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  1. I love the Mannanan. It’s been, and still is a great servant for the Island. Taking people where they want to be and in the shortest time. Whats there not to like?
  2. Please don’t use the term “adjacent Isle/ Island””. It makes me grind my teeth which is not good for me. Thank you
  3. Personally I’d wait until your plane has actually taken off ( can you use your phone then?). So you can’t be deplaned
  4. But you can’t deduct time in the unlikely event of you being early.
  5. Having used the darn thing, no probably not. 😐
  6. Why? Why have I never had a problem with Bottleneck or Shaws Brow? Well I just haven’t. It’s proven to be more convenient than Ringo. I have a credit balance with the Corpy ones which just deducts the cost of your parking from that. Although I understand you can link it to your credit/ debit card and just drive in and out as required and the time parked deducted without having to fart about trying to go guess how long you are going to be parked at the airport with cancellations, delays etc
  7. I’m sure there are much colder places than Ronaldsway in the world, where planes are left out in the open air next to the sea in winter without suffering any ill effects. As I say I’m no aeroplane expert but I imagine there are stress tests for this sort of thing.
  8. “Left out in the cold and rain all night. What could go wrong” was what you said. Why say it if irrelevant?
  9. You’ve only quoted half my post. Not the bit about having an airworthiness certificate Why?
  10. Well yes all products of this nature will require maintenance and the odd repair. I’ve never had a problem with the Bottleneck or Shaws Brow car parks. For ease of use they beat the airport parking hands down.
  11. I’m no airport industry expert but I imagine that planes are required to be able to be left unhangered without suffering any ill effect, to get some sort of airworthiness certificate.
  12. Fair point. Maybe they just charge a one off installation fee? I dunno. But I know someone who does know ( or should know)
  13. Well whoever you are it’s probably hard to take jests about tissues lying in your mums spare room and having a tired left hand ( most people are right handed though I believe) so I can understand Devon’s ire. Yes the good advice would be to ignore her but how many of us could do that given the nature of unproven allegations about us? Hiring rent a mob etc Where I do think Devon has got it wrong is to accuse her of being a multi millionaire bully. She is obviously not a multi millionaire by dint of having to perform her tawdry little show in front of a couple of hundred people. No offence to the Legion but it’s hardly the 02 is it? But she is by all definitions a bully. Something she seems to revel in.
  14. Like you say people’s individual views could be either. Here for example is an interesting take from the Huffington Post on the issue of abortion ( about which I have no desire to start a debate) and political leanings. The author identifies herself as being a “ lefty” ( her words):- Abortion is one of those rare political issues on which left and right seem to have swapped ideologies: right-wingers talk of equality, human rights and "defending the innocent", while left-wingers fetishise "choice", selfishness and unbridled individualism.
  15. I’m afraid your conclusion that you came to yourself is plainly wrong.
  16. I think that might just be the twattiest thing I’ve ever read on here. And I’ve been on here a long time.
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