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  1. I’m not addicted to my phone. Why would you be?
  2. Perhaps this naming of an adult (being eighteen) committing a crime (I am talking about the theft of fake tan) may act as a deterrent to others considering criminal acts, however minor. This would be a good thing. It is news and newspapers should report it. There are safeguards regarding the non naming of younger law breakers (“cannot be named for legal reasons”) Publishing adult law breakers names may not be the obstacle for them to a successful future that some suggest ( MHK anyone?) In any case most employers would ask you to declare any unspent convictions before considering you
  3. There was Appetites on Prospect Hill which under new ownership at turned into a sort of southern fried chicken/kebab shop at night . Shortly after it changed hands I went to get a lunchtime sandwich which at that time were assembled by hand and I asked for some salad to go on it as you did then. The salad was hidden behind the counter and it felt very much like purchasing cigarettes from a locked cupboard in a supermarket or a pornographic magazine from a newsagent, like some illicit transaction. I don’t know if this arrangement is the case still. It was a while ago.
  4. Please see my reply to Helix I think that covers it
  5. Correct , cyclists shouldn’t pay vehicle excise duty as they are not using a motorized vehicle on the road. But they are using the roads ( new roads, road improvements , road signage etc don’t grow on trees) so they should make some contribution ( call it whatever you like) Re horses, kids on scooters etc it would not be economic to collect their share for the little use they make of the road. But you can’t drive a couple of miles these days without encountering at least a lone cyclist, usually more. It is fair and right that the user should pay.
  6. It’s quite simple. ‘ Road tax’, Vehicle Excise Duty, call it what you will, is a tax (yes a tax) that motorists must pay in order that they can use the roads. Bizzarely other road users, most notably cyclists, are free to use the roads without having to pay any such tax. (It should be noted that some cyclists claim that as they also have a car for which they pay this tax their bicycle should somehow be exempt. However someone owning two cars cannot claim exemption from tax on car 2 on the basis that they have paid the tax for car 1)
  7. No need for head above parapet mode. Most right thinking people would agree with you on this
  8. One of my favourite albums of all time , if not the most favourite. Went to Glasgow Concert Hall a couple of years ago to see Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel perform this album and “The Pyschomodo” back to back with full Orchestra and Choir. Absolutey amazing particularly a spine tingling“Death Trip” (and of course Sebastian). None of this Spotify listen before you buy stuff now. Shelled out £2.19 (a lot of money for a then thirteen year old) on the back of an NME review. Bargain.
  9. Nor I suspect are you a black man, although I stand to be corrected
  10. OK let’s say an organization BMLM (Black Male Lives Matter) was established as a sub set of BLM (Black Lives Matter) in the same way that BLM is a subset of ALM (All Lives Matter). How would black women feel about this (BMLM)? It is also not exclusionary in the same way that BLM is not exclusionary with ALM (unless you put the word “Only” at the start)
  11. But there will be a lot more in years to come
  12. But there will be a lot more in years to come
  13. Some 40 odd years ago I was a member of the movement “Rock against Racism”. The slogan was clear and unambiguous. You knew what it stood for. None of this BLM/ALM angst.
  14. So those people in that category earning £15,001 per year should take a drop in wages to £10,500. Yes that certainly sounds very fair and reasonable. Better still make it 40 or 50 %
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