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  1. It appeared to everyone but yourself that you were insinuating that Dr Glover couldn’t do anything to assist, but that “it was good PR” and nothing else.
  2. I’m sure the government would be open to letting her company use their previously known genomics results if they really wanted to make use of her offer?
  3. Hmmmm....wonder if HQ/DA et al have responded yet....
  4. The poster didn’t ‘simply’ say that though?
  5. Of which, you have heard one side direct from the horses mouth, but are going to have to wait months it seems for the other side to get their story (stories?) all together (if at all). Yet it seems that you already take the side of that which has not yet been brought into the open?
  6. Only taking certain items. Check the website to see if yours applies, else they refuse you entry.
  7. Especially when Howard is talking about “severe action against rule breakers” in the media https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/covid-rule-breakers-should-expect-severe-action-says-chief-minister/ but ‘misunderstandings’ by people connected to the government? Why...people have told him that there shouldn’t be investigations or charges brought. This whole swimming saga has handed Howard a convenient smokescreen to put time inbetween any uproar over the SP directive fiasco.
  8. Beware low flying bridges... with so many drivers not at work, they’ve probably got newbies driving who won’t be used to the routes!
  9. Those figures were from ‘just’ last week according to the news reports I read.
  10. Seven are positive cases according to the latest news, and a further 42 are having to isolate. Sounds pretty likely that there is either a lack of safety protocol, or else the protocol hasn’t been adhered to in the correct manner? All a simple misunderstanding though by all concerned, nothing to see here. Lessons learnt and all that.
  11. Because we’re the international gold standard for bus procurement and testing? Long buses, short buses, mini buses, bendy buses, single deckers, double deckers...if there’s a new version out, put us down for at least 25 (per year).
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