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  1. Today says what happens is. In as much we are at one with ourselves.. today Tommorow may be different or the same But it will be a reconsider of our position And newness will evolve every day And so we evolve.
  2. I'm going to open a new forum soon HTML permitting I would like yuo to be a moderator please.?
  3. Not to worry Stav it'll all come out in the wash!
  4. No! I think the person you are referring to Is the ageing DECLAN/Richie[/color.
  5. I think I have met three of you guys in my local pub the Railway Hotel about three weeks ago today I sat next to you with my daughter who spoke to the attractive young lady who was with you who spoke with an OZ accent???
  6. Withdrawn. I have relocated to here I wish you all the best.. keep up the good work. 2d
  7. tuppence


    You have to expose your soul if you are to be true to yourself otherwise your work has no meaning. It is ok if you really feel it.
  8. tuppence


    The little death...
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