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  1. How so? If I had been able to vote I would know exactly what I was voting for. In our out. This is the old “Brexiteers are stupid” argument isn’t it?
  2. Yes. Accepted the result and got on with things. Not still whinging for years after.
  3. It’s not the mode of transport which is either good or bad, it’s the character of those individuals taking part in the different events. (although death penalty for cyclists does seem a little harsh)
  4. It’s not about being ruled from Westminster it’s whether they want to remain in the UK which in the recent, once in a generation referendum, they said they did
  5. Very different indeed but the common denominator is that they both involve constitutional change. Which requires a period of adjustment.
  6. That has to be one of the most stupid things I have read on here. It’s like saying imagine if Port St Mary surrendered its law making powers to Ramsey MHKs. The majority of which ( perfectly accept to use “which” in this context ) were not chosen by the Port St Mary electorate. It simply does not make sense. Liverpool and London voters are part of the same electorate so how could either surrender law making powers to the other? I have let myself down by responding to your nonsense. I should not have bitten
  7. Damn sight better than all these cycling wankfests
  8. In the most important and far reaching sense, not being subjected to laws made elsewhere by people, the majority of which were not put in the position to do so by the UK electorate. Did you not follow this argument during the referendum debate.? It was made very clear. To give you an easily understood illustration. Say Tynwald surrended its law making powers to Westminster, (and maybe allowed one MP in return pro rata ) Hope that helps
  9. Yes they knew what they were voting for. Returning sovereignty to the UK and it was right that the wishes of the majority as determined in the referendum were implemented. Sure there will be road bumps along the way, bound to be when disengaging from an institution you’ve been a member for decades. The same is true of South Africa abandoning apartheid. (Though fortunately the very worst predictions of mayhem and carnage turned out not to be the case.) You don’t not do the right thing for avoiding short term inconvenience. And for those that want to tarnish Brexit supporters as “thinly veiled racists” this is beyond contempt and shows the lengths that Remainers will go to in pursuing their lost cause. And yes ,not that it matters much but is indicative of the extent that the EU wished to impose their will and homogenise everything, why could the UK not have the crown stamp on a pint glass whist in the UK.? This is EU control freakery not an urban myth. I love visiting Europe and seeing the different cultures. Vive la difference!
  10. Whose idea was it to interview HQ in the middle of a noisy crowded coffee shop type establishment? Bizarre. BTW which one was it ?I didn’t recognize it, not being a regular patron of such places
  11. Maybe she couldn’t afford a ticket to Paramount City
  12. I believe they may be some sort of island connection with Emily Pankhurst. Maybe?
  13. I’ve already won it. We’ve had a few exchanges and I’m afraid you haven’t meet the intellectual threshold which would tempt me to engage further. So I will take joebeans advice and waste no more of my time.
  14. Well I’m sure he will be grateful for your seal of approval.
  15. Exactly. I’ve heard nothing to suggest that HQ is “milking” it. As far as I know he is just getting on with it and therefore worthy of Annoymouse’s respect.
  16. Allowed to happen? It happened as a result of a democratic vote. What sort of a state do you want to live in?
  17. Yes the UK played a part in the decision making process (“part” being the operative word). You had 27 countries ( now26) all naturally trying to look after their own interests. How could that work? Answer : it didn’t . the smaller countries say Lithuania just voted with whatever their French and German counterparts decided. How a referendum, held to decide the will of the people which an elected UK Government said in its manifesto would be held can be described as “stupid” I don’t know. It’s the kind of language we have come to expect from the sore losers. Yes the UK now has third country status with the EU, in the same way that the EU has third party status with the UK, who will be all the better for it. The UK will not ignore the worlds largest market sitting on its doorstep as you suggest but will not be constrained by it.
  18. Probably charges his friends “petrol money” to give them a lift of a few miles. Even though it’s on his way home
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