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  1. Thanks for the replies! Doesn't help that I'm not on Spacebook, forums are about the thin air limit for me when it comes to all things PC related. Cheers
  2. In an effort to flog my trusty Ford Puma I was looking to place an advert on Manxads but something seems very amiss. Google appears to bring up a site with the same name but with a completely different look. Far enough, all sites evolve, but they clearly state that today - and apparently as of this evening - it's "ground zero" and all previous users must re-register. Ok, so it's free to place an ad so there's no issue of money but a pain if you're a regular user. Have I found a fake M.A? What raises my suspicions most though are the odd and possibly dodgy ads that appeared on the old site in the past few weeks. Premium, usually German cars at well below market prices and with a contact name of Sam Samuels for example and clearly UK cars at that. Ok, so it's not a £120 million govt. fraud but I'd appreciate other M.F. users view on this! Oh, if anyone wants a smalll, fun, reliable hatchback the car is also on Manxnet classifieds..
  3. Malarkey for Chief Minithter? (bugger, SD beat me to it!)
  4. There are websites for that sort of thing apparently. Working ones, unlike Manx Radio.. Why am I still listening to this...?
  5. It's a bit like watching banger racing: more exciting (well, a bit) than it as any right to be, plenty of aggro and a bloody big mess left behind at the end for others to clear up. And at the end of the day little in the world has changed.
  6. I may be a lone voice in the wind but I'd be sad to see Leonard Singer turfed out if only because he was a considerable help to a close family member on more than one occasion, railing against health service officaldom. On the other hand I'll happily crack open my 21 year old Islay malt if Cregeen gets the boot if only for his antics re the post office. Twunt. Maybe he can skip hand in hand into the sunset with the owner of Mannin Retail..
  7. Indeed, a man so old fashioned he could be Amish. All he'd need is funny facial hair. Oh, hang on...
  8. Spartacus


    The DOI rebuilt Peel Road, it floods. They rebuilt the roundabout past B&Q, it now floods, fine style. They rebuilt Brandish corner and the water runs straight across it (nice black ice risk there). They resurfaced the Creg back road and undertook drainage work - it floods worse than ever. FFS the Romans mastered drainage a couple of thousand years ago, I guess our roads chiefs have yet to catch up. Yes, the rainfall has been exceptional but someone at the top needs to go back to college. It's not a question of money, just a question of correct design. Meanwhile commiserations to those affected by the floods. A colleague in work's son had to be rescued from his car by the old Clucas site, not nice. And as for that bus!
  9. Great news. Now I can make like NWA and get "Straight Outta Onchan.."
  10. Yup goodwill to all from Spartacus Except Mr Longworth - feel free to step out the exact length of Ramsey Pier. Blindfolded. And whoever's fault it is that I'll have a four and a half mile return walk next Thursday and Friday. In December. That'll do my chilblains the world of good... Let's hope to (insert chosen prophet here) that 2013 is better. Providing the Mayans were wrong
  11. Unless I've missed it, no mentions for The Who? One band I'd love to have seen - but only with Moon the Loon in action! Black Sabbath for single-handedly creating "heavy metal" and The Yardbirds for sparking my interest in music aged 9 or 10. And Porn Monkey..
  12. My Jack Russell jumping onto my lap specifically to give off farts that would bring tears to a glass eye.
  13. Damn this delay business! This means that, including the 15 minutes it takes every passenger to thread single file down the only exit, I will now have 20 minutes or so to get to Slime Street to get me train. So if you're trying to get a taxi from the Pierhead on Wednesday morning and a short bloke with a large case barges past you uttering Celtic oaths, that'll probably be me. Failing that I'll need John McGuinness and a couple of bungees..
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