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  1. “Kill their economies”? Is the UK economy being killed? The economies of Poland and Hungary ( and the others) worked before they joined the EU and would do so again if they were to leave. Utter BS from Project Fear again
  2. To be honest most people have a disdain for Scotland, or more accurately the politicians representing the Scots. Far from being the laughing stock in Europe many look enviously on the way the UK has managed to extricate itself from the strait jacket that the EU is
  3. Who hasn’t had sex with a dead pig, sheep or whatever? Judge them on the job they do
  4. Getting back to Stu Peters he has as much right as anyone to post on here. I have been interested to hear his views on here on the finances of Manx Radio and his video explaining the workings of Tynwald. OK as an MHK he has certain limitations. It wouldn’t “ do” for him to come on here and post something with expletive laden or incendiary comments . But he has a forum more important than Manx Forums (Tynpotwald,for those who like to call it thus)to make his views which takes priority. Though it is rarely a bad thing that politicians find additional ways of engaging with the public be it by MF,Facebook Twitter whatever. I am grateful for his contributions here albeit that I may not always agree with them.
  5. I admit to sometimes speeding at 40 mph in a 30 zone and not being caught for it. Does that mean that those who have been caught and fined should have their fines cancelled and repaid?
  6. Don’t bother. It’s shit. People who work in IT seem to find it funny though for some reason.
  7. Ok my mistake. Thanks for that. Apologies Stu!
  8. Nope definitely you. Underneath or next to the notice board advertising various events and preowned furniture etc.
  9. I regularly see SP ( or did) sat on the bench forward of the tills in Victoria Road Shoprite near the entrance to the chemists. Not sure why I felt the need to share that
  10. I’ll share my true life experience of this. Son went to university. Government paid tuition fees in full as long as parental income was less than 100k, otherwise a percentage contribution was made for each £1k over that. Was grateful for that when compared with the UK ( some might do well to bear that in mind when continually slagging off “Tynpotwald”) who require tuition fees to be paid, possibly by way of a student loan. All other costs, maintenance etc borne by we parents. I’m not moaning just sharing my experience.
  11. Stu, the guys an idiot just let him get on with it and don’t let yourself get involved like this. It’s unbecoming for an MHK. For what it’s worth I think you’re doing OK. Video was a good idea despite the inevitable detractors.
  12. I wonder what he bought to the “bring your own booze “ party. Red wine I would imagine after the sofa soiling incident. Rees Mogg I am sure would have bought Pimms
  13. Well not of course. It’s a matter of opinion. Hunky Dory for me.
  14. What silly comment about useless degrees? I don’t believe I made such a comment. As for your challenge to name five of these people that think the world owes them a living (As I said some,but not all graduates) I could,, but do you seriously expect me to name them on these pages? As to the cost of putting a child through uni, yes I know how much it costs having done it myself (horrendous) I said there were many children (not most) who finish their education at 16. Higher education is not for everyone and those who don’t enter into it for whatever reason ( maybe their parents can’t afford it) can still be decent,valued and contributing members of society. You do come across as somewhat elitist if you don’t mind me saying.
  15. You would like to think so, but of that there is no guarantee. Unfortunately there is a number of graduates churned out by the university system who think that because they have a degree the world owes them a living. A long way from the highly productive members of society that you assume them to be. There are many numbers of schoolchildren who finish their formal education at “O” levels (or whatever they call them these days) who enter the workplace at that time, and go on to be very valuable members of society. Judge people by who they are and the contribution they make not by what academic qualifications they may have attained
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