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  1. Genuine answer . Read the post about providing accommodation to paying quests unless you are registered…..etc etc. As for enforcement well probably difficult unless someone snitches on you. Same with a lot of things, having illegal drugs in your house and so on.
  2. And that is why my RAC cover taken out for proper purposes costs me so much. Thanks
  3. Last time I went in there had the sea bass and sautéed potatoes. It was very nice. But I was a few years ago mind
  4. No I think it would be silly. Would they arrest everyone organizing self defense classes. ” Possessing knowledge useful in an act of assault “ Why have I even answered this, Roxanne?
  5. I suppose they are not going to do that.
  6. Or at least be able to use it as a credit against anything you buy there. From which the supplier can reclaim from the organisers
  7. In which case, and I don’t want to sound hard hearted, from the circumstances you have described it seems these businesses you allude to are not viable. The business owners would be best calling it a day before getting themselves into more debt, and hopefully their employees will find alternative employment paying more than the minimum wage, given the job market at the moment.
  8. Well, the penny (or rather the groszy) appears to be dropping in Poland
  9. Ginger Hall public house possibly? As for the rest of it who knows (or perhaps even cares)
  10. I’m not sure you understand. The Brexit vote was much more on a point of political principle (remember the slogan “ take back control “) than an economic one. An unwillingness to be subsumed into a giant European Super State with “ever closer union” and having to obey laws made in Brussels or Strasbourg Notwithstanding that there will undoubtedly be economic benefits to the UK of ploughing it’s own furrow. For example they will be able to exploit the possibilities afforded by GM foods which they could not do whilst in the EU Sorry but I can’t quantify such benefits at this time.
  11. I was hoping for a more serious answer. It’s a serious question If you wanted to, as a novice how would you make your first purchase.? You can go to the pub and buy a pint, go to the supermarket and buy some cigarettes. But in the illegal drug world how do you enter the market?
  12. You seem to have made your mind up even before the thing has started.
  13. I have raised this before. Not being a cannabis user but maybe curious enough to give it a go, where would I go to get some? Everyone says the Island is awash with the stuff ( and more “dangerous “ )drugs Other than putting a “wanted” post on Facebook where would you go?
  14. Well that’s not actually true is it? As the “engineer of Brexit” Mr Farage has delivered a benefit to the whole people of the UK not just himself. Not an inconsiderable achievement I would suggest. As regards those jolly japesters who are laughing into their handkerchiefs whilst wetting their pants because they caused him to say “Gerard” and “Brighton” in a pretend greeting, it’s their £70 or so that has left their pockets and ended up in his. They certainly aren’t the sharpest tools in the box are they?
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