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  1. There are plenty of swims across to the calf when the tide is favourable- some organised, some not. Plus, we have a lack of great whites in local waters, unlike Alcatraz. Basking sharks might not be much of a deterrent from entering the water
  2. Unable to comment and give specifics when I am aware that legal proceedings against the Dept are currently underway. Are you not believing or trusting in what I say?
  3. That’s merely one example of them riding roughshod over legislation to suit themselves. There are plenty more.
  4. Or maybe just a case for them to answer. Along with quite a few others. At some point, the way they treat people, someone is going to have enough and hurt themselves through not being able to take any more personally directed illegal activity. We’ll see how big the fine will be then...
  5. Because, as I’m sure happens with other departments also, the senior figures (including legal staff) believe that they can save pennies for the government, and in doing so, make themselves out to be heroes and so further line their own pockets. They suffer no personal or professional consequences for their negligent or illegal actions, despite causing untold misery and suffering for those people that they wilfully try and damage, by ignoring or trampling over legislation, regulations, case law precedent, legal and medical advice in some cases- all simply because there is nothing other than a slap in the wrist that occurs when individuals correctly challenge them. The rewards when their behaviour and actions go unchallenged are well worth it. The safety in numbers/herd mentality reigns supreme in the Government vs. an individual. Still, as I’ve said before, this won’t be the first or last time this particular department will be found guilty of breaking the law. I just hope one day their moral compass gets fixed, and a bit of care, integrity, respect and professionalism comes back into play, instead of forever chasing the pennies.
  6. Apologies for the misunderstanding- by ‘care home’, I meant looking after vulnerable young people, not aged. There are multiple Looked After Children staff who travel each week across to the Island and get paid a shedload more than the local staff who live and work here.
  7. Quite a few professions do. Care home staff being another- a lot reside across in Liverpool and come over ‘on shift’ for a week (for extortionate salary/shift allowance etc, obviously...)
  8. Only the first in a long line of issues regarding the DHA and their wilful mismanagement of either data or specific legislation regarding individuals and their rights/entitlements. Watch this space....
  9. As well as no ‘outside’ scrutinisation, the major other failing is lack of independent investigations into any complaints. Want to complain about a senior officer? No problem- the Police will just appoint the fella or woman from the office next door up at Police HQ to look into your allegation. Probably over a cuppa and biscuits and a chat and joke about what you’re alleging, whilst they concoct an appropriate story or alibi. This was of course raised a few years ago now, and recommendations made by some report. But obviously ignored. It’s far better to keep everything ‘in house’ you see- that way all officers are just great and all complaints are superfluous and unfounded.
  10. Happening where? What are you talking about? I think the only coppers here are Derek who is obviously retired, and yourself.
  11. Maybe you need to get back to Tweetbeat and get some useful info out instead of residing on here and rimming the bosses during your shift ‘Scotty’.
  12. Not to mention that it sounds like he was actually one of the few good managers there- if he is able to put his ideas, experience and thoughts into influencing or trying to make the present force better, then why not have his say? Perhaps the negativity about the force is truthful, and hurts a little to those who are currently close to it. What a shame. Derek may not have got everything right during his time with the Force, as I seem to recall him stating himself on here, but at least his heart was always in the right place, and was also trying to be progressive for the Island and it’s people also- as opposed to the current mob sat around the high table, who are seemingly only working for themselves and their pension pots.
  13. Selective communication. They’ve put out several messages about the speed limit, a message about the regeneration of Peel town centre (not quite sure what this has to do with the Police?), a lost dog, etc etc. They also put out a message about the incident at the Nunnery, stating more Info would be released later...but later they just deleted the original message. they really need someone competent in a full time role doing this kind of thing, as opposed to multiple people (I presume), all having individual styles / intelligence / education / experience / knowledge....
  14. In the other thread. Derek confirms it. And yet it hasn’t been mentioned in the press, hence ‘cover up’.
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