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  1. Well specify that you’re searching for 73 then! FFS
  2. Well those 73 can easily be found through a Google search. I’m not going to list them here. I didn’t mention any order of rank. You did. Your last three paragraphs are meaningless ( actually your second is also but I’ll let it stand)
  3. OK cancel all geography, history , maths and English lessons while you devote an hours lesson to exploring each of these seventy three gender options. I’m sure most parents would support that. If they haven’t the vocabulary to articulate their differences are you sure that they are mature enough to believe they have them?
  4. Well yes all that seems well and good. But taking it point by point Education about relationships- what does that mean? Education about sex - do you mean how do do it? People have been doing it for millennia without an instruction manual Education about sex, gender and sexual identity - Yes educating them that there are people who want to be in same sex relationships ( but they probably know this that age) But not all this stuff about having 73 genders etc. Not appropriate when you are starting puberty. You’ve got enough to cope with at that age Education about respect, consent and condoms , yes all good. On a personal level there was none of all this when I was a child/teenager. We cut up frogs at school as part of sexual biology. Not brilliant I will admit but I went on to have perfectly satisfactory loving ( and physical) relationships. I do think we are in danger of screwing our children up with all emphasis on gender, sex etc. They can sort it out for themselves, and they do
  5. When you say toilet sinks do you mean sinks that are in the wc facilities ? You say no one would use them (the taps there) to refill their bottles. Well I have and I am still alive.
  6. But there is no one on this thread (childless or not, we don’t know) that has said anything that would lead one to think they want to sexualise children. To be honest I think you’ve lost the plot.
  7. Well you call her a hate preacher but she does raise some interesting points
  8. Back on track with the topic. As our friend Brexit Barney would say “ food for thought” As maddening as transgender ideology can be on this side of the pond, the USA stands as a reminder that things could be so much worse. Minnesota’s Democratic Lieutenant Governor has given full-throated support for an executive order aimed at protecting access to “gender affirming care” such as sex changes and puberty blockers. “When our children tell us who they are”, she said, “it is our job as grown-ups to listen and to believe them. That’s what it means to be a good parent”. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The most important job a parent can have is to protect their child from making adult decisions, particularly when the evidence about the irreversible harms of puberty blockers is abundant. Elon Musk took particular issue, arguing that there was no way we should allow “severe, irreversible surgery or sterilizing drugs that they may regret until at least age 18”. Flanagan gave her speech wearing a t-shirt adorned with the slogan “Protect Trans Kids” and a large image of a knife. As bad as things are in Britain, I cannot imagine a politician, even one that fully advocates for total self-identification laws, getting on stage wearing that shirt, and insisting that children can make their own choices about undergoing genital surgery, let alone implying that disagreement makes someone an unsuitable parent. What terrifies me is that insanity has a way of spreading, and US transgender ideology undoubtedly influences Britain’s dialogue. When reasonable people ask me how left-wing feminists have come to be labelled “fascists”, “bigots” and “hate-preachers”, I tell them to look to Washington, where transgender extremists can’t seem to tell the difference between Donald Trump imposing a ban on trans people serving in the military, and feminists concerned about the loss of single sex spaces such as domestic violence refuges, changing rooms and hospital wards. The Left-liberal press has led the way on this double-speak and hypocrisy. Legislators in Kentucky have passed a bill that prevents children from being prescribed hormones or being signed off as suitable for surgery. It also gives teachers the option of choosing to not use new pronouns for trans-identified students or to call them by their new name, and bars schools from discussing gender identity with students. Trans rights lobby groups have called it an end to “gender-affirming care” and claim it puts children in harm's way. Really? Now events in Minnesota are taking a deeply sinister new turn. The Executive Order contained provisions forbidding state agencies from recognising judgements from other states restricting parental rights for seeking “gender affirming health care services” for children. Where exactly will this end up? If the state decrees that that allowing children access to surgery and irreversible hormones is “life-saving healthcare”, what will happen to those parents that oppose their child’s demands to medically transition? The logical next step would be removal of the child from their parents. These zealots must be stopped in their tracks before more children’s lives are ruined.
  9. Well I’m not. Merely trying to give you some advice. I think you should take it.
  10. Have you not got anything better to do than waste your time pouring obscenities on here? Its all been done before. Nobody is interested. I suspect it is well past your bedtime.
  11. I’m not sure that’s inevitable. As a father of two onetime teenage boys,they inevitably came home drunk but never reeking of weed. I appreciate that is not evidence that they never partook but I have no evidence that they ever did. Anyway you say your selling drugs was more a “not for profit” activity and just to fund your own use. But the question as to why you stopped doing it remains unanswered. I’m just curious.
  12. Oh sorry, but in an earlier post you said you had sold “loads of drugs”. Some might say that is what a drug dealer does. Anyway my genuine question is, what made you stop?
  13. Grayson Perry I have time for. That Rau Paul I don’t
  14. Largely agree with you. But at what age do you stop being a “kid”. I’m afraid though the genie is out of the bottle and it’s not going back in
  15. Can Ijust ask. Quite seriously, why you stopped being a drug dealer. Was it impending fatherhood? Fear of getting caught or something else?
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