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  1. Are we short of cash or not? Well judging by the rejunavenated Nelson Street (opposite Shaws Brow car park entrance) with it's fancy street furniture - Archibald Knox marble type bench seats fancy lighting etc apparently not. Nice though it is one can't help feeling that in these straightened times the money would have been better directed elsewhere.
  2. Yes prices are high but not artificially high, it is basic supply and demand, like it our not, (simple economics Albert). Jersey is not a good example to quote I'm afraid with all the artificial distortions their Government put in place place in their property market , Believe me people are at least equally desperate for housing there as here if not more so.
  3. The Arts Council....mmmm... Grants for business and this sort of arrangement are very different in my opinion. But you have say, UK trade missions (fronted recently by Prince Andrew) promoting industries which one could say are capable of promoting themselves. Yes those institutions hope to reap the benefits themselves but there are perceived benefits to the national economy as a whole, be that increased employment , a greater tax take as a result of increased turnover or even a greater kudos (Film industry perhaps?). Like it or not the finance industry generates a large portion of GDP here and provides much employment and given the threats it is facing I would have thought that efforts by the government to promote it should not be dismissed lightly. It does not seem odd that the government wants to work hand in hand with an industry that is so vital to the Islands well-being.
  4. Well I may be wrong but don't we have government quangos promoting other parts of the Manx economy, which should maybe stand on their own two feet - Arts Council,that Film industry thingy maybe something to do with agriculture (I'm not sure about that one) and spending our money on start up enterprises by way of grants etc, (not a bad thing per se) So why not the finance sector?. Just a thought .
  5. I can't understand why anyone would have Sky TV full stop
  6. Assuming you mean a UK motorway it is not the same at all. UK motorways have a slipway followed by an acceleration lane ... mirror and signal, join traffic. But, ultimately - if there is a constant stream of traffic in the left hand lane you are not going to be able to join. The traffic will not stop and let you in. So the comparison fails. But back to Victoria St onto the Prom - who ultimately has priority Kevster ? Simple question. The traffic on the road being joined (the Prom) would have priority, but the joining traffic (from Victoria street) should not stop but travel parallel to the traffic on the Prom, signal, and move over when safe to do so. Traveling parallel to the traffic on the prom creates a dual carriageway which is not appropriate at that point on the prom. To "move over when safe to do so" invariably means someone lets you into the flow of traffic as happens now at the junction so there is no net gain in traffic flow. That junction is clearly not suitable as a "filter" point due to the road layout - God knows who thought it was. However it seems to work OK as it is, given that there is naturally competition for road space at that point.. Coming along the prom I ,like most people invite vehicles out of Victoria Street and normally find the same courtesy extended to me (with the exception of most 4x4 drivers, but that is to be expected). Common sense and manners is all that is required.
  7. Went there for lunch the other day. Seemed very popular. Had the deep fried cauliflower with a portion of chips. Staff very friendly and attentive. Nice to have table service for a (relatively) modest price. Recommended (No I don't work there and have no connection with the place)
  8. Intelligence?.......'albeit cycling in a minor sport' = irony?.... Leaving aside the popularity or otherwise of cycling as a sport, The post "what a fucking nob" still does not really seem to be a great contribution to any debate.
  9. What a fucking nob. he really is one very confused....er...nob who even knows where to begin to refute his mad, rambling posts? a) this is manxforums - not mansfieldforums b) 100% of adult, lycra clad cyclists own a car c) why would we specifically cheer england? why not scotland, ireland or denmark? d) fishing is not a sport in the same way that cycling and football are and finally e) what kind of nob posts messages in a thread about a manx cyclist if they don't like either. i don't post messages in welsh bondage forums - well not today. a) Yes correct - but can one not use comparisons to make a point ?- perfectly legitimate I would suggest b) I'm sure there are some who do not, anyway what's your point? c) Again i think you missed the point - cheer who you like (see also (a) above) d) Well no, one involves kicking a ball and one involves,well cycling, however many fisherman claim to be pursuing their own kind of sport e) I don't dislike either, only those cyclists who endanger other people . I do however resent the suggestion that I don't like the Manx - I have made my home here and been made to feel most welcome. I would ask you to provide evidence from my posts for your statement or withdraw your scurillous accusation.
  10. What a fucking nob. I'm not sure whether you are referrring to myself or Mr Cavendish. Either way it is not a very intelligent post and confirms ideas expressed in another thread that the level of debate on the forum has decreased somewhat recently.
  11. Minority? "the world's largest viewing figures for an annual sports event and the third highest figures for any sports event" http://en.wikipedia....ce#Broadcasting hell - a thousand people (kids + parents + helpers) descend on the NSC every tuesday night for children's cycling. Well about the popularity of cycling if you say so. I believe fishing is also massive as a "sport". Although in discussions on sport with my peers it is more likely to be about who will win the football Premiership rather than who will win some bicycle race,. I'm all for kids indulging in a healthy pursuit like riding bicycles round the NSC. It's just when they develop into adults and think they have a god given right to don the lycra and cause danger by their irresponsible ways to the rest of us legitimate road users (and themselves too) that gives me cause for concern. Re the Cavendish nationality thing, I have read and heard of him being described both as Manx and British, probably in equal measure (both of which are true) . Do you think ,say ,the people of Mansfield, from which the swimmer Rebeca Addlington is from , froth at the mouth every time she is described as being English or British rather than mentioning her home town every time her performances are reported.? I think we are in danger of becoming paranoid mealy mouths, such as some Scots appear to be in the matter of the tennis player Andy Murray and the way his nationality is referred to.
  12. They are reporting the findings of a public consultation. I fail to see how that diminshes their journalistic integrity.
  13. So have you considered that GB is the biggest Island and therefore is the mainland?What about the English though, do they call the Continent the mainland? I have heard it so called. Imagine you have to be very Europhile to use it in that political sense though. Geographically however, the British Isles in totality are undeniably offshore shelf fragments of the European mainland. The term "mainland Europe" is an oft heard term and seems to be understood by everyone, People are a bit too precious about these these things. When I hear the term "the adjacent isle" uttered by Manx politicians it makes me squirm. It's not being clever it just makes them appear unworldly.
  14. Well ,the chap has done well,albeit in a minority sport, congratulations and good luck to him. My only concern is that his success will spawn even more lycra clad cyclists here on the islands roads riding three or four abreast holding up, and causing danger to, motorists that have actually paid for the privilege of using the roads. PS This concern over whether he is identified as Manx/UK/British is all a bit of a nonsense. Yes, by all means be proud of a Manxmans acheivements but how many of us on this Island will be cheering on the English football team,-assuming they make it, in next years Euro tournament (despite all the previous disappointments)?
  15. More money into government coffers is not always the solution. The problem is that some society's like ours have elected spendthrift and overbloated governments. I include the UK in that too. There should not be automatic grants for incompetence. With respect Albert that's like your Daily Mail reader saying "Oh I don't give to starving African children because it ends up in the hands of some despot" quoting this as an undisputed fact, having read said "newspaper" or talked to the local bore down the pub, as a way of salving their conscience. Sure, money given by way of charity, or taken by way of taxes, is never going to be spent exactly how every single giver might like but government needs to tax . Yes, no doubt we can all point to examples of what we consider wastefulness (we all do it in our own lives) but if you don't like the way that your tax is spent then register your displeasure at the ballot box .
  16. The reason for that is to get to the bin you have to walk up on to and across the prom, risk your dogs with the pedestrians, cyclists, busy road, etc. So if I was say indulging in a Big Mac on the beach it would be perfectly reasonable for me to leave the wrapping on the beach to dispose of on my return walk from town in order to avoid the aforesaid obstacles? (How do you risk your dog with a pedestrian by the way?)
  17. I hope you doff your cap to these HNWI's when they grace you with their presence in your staff quarters. Their altruism is indeed very impressive. Gawd bless 'em all.
  18. Ya think? Where are you getting your info from? Indeed, they may well pay over the statutory minimum they are required to, as many do,, but what is the norm?
  19. Yes there is much more to get upset about but leaving a bag of poo around for however long is not a good idea. Have you seen those seagulls and the speed they can rip a bag to shreds, Surely it can't be that hard to deposit into the nearest bin now that they accept poo in an appropriate container? You have to get rid of it at some point so why not as soon after the event as posssible?
  20. You're born with nothing so if you die paying a percentage of what you have accumulated, howsoever gathered,, during your lifetime for the greater good of society whats the problem? I know it's not applicable here but if you were born and lived in the UK say, (as probably a fair number on here have) you have benefitted from "inheritance taxes" paid by those who have gone before so why not reciprocate upon your own demise ? .
  21. The Only Ones - Another Girl, Another Planet.
  22. No one has ever said that to me Wot? No one has ever said to you " oooh I saw you yesterday" or " oh I saw you the other day"? Thinking about it possibly someone may have said it sometime, but people don't always say that to me. Maybe if I was in prison or something they may do.;
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