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  1. Sorry but I,ve read and re - read this thread but still can't ascertain which step is the step in question.
  2. Right, put simply a government needs to raise a certain amount of taxes for public spending etc. Having regard to the needs of the population it serves, it calculates to raise the revenue it needs it requires X% of everybodys income or capital. Now, it can levy a tax of 2/3 X when you are living/working and 1/3 X from you when,you are dead or alternatively take all of X when you are alive. I would rather defer paying as much tax as possible until such time as I am dead. Very simplistic I know but the principle seems sound to me. If say in the UK you abolish Inheritance Tax (which I think is a misnomer) how are you going to replace the lost revenue? You've got to pay somewhere along the line.
  3. Sorry this is all a bit cryptic to me. Is this supposed to be an anagram to disguise the identity of some establishment ,STUD BAG perhaps? I know of no such outlet. Am I being a bit simple here?
  4. Bitter (with justification) - maybe. Twisted - no. Of course the cost of the Freebie is a mere pin prick in the order of things - the point I am making is a matter of principle (I doubt that most of the attendees would understand what a principle is). As someone who is Manx through and through, I will criticise that which I think deserves criticism. Well, why don't you present a petition of greivance about it at next Tynwald day if it bothers you that much. Most of us have more important things to worry about.
  5. You're obviously not Manx Somewhere he said he is - but I agree, he can't be. Why? Are the Manx not capable of asking questions and stimulating debate?
  6. It does not rhyme so well Barrie if it was: "There will always be a United Kingdom" Then again that is sounding less likely these days. Back on track, if people make decisions on ephemeral issues such as tax or income they are IMO going to end up making the wrong choice. I must confess to having enjoyed every place that I have lived. I have been very fortunate (or too easily pleased ) Exactly, Indeed I find the island a nice place to live. Equally though I may be similarly enamoured of ,say Northampton for example, were I to be living there. By and large how you enjoy your environment, where so ever it may be, is down to you and what you make of it or contribute to it. I do find the almost deification by some of the Isle of Man a little depressing. Yes, be proud of where you live by all means but have the grace to recognise that there may be other places in the world that are just as alluring.
  7. Can you bring your dog to the concert- "Akita you will never know, never know how good it feels to hold you.............. Oh no Oh no you will never know"
  8. Could not agree more. Just waiting for the "the only way my dog could hurt you is to lick you to death" phrase. MDO you are doing all responsible dog owners a disservice. Like Blade Runner I urge you to desist. from further comment
  9. Well I think most people know what they like whether it fits within someone elses definition of "good" or not. One mans meat etc etc However always sorry to see an outlet fail. I am from a generation when Home Run were the first and only pizza delivery place on the island. What a revelation that was! Unfortunately the market seems somewhat saturated now.
  10. Agreed it is bloody annoying when he keeps shouting it, more so when nobody has actually moved from their seats anyway. However its more professional and I think thats why he stands out, I'm guessing he is/was relatively new, probably has an accident free record and wants it kept that way? He is/was one of the slowest drivers and the only one who seemed to take their job seriously, no bad thing really. Like the poor air steward(esses) who in spite of everyone being told to put down their reading material or whatever have to deliver their safety speech/mime the evacuation procedure have ignorant people continue to ignore them and stick their head in their newspaper. . Like that makes you look cool or something. And whats worse people who unbuckle their seatbelts as soon as the aircraft touches down despite being asked not to until the plane has come to a complete standstill and the seatbelt sign is switched off. It's not like they gain any time.
  11. I'm not sure that's the best place for him and David to raise their new baby in
  12. Had a look myself - apparently they made history and then went to the pub. Might join in, sounds like fun
  13. To be honest, if Mr T had come to me (or perhaps anyone) and asked me about his revolutionary new shopping concept in the heart of Castletown I could have told him, in the time it takes to sink a pint in the Gluepot, it's a bit of a non starter .
  14. Anyone whose perfect meal is McDonalds should be dragged through the street in a dustcart and thrown in the harbour Manx or not. You should be ashamed to be Manx if that is your aspiration you loser. In fact what sort of dipshit applauds the way American cultural imperialism spoils a quiet rural community but dislikes the English influence on the Island so much they spraypaint slogans. Your a fucking moron love ... get your coat. Yeah but she's our moron...a Manx fucking moron, not a foreign fucking moron. Who on earth are Mannin Aboo? Are they the latest supergroup lined up for the Bay Festival?
  15. Do you not know about the Reciprocal Gritter Arrangement? (GRA?)
  16. A ball point pen might do the trick. Sort of try before you buy. But why? Get a tee-shirt emblazoned with the slogan you require. Thus you can send out the message you want to without disfiguring your body. Simple
  17. Got you in a headlock did she? V funny. But serious point, it was no more than a drunken jape and did not bother me in the slightest, and were I a dickhead I could have made an issue of it and there may have been serious repurcussions for the lady concerned (or more likely I would quite rightly had the piss taken out of me for being so precious). LDV is right (and you don't hear that very often) there probably are double standards involved here.
  18. Did he just ask? No, he felt one apparently. Whilst not condoning the unauthorised feeling of a breast and not being privy to what exactly happened, if I formed an opinion on this case as reported in the press (the only source of information I have access to regarding this incident) the punishment does seem unduly harsh. Whilst not trying in any way to make light of the above incident, I have had my genitalia squeezed by a drunken lady in a nightclub. I suppose I could have called the police and informed them I had been indecently assualted (which I guess I was) and maybe she as a consequence, would have been put on the sex offenders register. Bit of a thin line really I guess.
  19. Oh really. Now where does it say they can't change your T & C's? Oh, it doesn't. If you don't like it then vote with your feet - LEAVE THE SERVICE. Just what planet are these people on? Well I'm not sure they can't change your T & C's without offering adequate recompense, or not leaving you worse off. In the Sunday Times this week, for example in their Business Clinic type column an employer asked if they could reduce his/hers staffs holiday entitlement from 30 to 25 days p.a. (or similar) The specialist employer lawyer contracted by the ST said basically they couldn't ( I know that's the UK but we seem to copy most of their law in these respects) Whatever you may think (eg civil servants are overpaid) a contract is a contract signed by both parties (I'll work for you, you pay me £X together with pension arrangements) otherwise using your logic the employer could change your T & C's to reduce your salary from say £25,000 per annum to £8.67 per annum, or equally you could say as an employee I am amending the T & C's so I am now to be paid £200,000 p.a. This is the planet we are all on - seems reasonable to me
  20. I wonder how harmony Homes would describe the condition of their building Air conditioned
  21. Have nominations for the most humorous post of 2009 opened yet?
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