to hear granny tapping along to that - alway been an upbeat kinda fella.
  8. You don't think the coppers were having a laugh when they said they would be "pulling him off at the hairpin"?! It's not restricted to the Mountain, I see plenty of drivers with no lights on in darkness / twilight / fog / heavy rain etc all year round, all round the Island.
  9. Why don't they start by checking vehicle's indicators, most of them don't seem to be working.
  10. I would have more sympathy with Andy Kershaw if he hadn't of done those toe curling interviews with the News of the World and the Manx Independent. I feel sorry for his ex-partner who must be completely sick of him by now.
  11. Seems to be a problem with a lot of service providers, lots of places just don't seem to give a monkey's anymore (not just on the Island). Complain, then complain a bit more - hopefully they will finish your job to stop the phonecalls, other than that get your advocate to send a stroppy letter. That may do the trick.
  12. Yes, I had it changed by deed poll from "footlong".
  13. What next? A ban on scratching steve and the twins while driving? FFS.
  14. Excellent piece of reporting, if you wrote for the local papers I'd start reading them again! Cheers!
  15. Old house - got letters about not having multi room connected. New house - not a dickie from Sky. Makes no sense, but then again I'm already paying them nearly £800 a year. *sees annual subs written down* *faints*
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