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  1. Well I, and most political commentators ( who know a lot more than me), seem to think it is most likely. However time will tell
  2. “London is almost certain to have a Labour Party government” . Do you mean the UK? There have been Labour governments throughout the decades. Through the UK the insidious EU has impacted the Isle of Man to the extent it has, in shaping its laws,poking its nose into financial regulation here etc So I would be surprised if the constitutional ( and practical) relationship between the UK and the IOM were to significantly change were Labour to win a UK general election
  3. Thanks I’ll give it a try
  4. I find the Hawthorn fine and the staff are certainly not miserable. Going back to Coast it’s certainly not cheap. I had fish chips and peas for lunch, whilst OK was pretty expensive and would probably have got the same quality in say the British for 20% less and the ambience and service would not be any less. I don’t know what you think is “proper wine” but again that was OK but expensive. You can get a “ proper” wine in Brewery pubs,or indeed any independent restaurant at a dining out market price. I don’t think any brewery pubs or Coast employ a dedicated sommelier so you have to know a little bit about wine and what you like. I would say we recently went to L’experience for lunch , having avoided it for many years due to the what I found claustrophobic atmosphere in the old premises ( my problem not theirs) Similar price but the food and overall dining experience knocked Coast into a cocked hat. Anyway each to their own. One man’s floor is another man’s ceiling ( as Paul Simon once said)
  5. Yes but unfortunately that’s just the way politics works. Turkeys don’t vote for Christmas etc
  6. “Keats and Yeats are on your side while Wilde is on mine”
  7. As much as the Tory party is rubbish they were voted in for up to five years whoever their leader and direction. Thats democracy.
  8. Just watched an interview with Morrisey from October I think, put onto you tube about 3 days ago. The interviewer was just absolutely gushing about his new album coming out and his stance on the music industry and why he was no longer popular. Actually was quite sickening. He wasn’t questioned about his support for the England First campaign or his particular political views. I used to be quite an admirer of the Smiths and his solo works until he allied himself with the right wing. Can you separate the man from his music? Anyway as someone said everybody grows out of their Morrisey phase except for Morrisey himself
  9. I’m afraid that’s not been my experience. We went there after some friends had bigged it up but found it average at best. But each to their own. Wouldn’t do if we all liked the same things etc etc
  10. Thanks for your research. I wasn’t imagining it then.
  11. On the plus side the South African lady’s accent is becoming more understandable/ listenable as time goes on. (I did go on the Manx Radio website and looked at the list and photos of presenters so I didn’t have to call her the South African lady, that seems a bit rude. Anyway she didn’t appear on that. Maybe she doesn’t qualify as a presenter, she seems to be more a news person)
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