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  1. Firemen getting woken up by the sound of sirens at night time?
  2. It’s not bullying- I said literally the same thing weeks ago. If Dilligaf can’t listen to alternative points of view on a public forum, and flounces in sensitive strops every time he hears something he doesn’t like, he should maybe think about his blood pressure and not come on.
  3. So there’s actually no offence, AND the police doctor said he was fit to drive....but the cops still charged him to court? It’s either amateur hour at the station that day, stupidity, or else purposeful abuse of power. Or a combination. Should be getting a hefty payout for undue stress.
  4. Not if the same conditions within the force continue to exist, with the same inept leadership content to slap each others back and safeguard their large pension pots at the detriment of individual and Constabulary wellbeing. I think people are wising up to what a shower of self promoting and self preserving group lie at the heart of the force.
  5. Not to mention the deliberate reduction of the previously required pass rates to gain entry, in order to fill the required headcount. Whereas in previous years, the Police literally had hundreds of applicants to choose from, these days given the relatively poor state of the Force in general, lack of competent leadership, and obvious internal welfare/morale issues, they only get a mere handful to fill the spaces. Therefore new recruits get younger and younger, with less necessary life experience.
  6. Ah. Retired cop then. Hardly ‘way off’.
  7. Not sure you should take comments so personally though?
  8. There was no offence meant to you, so I apologise if you took it that way. Forest boy always tries to throw a spanner in the works, and is very defensive to any allegations (which always get proven correct) so it’s pretty obvious he’s employed in the DHA. My bad for perhaps phrasing it badly in replying to you.
  9. You don’t say. Good grasp, yes, and also a reason to hide the truth when it hurts.
  10. Hearsay to you maybe, but then it’s not yourself that needs to be looking at the actual evidence now, is it? The evidence was/is in the hands of the police, and that was how it happened. I’m sure you have your reasons for doubting the truth....or rather, appearing to doubt it.
  11. It’s pretty well know that a serving officer who, rightly or wrongly, was arrested under a drugs offence in the last year or so. Completely denied the offence (which, so the story goes, they were probably justified in doing), but got offered a caution in order to prevent the ‘serving officer/drugs’ story appearing in the media. There have been more examples too....but I’m sure you already know that.
  12. Yawn. You keep asking this of me. Every time. And every time I’m proved right.
  13. This. For an offender to be offered/given a caution, he/she must first admit the offence. However, it’s well known that Police administer cautions without this process occurring, for example to keep ‘offenders’ who might be of public interest, or those whom might be embarrassing to the Police themselves, out of the public eye.
  14. Negotiating? Government = “we’ll give you a pay rise as agreed by the UK”. manx teachers = “Nope, we want even more”. “pushed around by the government”?! LOLOLOL.....
  15. http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=57252&headline=Man broke quarantine and went to the pub&sectionIs=NEWS&searchyear=2020 name and circumstances published now.
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