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  1. Which bit is embarrassing? The bit about reporting (that WAS done), arresting six people (obviously deemed as necessary at the time, due to whatever circumstances) or SFA to do with it (could’ve been associates of the deceased etc, but given they’ve all been released with no further action to be taken, I’d presume it’s true that they had nothing to do with the tragic incident). say for examples sake they were all drinking in a room with the deceased (I haven’t a clue whether this actually WAS the case). Fella tragically falls out, drunk. People see him fall/see him on the pavement and call cops. Cops see where he’s fallen from, or else associates happen to stumble down to see if he’s alright. Being drunk, incoherent etc, do you think it would be correct for the cops to let them all sober up and tell them all to come by the police station at a later time of their choosing to ask what happened, or do you think it might’ve been erring on the correct side of necessity and proportionality that they were detained there and then, “just in case” it WAS a murder, and vital evidence might have been lost if they hadn’t? What would you have done in that situation? I’m guessing the former, because simply from looking at the body on the floor, you’d have known straight off that it wasn’t foul play, right, Sherlock?
  2. manxst

    Drink Driving

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-isle-of-man-40105687 A copper got 6 years also?
  3. I think that Police dogs do that, no?
  4. Why do people in the UK have to travel anywhere by plane, and which countries do they go to?
  5. 3fm said it was an RTC. I presume this wasn’t released by the police else other stations would have also publicised it. They’ve simply made the story up.
  6. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Statism not quite understanding your quote? How is this the biggest ‘religion’ worldwide?
  7. Dunno. But this article says they’re pretty wealthy too.... https://nationalpost.com/news/wealth-of-roman-catholic-church-impossible-to-calculate
  8. Seems kinda wealthy to me? (At least according to wiki...)
  9. Nope? Please enlighten me?
  10. Think that maybe used to be the case, but the fire brigade actually moved pensions a few years back, with the result being the payoffs weren’t as good? Might be mistaken though?
  11. Or pigs. Cos that’s well cool, innit, and might get me into Chardonnays knickers down the Bretney.
  12. It’s disgusting and shameful, and I wonder why proper journalistic investigations aren’t carried out into it. It’s obviously all about who you know, and whose genitalia you’re going to bend over for. The senior management of the police are a joke, and it’s a sorry thing to say, but the sooner a non Manx individual becomes chief again, the better. It’s by far the worst department in government for looking after their own, and promoting cretins whose sole objective is themselves, rather than people who want the best for the Island. Thanks again, Derek- your insight is very illuminating.
  13. manxst


    Didn’t see those. Who knows then? Maybe it’s some European club?
  14. Errrrm...no, I took it over (did I?! LOL!) by saying the blokes a prick who has threatened to burn down a woman’s house with a child inside. I apologise if he’s your mate. My error.
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