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  1. More like the butt of jokes at a time of stress and concern, rather than the focus of attention. You’ll be forgotten again in no time when you fall asleep again.
  2. He’s just at the head of the queue to be fair.
  3. No, but you can be ‘blamed’ for not having the capacity to think independently from the government and their press releases. As others have stated, that is incorrect. The news was known yesterday.
  4. The positive results were obvious given to the ‘recipients’ yesterday, hence the woman saying her son was a positive case via the news medium of Facebook which was and is well reported, here and elsewhere. Look forward to next time....when you’ll be clutching at straws again.
  5. We wouldn’t need to give him that extra time (and therefore, potentially, also giving that extra time for the virus to spread through the community) if a certain on island genomics testing lab was being utilised. Especially given that the government knew about the unexplained cases yesterday. What are you views on using the IOM based lab these days, out of interest?
  6. I took a boat trip to the call last year and we stopped three times on the way back in order to fish deflated balloons out of the water. The amount worldwide must be immense, not just in the oceans, but tangled in trees etc too. Each and every one harmful to wildlife and the eco system.
  7. My point was that the population have hardly ‘adapted’ to the Corona situation. A significant proportion have actively taken no notice whatsoever and rebelled against the laws brought in to safeguard people, thereby prolonging or exacerbating their own restrictions. Hardly ‘adapted’. Plus those 70,000 were also simply the only ones that got caught and fined.
  8. And I would say that had those 70,000 people ‘adapted’ even better and followed the rules then they would have been out of the mess a lot quicker instead of having to rely on waiting for a vaccine. As the IOM did with their lockdown. Your ‘adapting’ seems to mean the same as self centred ignorance and doing whatever you want with no thought of consequences for others.
  9. Yep, seems the UK population has adapted brilliantly... https://news.sky.com/story/covid-19-almost-70-000-fines-handed-out-for-coronavirus-lockdown-breaches-12228548
  10. I don’t think there’s a lot, no. Admittedly, there’s some, yes. But that’s to be expected when people are unsure of things, and their government who are supposed to be in charge, know what they’re doing, and setting an example, are putting out statements which include ‘the Covid zone’ like it’s something off the Horror Channel. It’s irresponsible.
  11. Do you not think that maybe it’s the other way around in that ‘these sorts of people’ are acting and saying the things they do purely and simply as a consequence of their government’s statements etc? I find it difficult to believe the government ‘pander’ to anything and anyone unless it brings them money. By using emotive and unscientific language like your ‘Covid zone’ example, the elderly and vulnerable are very likely to be disturbed and panicked.
  12. Argh. It’s that time of night. It’s woken up. yes, rules, legislation and regulations need scrutiny to try and prevent yet further examples of our islands population being infected by covid. It will undoubtedly happen, but it’s best that we at least try and keep it out as much as we can, no? If government departments or state owned companies don’t know what they’re doing or supposed to be doing, and the government themselves haven’t a clue what’s happening, as seems to be the case, then scrutiny is required and potentially an overhaul to make things better.
  13. Nah...you’re a troll and only here to try and wind people up. YOU can’t let it go. I’m not going to bother trying to explain yet again. Go and play by yourself in the corner whilst the rest of us debate the matter properly without playing your little games.
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