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  1. Well if you don’t want me to see this you’re a little silly putting it on here! I am only aware of two genders. If you think there are 3, 4, 5 or even 6 or more then that’s fine but you’ve not persuaded me that’s the case.
  2. Your Wikipedia article refers to it being a concept. I will raise you with the Merriam-Webster dictionary definitions of concept as:- ”Something conceived in the mind” “an abstract notion”
  3. Forgive me but I always thought that gender was based on genetalia and that was the reason there is only two. OK you may get the occasional hermaphrodite but that’s not a separate gender. which are these cultures which have 3 or more ( 5.6 say) genders?
  4. Well I don’t want a single Ukrainian lady. (Nothing to do with nationality. I’m happily married.)
  5. I’ll just answer number three. My support for gay rights started as soon as I developed a social conscience, continues to this day and is neither selective or limited I always held you in high regard as I mentioned previously from meeting you nearly forty years ago in a now long gone pub in Victoria Street. I am disappointed. Let’s just leave it at that. Enjoy your retirement
  6. Well not really, it’s fish based
  7. You said that my comments were identical to the ones used in the UK about 1967 which is bollocks. Yes badges were part of the armory that eventually led to a growing acceptance of homosexuality. I did not allege that LGB activists did not wear badges at the time of greatest persecution. I am fucking furious as a supporter of gay rights that you feel it necessary to question my credentials.
  8. John, I think you misunderstand me. I’m all in favor of civil partnerships, same sex marriage and equal age of consent. Please point me to any postings I may have made contrary to that. I totally refute your allegation that my arguments are in any way identical to the ones you use about ‘ 67 law change etc. In fact I find that quite offensive. I have always supported gay rights. And I don’t give a fuck about the badges you may have collected at the Villiers and elsewhere. It’s not about that
  9. Like following the Russian / Ukraine conflict? I hope you’re not suggesting otherwise!
  10. I went on to look at this thread. And (seriously) was greeted by a pop up ad inviting me to meet single Ukrainian women. Thought that was in poor taste.
  11. Chappie (rice and chicken version) has been subject to a similar price rise.
  12. That’s not what I said therefore I have nothing to explain to you. As an aside I respect the lesbian and gay movement , who by and large don’t feel the need to advertise their sexuality by wearing badges . I also don’t feel the need to wear a badge stating that “ I don’t like broccoli”
  13. Bang on. Whilst most people would have some sympathy or respect for the trans movement ( myself included) things like this bring it into disrepute.And has the potential to turn them against it. What next? People wearing badges saying “ I identify as a horse, please call me Dobbin”
  14. Well yes indeed. But equally if you are offended by being addressed by a non preferred pronoun in a totally innocent, understandable way and without any malice, you may be in need of a looking glass yourself.
  15. But they are currently running a promotion of 25% off 6 (or more) bottles of wine
  16. Well only if you explain the meaning of “Phugs” Is it a play on the word “Thugs” ?
  17. They do seem to have set themselves up as our moral guardians, as well as being purveyors of dairy products. I wonder how those vegans in the local LGBT community feel about the donation that the Creamery will be making to Pride.
  18. People who make an issue of this pronoun business are being overly precious. I wouldn’t pay it much heed. There’s a lot more important stuff going on in the world that deserves more attention.
  19. Gladys We have managed to address people perfectly well for decades if not centuries, whilst still maintaining courtesy and respect for those you deal with , without all this nonsense. Why now is this all becoming an issue?
  20. How many more times must we be treated to this picture? !!
  21. You do realise that the rest of the UK is financially propping up the Scottish economy under the Barnet formula? Yes they would stop paying towards “ the UK system” but they would also stop receiving the receipts under the “UK system”
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