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  1. 2003 1.9turbo diesel renault scenic. Good runner. Loads of boot space with fold down rear seats. Recently had headgasket, stem seals, cambelt, disks and pads all round. Good tyres 101,000 miles £1200 O.N.O Contact 414667 to arrange viewing
  2. tree

    Stolen Camera

    jesus, all I was aksing for was for people just to keep a lookout if they happen to hear of anything on the off chance. Mistakes happen.. one careless moment that wasnt thought through as he was trying to run an event at the time. he's hardly a wannabe groupie. Mike is an independant and very talented individual and has a varied set of skills, that he does out of passion. Such a stupid argument saying it serves him right etc... dont you think he knows he made a mistake and wont be doing it again. Anyways, thanks for the posotive comments.
  3. A friend of mine had his camera stolen on saturday 10th. It went missing at about 2:30 at the end of the small lane beside tk max (at the back). The camera is a Canon 60d body, sigma 10-20mm wide angle lens, rectangular filter holder on the front, 16gb sd card. A facebook page regarding the theft has been started to help get it back and includes full details in the info box. http://www.facebook.com/#!/event.php?eid=191957080876599 If anyone hears of anything could they please contact Mike on 377150 thanks.
  4. Price revision. down to £2495 O.N.O Needs to go within the next month
  5. Toyota celica 2001 1.8 140BHP £2495 O.N.O Standard tidy car. Needs 2 front tyres, and tax has just expired. Girlfriends car. Going travelling forces sale.
  6. ah brilliant!!!! been awaiting this! loved the first series
  7. hah, that was me. Put it in for a laugh. suprised a few people too, which was exactly what i was going for.
  8. To be honest you cant really mess up a job like fitting a clutch... so as far as cowboy job goes its not really possible... its fitted or it isnt... simple as really aslong as all bolts are torqued correctly.. I'd say if you have the tools and time to have a bash yourself then crack on, if not drop it down to weed. he will sort it.. good chappy. always nice n friendly, an always willing to help someone out.
  9. tree


    excellent pics. cheers Amadeus
  10. tree


    another cracking good laugh even though south took victory! bah.
  11. Kirby garden centre are selling trees. not sure if theyre offering delivery though.
  12. up to 956! please join and show your support. thanks.
  13. tree


    wont be able to attend. sorry guys
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