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  1. A man entered a tattoo parlor and wanted to get a tattoo. “What can I do for you?” asked the tattoo artist. “Well,” the man replied, “I want to get a $100 dollar bill tattooed on my penis.” “I’ve never had that requested before. Do you mind if I ask why?” “Well, I really like to watch my money grow. I also love to play with my money and, I’ll tell you what, my wife can blow a hundred dollar’s better than anyone I’ve known!” . ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Never be too ready for the internet my neighbour says.... https://ww
  2. Well some people do look at things differently around here. [media=] [/media]
  3. looks like i'll be able to do my xmas shop for a tenner and still get change from some spotty teenager that can not for his life work out the change. Wonder if they will have a January sale ... 50% off mmmmm
  4. Dr Tibitanzl, is the Cardiologist, for Noble’s Hospital i think he has a private clinic but however i think it would be best for you to go and see you GP fist for a referral.
  5. Just seen Castletown Police delivering letters around Janets Corner - turns out someone or some people are so bored that they have taken up shining those laser pen things at the aircraft at the airport. Though i suspect its probably kids having what they think is fun - its like a real life xbox game - Look i got another one - as it goes down into derbyhaven........... Kids gotta love em - for the ways they entertain themselves.... But in this day age you'll prob get jailed or labelled a terrorist for firing a laser at a plane - so best to return to your bedroom and beat out a ryt
  6. Hi Virtual and yes you are right - but you have to choose which firmware you are going to get - some are pre-cracked - but others are not so you would need to run quick pwn or other on phone/itouch to complete the rebuild.
  7. Wanna clear the roads just use this - no fucking about..!!!! ...LOL
  8. The words "go get it your self" ?? You see sometimes - people have a reason for not getting off there lazy asses and getting it from store themselves My - reason - illness - not that entered the wise cracking idiots brain that put it in here As for - All you had to do was look out of the window this morning and your brain should have told you "no Tesco delivery for me today". But your brain didn't do that. Charming - i kinda figured that with a couple hours snow fall the island would fall apart and it did - that wasnt the point the actual delivery - but how Tesco dealt with
  9. I have sent them an email this is what they sent back. Due to the recent adverse weather across the country, we have received a high level of emails. There will be a delay in getting back to you but we promise we will be back in touch. However, if we receive duplicate emails it may prevent us from getting back to you as quickly as we'd hope. Thank you. Tesco Customer Service so i will be patient and wait for there reply.
  10. I put an order in to come last night but they couldn't deliver due too back log so they where going to come today between 12-1pm but they never came so i rang there customer line only to get a pre recorded message saying you will get your order but due to adverse weather condition's please be patient. i understand the weather has been bad but all major roads where open from mid day it doesn't make sense to me. it has taken them from 8am this morning till 3 pm to contact me. only for them too tell me they carnt deliver and if i am happy i can have all my money back plus the delivery charge mmm
  11. no prob with offer of help in future - i have a natural knack for electronics - iphones/ds lites/ pc / laptops - other - ever you or other needs help just pm me be surprised what i can fix - in fact wife gets bloody annoyed - ebay my best friend - oh look i found another i can fix...lol
  12. Hi i have had a few iphones and am happy to upgrade your software for u - easy - can be done over a cuppa - dont take long (usually) update to version 3.1.2 with Cydia and Rock If can be of help pc me
  13. If i can be any help too u - i have repaired 2 sky HD boxes of my own - just replaced the inferior capacitors on the psu board and it is fairly straight forward. Im a bit of an electronics geek - so happy to help - pm me if need help - im castletown based. G
  14. be rather funny if were caught smuggling in the little furry animals on one them new full body scanners!!!!! Err sir can you explain this picture!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. (008001218143) SCAMMERS - phoned asking me to renew SKY protection plan - knew my street but not my number started asking for details - hung up on them advise you hang up on them too)- sky have had complaints about this scam - they are aware but dont know how the scammers are getting the info sky also ask for a password when they phone you, these guys didnt and SKY only phone you if you phone them - if they do ask you for a password give a wrong answer and see if you get through - (9 times out of 10 you will) NEVER GIVE YOUR DETAILS OVER THE PHONE TO ANYONE
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