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  1. Since when did being understanding and helpful become a subject for derision?
  2. Nobody on here has considered a scenario where Dr G is not correct in her claims as presented and lost and the consequences thereof. Silly me. That would never happen . Would it?
  3. Never thought of that. Thanks for the tip.
  4. You can stop listening to it from now. I’m sure they’ll miss you
  5. Yes let’s pretend someone at best can’t pronounce words properly, or at worst has a speech impediment and make fun of it. Hilarious.
  6. I think there is a degree of sarcasm in your posts. I am sure that they do undertake their work very seriously ( I know I do in my job and have been accused of being a workaholic) Re plebs. Is that not the term Andrew Mitchell MP ( scourge of the Isle of Man) used about the policeman who tried to stop him cycling through an entrance to or from the House of Commons which he should not have done? Not sure it is a term that should be used lightly, if at all
  7. The blatantly obvious is still good news. It would have been obviated if events had been different after Tuesday. Re the unfortunate deaths and the manner of announcement thereof they are unrelated to the lifting of restrictions. Not sure why you feel the need to mention them. But please let’s not go into that out of respect.
  8. For goodness sake. We have had some very good news today and all people on here can do is bitch about it and try to make themselves seem smarter than they really are. I,for one,am happy that from Monday we can go back to normality. Sorry if that takes away the opportunity to moan, grumble and generally be miserable. I am going to enjoy my freedom again. You do what you want.
  9. Glass completely empty with a big crack in it and lipstick round the edges
  10. I think a lot of people are hoping they can in the not to distant future. C S or not.
  11. Don’t get it I’m afraid. You’re going to have to spell it out.
  12. I think I’m a modern person( whatever that is). Anything longer than a day trip I take a suitcase to go in the hold. I like to be hygienic. You can’t take toiletries in cabin luggage, well not a practical amount. How do you go on for a fortnights holiday?
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