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  1. Higher State of Consciouness - Josh Wink
  2. Forget the camstream people if you are interested. Trust me to pick a time when their server is buggered! BUZZING!!! F
  3. At last, some links. I've not been able to listen to ur show for ages Ray? Whats bin goin on? You can listen to my show starting from 3pm if you like. Suz is over at the moment and she reckons she is doing 1st hour lol. BTW, not trying to take any of ur thunder dude, i'm only doin it for a few hours. Give some contemporary in the aft whilst you bring it classic in the eve. Peace Fat
  4. Yeah I know what you're saying. Afternoons will be hard but I fancy giving a few different times. I just wanna mix man, thats all I care about. Gettin the sounds outa my room and into other people's pads! I'm gonna commence the show from 3pm today! Yep, thats right, thats in 1hr 40mins!!! Afternoons will never be the same!! http://fattywho.camstreams.com http://www.mflive.com Check it out!!! Fatty
  5. Having consulted family members, it will not be possible for a show this evening or any time soon on a Tuesday evening, much to my dissapointment might I add! Sunday afternoons? Anyone have any objections to me running my show on a Sunday afternoon before the Club Classics slot with Ray Marshall? If anyone does, then ok. I will just have to find another slot which will be amicable to all within the household. Regards Fatty
  6. Interesting points Working with a charity would be a good cause. I'm not actually proposing the night be that of something whereby people go out n get hammered and listen to music all night. I'm suggesting we have a night whereby we play music for ourselves in which people of all backgrounds can enjoy. But now you mention it, I think could possibly work. I'm gonna get on to my friend. I'll see what she has to say about the venue and I'll report back with my findings! Over n out.. Fat Stuff p.s. Oh n yeah, I'm gonna try n take the Horn's of the bull on this one k!
  7. Much to the dismay of thousands, I'm swapping nights from Sats to Tues for family reasons. I hope this doesn't interfere with all of your schedules but at least you've got something to look forward to earlier in the week now eh?!? Regards peoples Fatness!
  8. Well, I've been pondering the idea of asking a friend who owns a premises in town. I don't know if any of you guys know her or know of the open mic nights she has, but I'm going to ask whether or not the possibility of a Dj open night is an option? Would be handy as its town, accessible and it'll be warm. Any one had anymore ideas perhaps? People, you can play what you want. There are no restrictions, its an open night! Regards Fatty
  9. Oh, its from 7-9 tonight guys! Family matters proceeding from 9. Its short but it'll be ever so sweet!!! Cheers FW
  10. Hi folks! Fatty returns this evening All are welcome None are turned away Techno, Tech House, House, Minimal and all the trimmings!!! http://www.mflive.com http://fattywho.camstreams.come Please join me in this better late than never show of quality music and DJ'n! Regards His Royal Fatness
  11. Finding a venue is a massive problem over here. People must have some ideas? I've got a few but don't know how they will be received n whether they'd actually agree? Old friends club? Had some good nights in there! Its not like its a clubbing night but that don't mean its strictly Dj's either. I think if its advertised well enough, people would go. And there is plenty of ego about so there shouldn't be any excuses...
  12. We have open mic nights, why can't we have an open Dj night? Anybody have any thoughts on this? Could be a success I reckon. Its promoting the scene and WE ALL need to do that don't we. I've a few ideas but wonder what the rest of you think? Regards Fatty
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