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  1. Kieran has said his occupation is a cleaner. I can’t say I agree with his policies (as those I have read in his Facebook posting replicated on here) but at least he has the balls to stand. I look forward to all the sneering about his occupation as those tractor salesman and farmers have had to endure about their suitability to act as elected representatives.
  2. You seem a decent guy. But did you not work out that attending meetings of Tynwald is an essential part of the role of an MHK before you decided to stand? Its a bit like saying I applied for a job as a zoo keeper but was glad I didn’t get it because I don’t like animals.
  3. Sorry. Am I being asked to believe that describing the Chief Minister ( or indeed anyone) as an “egotistical twat” advances this debate more than calling them fat?
  4. Like I said. Even the spelling has gone downhill. “Narate” for gods sake! Calling people (Chief Minister or not) “fat” does not nothing to raise the level of debate. WTF might find that Facebook is his/ her natural home
  5. The sector, or at least what appears to be their main spokesperson, discredited themself
  6. I would suggest that you did not go into business altruistically to support the Government but to make money as any business does, so good luck with your enterprise. It is in both your interests to attract for businesses to be attracted and jobs created. It would appear that it is one part of the BioMed sector that is engaged in attempts to discredit the Government rather than the other way way round.
  7. I doubt the Chief Ministers perfectly sensible remarks about testing will cost island business a penny. Manx Radio appear to have spoken to someone involved in leasing office space and for whatever reason seem to have given their opinions undue prominence
  8. I’ve already said that if you’re not part of the decision making process and don’t have access to the merits or otherwise of each location you can’t determine the ‘best’ location’ You need access to all the relevant information. So I’m afraid I can’t tell you why that this is the ‘best’ location. But I’d be interested to know how you have come to the conclusion that the airport is not the best location,given your work in logistics
  9. You don’t understand why they make these decisions because you are not part of the decision making process where the pros and cons of each potential location is discussed and the best option chosen. There is a bit more to it than just saying “ Hey there’s an empty industrial estate unit over there with cheap rental let’s use that”
  10. If you refer back to the “spat” thread on the 21st November Dr Glover said that (apart from myself) everyone could call her Rachel. So she is not so precious about the use of her title as some of her supporters who seem to want to be offended on her behalf.
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