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  1. What do you mean my mum?!? Thats a picture of a sheep you blind fucker! Your mum looks good from every angle especially from behind
  2. Come down and see us. I'll save a big mouthful of spit just for you
  3. Cheers guys, will ring the traff e.t.c Were a punk band and unfortunately were not on myspace at the moment as were going into a recording studio a week today!
  4. Afternoon all, My name is adam, some of you may know me, most of you won't. I lived in the isle of man for 7 years before moving back to the UK last year and me and my current band are looking at getting over to play a couple of gigs in April. At the moment we are booked on the boat for the 17th of April with no gigs planned so it is now a matter of urgency we will be looking to gig the 17th and 18th of april in douglas. As I'm completely behind the times with the manx music scene I was wondering where is still going? Hoping to play BBB and the Traff but I don't know who is in charge or anything anymore is Earle still going? Can anyone help?
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