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  1. *sniffs and blubbs Thanku...I love Jaffa cakes I'm sorry guys, I'm just frustrated and I haven't done myself any favors today with this rambling... I really am quite upset with myself now
  2. i've just never been in such an unfriendly forum before thats all
  3. You are Whatever, change this thread into something YOU all want to talk about I'm off.... I''m sure you'll all be made up
  4. well he was being one??? TEA AND BISCUITS Its ok to have a wee rant, thats forum fun.. I mean people who just have this page long posts full of facts and blah and blah going on about what the isle of Man is becoming, and lacks and needs these topics are fun but people are taking it wasy to serious and too far,
  5. No i got it wrong...my apologie.. Your not a bigget..... your a c*nt
  6. They can, I know my spelling often leaves alot to be desired, but there is no face of concern here....you know what i'm saying... Wouldn't suprise me if there were spelling police on this!!! There up there with the frickin thought police...
  7. WOW I didn't realise just how many stuffy small minded biggets there were on this website/forum? Who continually post over other people with there 'I AM RIGHT' attitude... Am i being unfair? I am expected to be told if you don't like it, leave it! Arrr how little things change...
  8. You're joking arn't you! Bet you thought that 'Blair Witch' thing was a great film as well? That sort of horror mockumentary hadn't been seen before , it was original and the hype that films production boys falsly created, you have to hand it to them as masters of hype, almost con men! But i wouldn't say it was a good film, I wanted that beeatch with the dreary voice to keel over and die form the word go!
  9. i know were all friends here and honour other peoples opinions and love one another and sh*t but... GET OUT.... and hang your punk assed head in shame Don't get me started rambling on about how good that film is....
  10. Holy xxxx.... I watched Churchill the hollywood years last night, i was a wardrobe assistant on it... Well it could have been alot worse!!! I had to fast forward the 'rap' as soon as Christian Slater and Romany Malco backed up agianst each other and drew breath, I thought 'oh god no'..... I had to skip it! It was soooooooooooooooooooo meladramatic!
  11. lol always reminds me of the palace cinema!! Does anyoned else associate the 2? Before films they used to pipe in War of the Worlds or Enigma?? Horny latin monks! LOL
  12. I think you should STFU Kev, thats a biggeted and snobby statement, disgusting even I used to live in PSM and it is boring and full of fuddy duddies who winged about 'youths' loitering, drinking and being anti social then, What is there to do, even my mum said more went on there when she was little and that was millions of years ago... Give kids something to do.. its simple
  13. I agree the MMC website is awful, it used to be cool I used to studyat the MMc and i am back on the island after having an 'industry' job only to come back to temping in an office which pays the bills..and that is it. Film work is few and far between over here, even now i am appliying for a job in Liverpool I'll come work for ya sirdick, i think we went to college together
  14. I'm lookin forward to Charlie and the chocolate factory, there was a good preview of that the other day! Tim Burton and Johnny Depp! Should be wicked! Even if a camera dropped in the chocolate river! Also hitch hikers guide seems to be coming on a treat!
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