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  1. I don’t know but sure as eggs is eggs there would be another monstrosity that may be approved. I am not normally one for clinging to the old for the sake of it but it is a beautiful building and in character with the town of Port Erin and something with similar charm should replace it.
  2. I don’t know anything about this stuff so I’d be grateful if someone could explain how this application/investment will jump start the economy ( assuming a jump start is necessary) Will it create jobs? will it result in massively increased tax revenue? All answers gratefully received
  3. It’s worth saving if only to prevent that proposed monstrosity being built in its place.
  4. Well follow it up with “head office” before you give up your 20 pence or whatever. Or just take your own shopping bag and tell them you don’t need to buy one.
  5. But the government spend your money in all sorts of ways you may not agree with. They have a public mandate by virtue of being elected
  6. Well to a degree. But if you give money to Christian Aid for example they can’t tell you which particular project your money will go to. And if you give to the MSPCA/RSPCA they can’t tell you which particular cat, dog or other animal you would be helping. Or which of their staffs wages or which other overheads you are helping to fund.
  7. Yes he has experience and is hard working. But you need a bit more than that as HQ has shown. Maybe following the election after this one (assuming he gets in both times)
  8. Right forgetting last nights shenanigans I assume you are referring to Government overseas aid ( be that IOM, Uk or elsewhere) There is this assumption that this aid is appropriated by the recipient government and used for nefarious purposes. Funding palaces, luxury cars for top officials, that sort of thing. There are procedures in place to make sure this does not happen. Although obviously you can’t be sure that there is not some leakage. Similarly there are those ( and I am excluding those blinkered Manxies who won’t give to any charity unless “ all the money stays on the Island” , for obvious purposes) who won’t give money to say the Red Cross or Medicine sans Frontiers. They seem to believe that these organizations simply hand over the money to the despots to do with as they will, rather than them organizing humanitarian aid and targeting where they think it is best needed. Or maybe they use this myth as a convenient excuse not to put their hand in their pockets. If they don’t want to donate fine, that’s there prerogative but why not say so instead of these lame excuses
  9. Sorry, there was no need for the insult. I must have been in a bad mood.
  10. Well whatever you think of private health (and I am not a big supporter ) if there are resources at Nobles temporarily available, not required for use by the NHS, for the private sector for which the NHS can charge ( at a hefty premium) then why not? That said I can’t imagine many such occasions.
  11. The beginning of the 60’s I would say so you were coming of age when punk erupted. The last great music revolution
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