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  1. Hi this is a long shot, does anyone have a DVD copy of the film December Bride? it is an Irish film and for some reason I just cannot get hold of it here, tried LoveFilm with no luck. Thanks T&B Just to add that I dont want to buy this film new as it is expensive - I just need to watch it for an essay I am writing!
  2. It is all down to the individual - I would say out of about ten mates at school who were into dabbling with a bit of light drugs like cannabis, about 2 of them fell by the wayside onto the hard drugs, however most people I know struggle with the lure of the booze! It is booze that we all need to gain a reality check on, so many people I know still drink far too much, get too drunk etc and generally abuse alchohol - Booze is present in alsmost every social situation us adults go to - it is just so omni-present but people are getting terrified over a minority of people using illegal drugs.
  3. ahaaaa found it - it was the vampire bit that i just remember enabled a better search - the song is Empire by Sinead O'Connor!! I had it on tape years ago and wanted to download it!
  4. Nah I do like that song though but that's not it, the song I am thinking about has a lyric about England being a vampire???
  5. Hi - I am trying to seek out the name of a tune that I heard years ago - it is a sort of dub track and she is singing on it about England the Colonizer, it also has a bloke from Africa singing on it - it is driving me mad not to be able to find it! It might have been her with the Afro-Celt sound System but I just can't seem to find it - any help?? Thanks
  6. more pics if you're interested:
  7. Got call from boss this morn to not come into work!! So nice on a Monday morn, went outside and realised just how messed up the roads are! I had about 3 inches of snow outside my door! Might not be in work tomorrow either! Aawwwww shame! Here is picture from the mews at the back of my flat..
  8. in bed recovering from food poisoning - totally wiped me out, and head is banging due to a need for re-hydration but still cant keep the re-hydration salts down.
  9. We dont have an official work do - my boss is atheist and is a total bah humbug. We not even allowed decs up in the office, totaly boring. We dont so much get a bottle of wine or some chocolate! We have organised our own xmas do - we going to Dirty Martini (a new york style coctkail bar) and then onto a brasserie in Covent Garden. It has been quite amusing the last couple of weeks seeing all people going to their doos in the city etc, seeing people on train with black ties and ballgowns and then seeing them on the way home, totally pissed! When I was in the IOM recently I had a
  10. If you look on Gumtree sometimes people rent their family homes out?
  11. Hi All Could someone send to me - I can't seem to find it now it has been taken down, please please!! Thanks T&B
  12. I have a room in the Thistle Hotel 4* at Heathrow airport, booked for Sunday 23 November, check in at 2pm and then check out at 12. I no longer need the room, it is a double room, no breakfast included. Hotel has a pool and all the usual facilities, just wondered if any of you were traveling into Heathrow and then out overseas on that date, long shot, but I am selling the room for £50. PM me if you are interested. Cheers T&B
  13. Why not just have one big toilet for everyone, surely the days are gone where men and women have to be segregated!!! It'll be like Ally McBeal won't it! Seriously though, the toilets at Fabric are unisex and ive seen nothing but fun going on in there!! *ahem* Toilets could be the new "speed dating" I work closely with the SU at my work and trust me, they love sinking their teeth into anything that will cause a pain in the arse for the management! I think it is all prob a case of that rather than actually caring about the tiny minority of trans gendered students - it is so transpa
  14. Nandos!! You cant beat it mmmm or how about a Wagamama's (love that place, nice fresh inexpensive food) delish!!! So much better than pizza hut and starbucks shite!
  15. Would you have to eat dog poo as well? I laughed when I saw his suggestion!! im not that big! and also I couldnt possibly even try to look that hideous!! lol!!
  16. I went to CRHS and I have to say looking back in hindsight it was pretty terrible - unless you were in the top 2 sets the rest of the classes were left to stagnate in my opinion. I was in the middle sets and I just seem to remember no one really bothering or noticing what I was doing (or not doing) whereas my mate was in the top set and her school life seemed a lot more advanced and more exciting than mine? I dont think I was required to perform in any way and I just ended up trundling along really. The career advice I got was "be a hairdresser" - fair do's but I just seem to remember a c
  17. Help - I need to dress up as a female film star from the last 30 years - any ideas? I thought about doing an Uma Thurman from pulp fiction - it would be easy (although i am about 7 stone fatter that Uma!!) alls i would need is a black wig, red lips, white shirt, and cropped black trousers etc Anyway - any ideas would be appreciated! Cheers
  18. Also wanted to add that sometimes in life it is not always best to look at whether doing something will "be worth it" - if you did that for everything you would never realistically do anything. People told me that it wouldnt be "worth" doing a degree in history as a mature student as I would not get a good job or better paid job than what I was in before the degree, people always want to tell you that you have to sum up your life in terms of "viability" etc but I am just so glad I just went and did it and yes it may not have been a smart move in terms of financial gain (although my wages went
  19. Absolutely go for it - if you have the desire to do it then do it!!! I went back to Uni as a mature student at 25 - hardly any formal qualifications before that but was accepted as I had work experience (any will usually suffice) and usually you would have an interview to seal the deal. I can honestly say that doing my degree changed my life for the better although I have to be honest, it is weird going into something that is the domain of 18 to 21 year olds, this is where my advice would be to check out Institutions that have a large chunk of mature students - mostly red bricks etc - you
  20. Wow didnt realise they were so popular!! I prob wouldnt make a habit of using the veg in the stew as only source of veg (and I agree with one of the posters that steamed veg is the best ever way of eating it) so really for the slow cooker I would prob put in some meat and stock and then do my steamed veg on the side. My dad made me some braised steak the other month that he did in the slow cooker, it was beautiful and it wasnt expensive meat either! Right going to argos this weekend!
  21. Thanks that is really helpful - I deffo gona buy one this weekend now - a good quality one! My Dad is always cooking scouse in his slow cooker- and he said that it is cheap for him to eat meat as he buys braising steak and it comes out lovely in the slow cooker! I really wanted to cook a curried lamb shank that is why I originally wondered about buying one! It would be nice for winter stews, to just come home and it be all nice an hot and ready straigt away! Any recipies?
  22. Was thinkin of purchasing a slow cooker - however I am slightly paranoid about leaving it on all day while I am in work - is this the normal practice, or do people usually leave them on overnight? Anyone give me any advice and also any nice recipies? Cheers T&B
  23. aaaaah I am so gutted I didnt get to see them!! The Charlatans have been one of my fave bands since my teens - LOVE Tim Burgess - they were the first band I ever saw live, my Mum let me go and see them in Liverpool when I was still at school in 1991 -haven't seen them since! Am glad the gig went well....!
  24. You could start a convo with him like "what is it about all this hype over the PS3, and Wii etc I just dont get it........." and hopefully he will impart his knowledge and at same time tell you what he would prefer.....hopefully!
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