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  1. Have we? I don’t believe you in this regard, sorry. Without additional evidence, there is zero chance of a conviction for dealing, but still 100% for possession, as this case proves.
  2. He was cleared of dealing, but convicted on an alternative possession charge. Presumably simply because there was no evidence for ‘dealing’ despite the quantity of drugs found. No evidence means no conviction can be given- not that the jury is possibly sympathetic towards legal drug usage.
  3. http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=49725&headline=Man with 477g of cannabis was 'on cusp' of custody&sectionIs=news&searchyear=2019 https://www.energyfm.net/cms/news_story_430508.html quick google results in these. I’d hazard a guess that there have been plenty more criminal incidents, as alluded to in the first article. I’d also hazard a guess that the ‘medical emergency’ was probably somewhat fanciful. driving without insurance for whatever ‘reason’ is a serious offence- costing the taxpayer millions each year via increased insurance costs for decent people and payouts.
  4. manxst

    Treasure trove.

    Found a competent manager within an IOM Govt department? I know of a few Viking artifacts being discovered this last year- swords etc but don’t know what this case specifically relates to.
  5. manxst

    Nurses' Pay.

    According to a mate in the cops, he reckons he’ll come out after 30 or 35 years service (whichever he’s in?) with about 140k if he stays as a PC for the duration. Can’t see the prison staff on dissimilar amounts. Maybe back in the day on previous pension schemes?
  6. Doesn’t say that she was actually inside the house either. Presumably, she was stood in the street, gobbing off.
  7. Quite right too, for when the Ballasalla Bloods kick off against the Castletown Crips. You won’t be mocking then.
  8. Don’t UK forces each decide their own uniform, and as such, none are identical anyway? What’s the ‘Garda style route’? Armed policing?! Lol!
  9. Starts in the home, even before school age, when certain parents have neither the ability or inclination to instil morals in their little cherubs.
  10. manxst

    Falling trees

    As per a post above, it’s the responsibility of the landowner, not the government. The landowner is the one whom you’d have to take civil action against if a tree damaged your property, same as if slates etc blew off a roof. If the DOI chain saw gangs get involved prior to trees actually falling (which I think they do already?) I’d hazard a guess that they have to consult the landowner beforehand to get permission?
  11. I’ve moved from Peel (where I had fibre internet) to Douglas, expecting similar levels of service in our fine capital and major ‘hub’, to be told basically nowhere in Douglas has fibre yet? Pretty disappointing, and when I enquired about it in the MT shop, was just given blank faces with regards to upgrade timescales.
  12. Don’t personally think so. Just that the users are easier to spot and catch. There are various suppliers and dealers currently incarcerated in Jurby.
  13. You not know anyone who works down Athol Street then...?
  14. Don’t really see the need myself to tweet about this sort of thing unless it’s impacting on members of the public who may be a little perturbed to be seeing armed police on the Island. In the middle of nowhere as this incident seems to be, I don’t get the point, unless it’s the cops shouting about their capabilities for some reason? BUT I still feel that someone reporting themselves to be nearly hit by bullets is somewhat different from the examples of ‘nearly’ being involved in an RTC etc, although I appreciate it may well have been a little tongue in cheek....
  15. So everyone agrees that the caller was at fault here rather than the police response? As others have said, I don’t really see what else they could’ve done in the circumstances, given the ‘snowflake’ was probably screaming over the phone that he’d (she’d?) been ‘shot at’.
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