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  1. The old plastic bags were really handy around the house for using in bins. Now I have to buy bin bags instead
  2. Isn’t this just to give more room for the rainy days since they’ve struggled the last couple of years
  3. Also, I have been to a couple Of meetings for neighbours planning application a little while back. Some of the people around the table are quick to say if someone is talking about pointless things, so I’d expect whoever said the comments would have told the rest it was pointless if that was the case
  4. The article said the chairman “reminded commissioners to treat each other with respect, and refrain from personal comments”. surely the chairman knows the full issue and wouldn’t have let this be said If it was some throwaway comment
  5. End of life apparently. And didn’t they decide it was too small
  6. Wouldn’t say I’m a regular supermarket shopper and I find it hard for these bags for life to survive more than a few months
  7. I just get sick of money being spent on cases all the time when they go round in circles
  8. As in with this one being made public? - I agree with this as we can start to see what is actually going on. Always hear about things like this going on behind close doors which isn’t right
  9. The right way like it says about saying things at a meeting rather than outside
  10. Manx Way


    I’m completely lost if that pool is open or not. I guess people are still being paid
  11. I don’t see any suggestion that the report was about bullying but my opinion is it’s asking for disagreements to be raise the right way and not outside. I’m glad things like this are being made more public but I guess bullies or people using similar tactics will always hate that
  12. I don't like people taking my taxes for a ride when history shows they will shout and scream when things don't go their way
  13. New Politicians need to be wary of this sort of character... seems he's now been awarded the drone contract from the very department he spectacularly exited. See thread http://www.manxforums.com/forums/index.php?/topic/61130-missing-dha-spinal-column/?view=getnewpost
  14. Did he get a drone as his leaving present from DHA? Surprising seeing this considering the original article http://m.iomtoday.co.im/news/isle-of-man-news/firefighter-quits-with-a-blistering-attack-on-politicians-1-7612198
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