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  1. Seems pretty straight forward to me. Your Comment was idiotic and merely attempting to put our police down by thinking they had nothing to do compared to New York (great comparison).
  2. I’m saying they have specialist departments which they can call on. Even in the UK, they have ‘burglary’ teams, interview teams, teams for file writing, arrest teams, etc etc. Which is what they do in the US also. Here, our beat bobbies do everything themselves. There might not be the crime per se, but from what I know, their time is usually taken up with doing everything else also.
  3. Idiot. It’s not the Bronx, no, so they won’t have to deal with daily shootings. But then I’m guessing the Bronx cops don’t deal with numerous RTCs every day, often involving derestricted speed. I’m also guessing they have a somewhat larger budget and numerous departments so that the average street cop doesn’t deal with missing people, vulnerable people, visit schools, do community work, deal with victims following incidents, on top of their ‘criminal’ workload every day of the week, like the Manx boys and girls do. They’re a small force here, so unlike the UK (and dare I say it, New York), the cops have to have knowledge and training and deal with all incidents, rather than have specific things usually allocated to departments.
  4. Flybe saved after the government has stepped in to help. Phew!
  5. Lol...yeah, hadn’t thought of that! Guess that’s basically a day off, like you say!
  6. Mate I spoke to who’s doing it has said it’s 2 days + 2 nights on, 3 off, repeat again, then 2 days + 3 nights on, 4 off. No one is getting 5 days off unless it’s leave or an extra day off is put on due to overtime etc.
  7. The best. Bloody love Kinda eggs.
  8. Middle one sounds like a quality party trick....
  9. Have spoken to my mate who says there is no overtime payments as they’re not working ‘overtime’ each day, but as you point out, due to them working more hours than they’re contracted to in the shift pattern, they get two extra randomly allocated days off every seven or eight weeks or something like that, so it comes ‘good’ with regards their contracted hours.
  10. It would appear that the ‘top heaviness’ is now literally at ALL levels above the PC grade these days- apparently EVERY ‘team’ in Douglas has THREE Sergeants on it- the patrol Sgt, deputy Sgt and admin Sgt. How did people ever survive in the past? They must have more Sgts than PCs at times! Lol! I wonder what ‘problems’ caused this particular influx of supervisors at taxpayers expense.
  11. No deputy per say, but twice as many Superintendents and Chief Inspectors as there used to be. Therefore costing a hell of a lot more money both in terms of salary and pension, increasing the top heavy management of the force, and adding to the limited head count of the Constabulary when they are crying out every year for more PCs. Plus, as Derek also said, Roberts actually appointed a Deputy for a year (to bump up his final salary pension, obviously). Crime has increased during the last few years. Roberts has meekly gone along with the head count and funding from Tynwald without any public show of disatisfaction- presumably he doesn’t want to ruffle feathers before his own imminent retirement. Multiple staff have left through ill health or quit. At least four have been, or are, under criminal investigations in the last year or so. I’d say it’s been a disaster to be honest. Of course we need a decent man/woman at the top, but they cannot be tainted by having been involved in this current debacle- hence they need to look across for the next one imo.
  12. Maybe it’s just all the detectives etc that come out of the offices for TT that get the overtime then? Mate said they used to get thousands extra that month!
  13. Undoubtedly. But they’ve been getting paid overtime for working that long in the past, havent they? And now they get nothing. I wouldn’t want to work 12 hours, especially for five days and nights, but if I had to, I’d want the overtime payment. Did you vote for this duty pattern @thommo2010?
  14. Especially after four or five on the trot- hope I don’t need their assistance at that time, and get some zombied cop staggering to my front door...! Lol!
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