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  1. Thank you Mission. Although I don't have children, I have been involved with friends and families children and have had the honour of nursing sick and dying children too. So I know damn well what kind of a parent I'd be, and it totally breaks my heart that I won't get to experience it personally. Minnie, by the time I responded with "go xxxx yourself" I had had more than enough, getting crap from a moderator who should have been calling it, not offering more xxxxx, was too much. Maybe I should have just logged off after your stupid remark, but I couldn't believe the ensuing nastiness.
  2. Do you really think I would answer that here, given the response so far? And FYI things have changed since the time I was obviously so f*cking stupid to talk about it on whatever forum it was then.
  3. Jay - I referred to your grudge against cats. Which is a total waste of energy and time on your part because cats will be cats will be cats and the only way you have a hope in hell in changing your garden-poop nightmare is to communicate with their owners. If you're not prepared to do that, accept the inevitable. Btw, I have never attempted to be subtle, although I can appreciate that a lot of things go over your head - can't believe you've managed to mention Rog in this? At least his posts are intelligent and what I really like about Rog is that he will listen and he accepts respons
  4. Is that #17? When you reply will you please explain why you think childlessness is amusing.
  5. I take it I'm right then Maybe when you've had children yourself (www.spermbank.com) you will be better placed to comment. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I don't need a f*cking spermbank. That is way out of order you malicious bastard.
  6. I have one of those It's very, very good. Hmmmm, I believe the same could be said of you too. I could again refer to "wild, unfounded generalisations" here.........you presume I'm going to post throwaway remarks in order to hurt your feelings or upset you because of things you've read on here that I've said. Ok then. Nope, you got that wrong. Maybe I was fearing the inevitable twenty+ posts about something that's already been done to death. Enough already. I have not made any wild, unfounded generalisations about people I know absolutely nothing about. You knew
  7. You can be quite reactionary. That's why I said it. Jay - because there is a guy who seems to hold a grudge, but worse, doesn't seem to listen. Breaking a toy when the child knew it would be the next outcome if behaviour did not improve is just reinforcing the boundary. The soap and water thing may have been common once, but hey, so did getting caned at school. Physical punishment is a whole different deal, no matter how calmly it is performed. In the scenario with the mother in M&S, given that I saw for myself how disaffected she was, so it's actually you who is
  8. This seems to be the only website with this problem? Other Invision Board forums are working ok, so surely this would a suggest a problem at source rather than with Norton?
  9. Were these "undisciplined" children causing you any harm or distress???? No????? Keep your judgements to yourself in that case. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Knowing that they are the next generation, yes. Really ans, I'm suprised at you. Normally at this kind of point you would be announcing the exact date and time that I once explained why I was childless. But why bother doing that when you can just make a seemingly throwaway comment about something you already know the answer to, knowing that the likes of Minnie and Jay will make similar comments. Well, lo
  10. OMG, do you have employees ans? What a complete lie. Women know perfectly how to synchronise needs. And if that includes ignoring the "needs" of the tosser down the pub, c'est la vie! Sadly a lot of men can barely co-ordinate a remote control and can of beer whilst lying on their backs. Jay's avatar is noooo accident! (Hmmm, wonder if the words "pull me nightie down when you've finished" are a more regular feature than his over-processed bowels?) You make it sound like birdlife. Wildlife. Oooh - maybe you actually meant Pondlife? Umm, YES. All
  11. It'll all come back to you honey...you know that, right?
  12. Nice. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Aren't they just?!! Well nice!! Get out of the room! You never heard of this metalfest? Rock at its most sublime...(or not heeheh!) Blues? Bwaahahahahahahahaha! Real full-on, full-on-horny ROCK music honey. No. Although you could try and provide less valgue insults. 'appear to many', 'some description' Put a bit more effort into it. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> And if I didn't put the "appear" and "some description" bits, you'd have given me a warning. Right? (So if you hear cheers and
  13. Maybe make the passengers legally liable? Why not? On many levels it makes perfect sense.
  14. WRONG Minnie... They weren't angry, they were just totally undisciplined. She was so out of control that anyone would have wondered just who's kids they were... There's no reason for that.
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