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  1. One of my favourite albums of all time , if not the most favourite. Went to Glasgow Concert Hall a couple of years ago to see Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel perform this album and “The Pyschomodo” back to back with full Orchestra and Choir. Absolutey amazing particularly a spine tingling“Death Trip” (and of course Sebastian). None of this Spotify listen before you buy stuff now. Shelled out £2.19 (a lot of money for a then thirteen year old) on the back of an NME review. Bargain.
  2. Nor I suspect are you a black man, although I stand to be corrected
  3. OK let’s say an organization BMLM (Black Male Lives Matter) was established as a sub set of BLM (Black Lives Matter) in the same way that BLM is a subset of ALM (All Lives Matter). How would black women feel about this (BMLM)? It is also not exclusionary in the same way that BLM is not exclusionary with ALM (unless you put the word “Only” at the start)
  4. But there will be a lot more in years to come
  5. But there will be a lot more in years to come
  6. Some 40 odd years ago I was a member of the movement “Rock against Racism”. The slogan was clear and unambiguous. You knew what it stood for. None of this BLM/ALM angst.
  7. So those people in that category earning £15,001 per year should take a drop in wages to £10,500. Yes that certainly sounds very fair and reasonable. Better still make it 40 or 50 %
  8. As Michael (Lord ) Heseltine once said. “The market has no morals”
  9. I was going to see the Idles but I was too lazy to bother getting tickets
  10. Not at all and I’m not the worlds best sailor. And I wasn’t the only one board not being sick. Come to think of it I don’t remember anyone being sick. (That’s not to say anyone wasn’t but I didn’t witness it) Now the Lady of Mann that was a different matter. Once left Liverpool at 7 pm arrived Douglas at 5 am. The vessel was awash with stomach contents
  11. Morrisey ruined it for me. Very short concert most of which seemed to be taken up with “meat is murder” Was one of my faves but given this concert and his latest utterances have turned me totally off Forgot who said “everyone grows out of their Morrisey phase except Morrisey” but v true
  12. I have been on it in the winter and not been sick
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