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  1. I was going to see the Idles but I was too lazy to bother getting tickets
  2. Not at all and I’m not the worlds best sailor. And I wasn’t the only one board not being sick. Come to think of it I don’t remember anyone being sick. (That’s not to say anyone wasn’t but I didn’t witness it) Now the Lady of Mann that was a different matter. Once left Liverpool at 7 pm arrived Douglas at 5 am. The vessel was awash with stomach contents
  3. Morrisey ruined it for me. Very short concert most of which seemed to be taken up with “meat is murder” Was one of my faves but given this concert and his latest utterances have turned me totally off Forgot who said “everyone grows out of their Morrisey phase except Morrisey” but v true
  4. I have been on it in the winter and not been sick
  5. Maybe not just un PC but insulting to those who had to deal with the consequences of the raid on the “Fairy Cottage “ (ha ha v funny). You are indeed what you are.
  6. And all these mountain climbers etc who go into schools and give motivational talks knowing that their pursuit is a dangerous one. Not forgetting those T V ads encouraging young people to join the army showing how they will become much better people if they do without mentioning the risks.
  7. Thanks Roger for clearing that up. I will be using my GOv card at least once a year so it should not expire 15 months after purchase. That will teach me not to take everything posted on MF as gospel. Still I should have known that already!
  8. I’m not sure about all the above but to answer the OP yes I think such devices should be banned. If you can’t control or train your dog without inflicting physical pain on them you are not really a fit person to own a dog.
  9. On line. Just Google them. They come across a bit chummy but the wines are good
  10. I understand that B & O on the island have had rather a lot of problems delivering their acclaimed service levels over the last couple of years (maybe longer). And no this is not from the man in the pub.
  11. Maybe but that doesn’t make it acceptable though. My journeys that I have yet to make for which I have paid may be stolen from me. For what? An accounting convenience for Isle of Man Transport? Just because other organizations indulge in dubious business practices (eg MT not reducing your monthly payment once your phone has been paid off) should not be a license for all to do. Two wrongs don’t make a right.
  12. I didn’t know about the 15 month expiration date on the Go card Although an infrequent bus user I find it useful to have one in my wallet for the odd time I use the bus. Im sure this was not brought to my attention when I purchased my card and I have a number of journeys left which I imagine will be lost upon expiration which I think must be approaching. Is there a facility to “cash in” my card? . I could then rebuy my journeys with a new starting date. It doesn’t seem right, albeit that it may be in the T & C’s, that they can just take away something you have paid for. It is stealing.
  13. How can it be other than a vindictive motive proven by the speed at which the jury. came to their decision? What is sad about all this is that people (myself included) would hesitate before coming to the aid of a distressed child in case their motives were misinterpreted. What sort of a society have we become?
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