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  1. It's okay everyone, the panic is over, I tried again today just in case - and it worked. You can all sleep tonight now :-)
  2. Tried both the landline and mobile numbers on both a landline and mobile. Tres weird!
  3. Wouldn't have thought so, have rung a few times in the past with no problems. Weird there would be a problem with 2 mobiles and the landline I thought :-)
  4. Hello (long time no see and all that) So... say for example, I wanted to ring a number for voting on one of ITV's phone in type things *whispers very quietly so as to not be ridiculed - The X Factor* - and the numbers for both landlines and mobiles didn't work (calling from both a Manx landline and a mobile) - why might that be? The terms and conditions on the website doesn't seem to prevent Isle of Man entries, and was calling within cut off times and not on demand and the like - could MT have blocked them or something? *panics - 10 weeks of voting to be had - sniff sniff sniff* PS - didn't come here to be judged for my terrible taste of weekend entertainment
  5. Theo, for what it's worth you had my vote this evening. I am deeply disappointed you didn't get in as I actually found what you had to say interesting when you were recently at my doorstep. Houghton couldn't even be bothered to show at my door, nor stick a manifesto through it. I really hoped it was time for Twit and Tw*t to get out. Common sense - not for Douglas North it seems.
  6. Everyone complains about them, but not seeing any really big changes which is a reet old shame. Got my fingers crossed for Douglas North!
  7. Ha, maybe I would, but I really like An Idiot Abroad *shrugs*
  8. Just a heads up really that there seems to be a load of companies on the go at the moment that are claiming to be calling on behalf of Sky selling insurance for Sky boxes. I know these companies have been kicking around for a while, but we have had 2 separate companies make successful attempts to set up Direct Debits on my Mum's account after cold calls. Both companies - Satellite Repair Services and Satellite and Homecare implied to my Mum that it was for a renewal of a subscription she already had with them and she thought that meant it was safe to "re give" them her bank details - I have slapped her with a kipper for giving them the details - twice. She contacted Satellite Repair Services back in July to cancel the policy but when I was checking her direct debits with her earlier this week they still had 2 active Direct Debits for £5.97 and £16.50 quoting different policy numbers. I cancelled them online, but today she got a further two calls advising that she had cancelled them without the required notice period, and that they wanted payment for October, and asking for new details - thankfully this time she told them she wanted it in writing - which will be going straight in the recycling bin... I've got written confirmation that the second company have cancelled the policy for £7.95 monthly I found out about this week, and so far they don't seem to have set up any new direct debits, but will be going to her bank to make sure no new ones are claimed. I've registered us with the Telephone Preference Service as we seem to be getting 10+ calls a week at all hours of the day or night from just about every cold caller under the sun. I know most people would not give bank details over the phone, but these companies seem to have been pretty nifty at getting my normally not too gullible mum to part with her bank details by feeding lines about it being something that she was already paying for and I think it's quite possible the elderly and vulnerable could easily fall fowl of this multiple times too. Maybe no-one else has had similar problems, but thought it was worth a short post.
  9. Hi all, I am having a mini trauma with my car at the moment, and need to get my car key and car resyncced, and a new spare key issued. Apart from the Whitestone, I have also heard about a place called the Independent Smart Centre in the White Hoe Industrial Estate, but cannot find a number for them online, phone book or at Directory Enquiries. Has anyone used them previously and please do you possibly have a number to contact them on if so? Thanks very much
  10. Gutted Appetites doesn't do Pizza's anymore - best pizza I've ever had on the Isle of Man!
  11. Adding my love of the place, had some lovely soups and pies in there in the last few weeks and had a really good Gammon and Portobello mushroom pasta bake in there yesterday. Awesomeness :-)
  12. It's for one of the banks....
  13. Well maybe so, but I wanted to know if (as often in Manx customer service) they said "No, your warranty has expired, do one" whether I had a leg to stand on. Thank you very much, sounds hopeful, will give it a go
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