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  1. I beg to differ. I doubt the Cinderella tableau enacted, photographed and placed on social media by the the police when a visiting biker lost his boot would have happened in the case of a local biker losing their footwear.
  2. I do know that. If another Scottish independence referendum is held, albeit prematurely (consultative or real) let’s hope the result is accepted and respected.
  3. Eight years between referendums doesn’t constitute “ once in a generation “ to me. Still turkeys, Christmas and all that.
  4. It’s TV presenters wearing North Face clothing that prominently displays their logo that bugs me. Isn’t that akin to advertising? I thought there were rules against that sort of thing. Like when a bottle of HP sauce was shown on a breakfast table on the telly the label was obscured. Don’t think this is the case now though.
  5. I witnessed someone who decided to not wait for the 15 mins trying to walk straight out and being chased and strictly bought to heel by one of the observers ( a nurse I think) overseeing the post vaccination quarter of an hour wind down time. This was at an Astra Zeneca session
  6. Ok if you can verify to me that one of the orange plastic seats I sat on in Chester Street (ex Shoprite) whilst waiting for my vaccinations cost £200 I would be more than happy to concede that they should/could have been bought for less. Hell I would have bought my own chair if that were the case.
  7. “Davey Davey Ashford He looks like Dracula With a spatula But he’ll never score more goals Than Bobby Latchford”
  8. Ok you want to concentrate on the cost of chairs rather than how many lives were potentially saved by operating the vaccination hubs ( totally unnecessary according to you, others may have a different opinion)
  9. Perhaps should be prioritizing spending more on desks over additional salaries. How on earth are you going to fit the successful applicant onto that desk? It’s overcrowded as it is. Maybe invest in some chairs as well.
  10. No I think we went for lunch at the hotel restaurant. It was a long time ago so I can’t be absolutely sure.
  11. Yep, I think best to ignore him. Just an attention seeker.
  12. That’s right. I first came across them on a family holiday to Denmark. My mother was very impressed with these Continental Quilts and we were early adopters.
  13. This thread put me in mind Of the People of Colour Isle-of Man promising great events which I would have been more than happy to support. What happened to them ? Their events diary seems a little empty
  14. And the most patronising post of the year goes to……… “The Bastard” Congratulations And could you please expand on the reputational damage to the Isle of Man/ BLM debacle? Did I miss a demand for a worldwide boycott of Manx Kippers or something? Was the United Nations reconvened to consider Mr Peter’s comments?
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