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  1. You wouldn’t get very good odds
  2. I’m not sure you understand the constitutional position. The Crown Dependencies are not part of England. But within these Islands are a large percentage ( from certainly the last IOM census) of many, like myself, who were born in England ( hence English) and have lived there for long periods of their life. And others who have English parentage. As such, being English we ( they) regard England as our national team and celebrate the Lionesses victory. This does not preclude the English, nor other nationalities supporting their national side residing here, from wishing every success for the Isle of Man national team and the Ravens. Hope this helps to address your confusion
  3. I don’t get this hard/ soft Brexit thingy. The question was do you want to stay in or leave the E U? Im a member of the RAC. I may cancel my membership ( it’s getting a bit expensive) Obviously if I do that they won’t pick me up if I break down. But I can’t then say I want to keep my legal expenses cover and the lost key replacement service.It’s all or nothing.
  4. More a prophet without honour in his own country.
  5. John, Reading these contributions from Eris cumulatively it doesn’t present him/ her in a good light and isn’t someone you really want in the camp with those supporting Brexit . I am sure the remain camp have an equal number of undesirables which do their arguments no favours. But that apart, the smearing of Brexit supporters in general as racists and xenophopes is totally out of order. Enough is enough
  6. It’s just a tactic of some of the Remainers. If not to call those who voted for Brexit racists, or imply that they are without actually using the word. Xenophobic “ is another one. It’s an ugly and tired response and shows those who use it in their true light. That said it’s important not to give them ammunition and talk of sending people back is emotive language. I believe that the majority of people both Remainers and people who voted for Brexit would want asylum seekers and refugees ( whatever term you want to use) to be treated with dignity. I know I do.
  7. I very much doubt it. The link is too tenuous.Especially in the light of what the judge said. There is nothing in this that I have read to suggest that this individual in a sober working environment would attack a co worker or even a client. That said I wouldn’t like to accompany him to a party.
  8. Well it’s not. It’s just a fact of life. There is not the fabled money tree. I’m glad I don’t have to make such decisions.
  9. The NHS has finite funds. They have always served me well when I have say suffered an accident or developed a condition that needs treating. I would hate to think that others suffering the same sort of things are put to the back of the queue because someone else wants to be fitted with an artificial vagina.
  10. What mess? Of course there are going to be inconveniences as the UK struggles to extricate itself from the mass of bureaucracy that it has been entangled in as a result of decades of being wedded to the EU super state project. Would the English nation have celebrated the recent ladies football team success with such vim and vigour if it had been a European Union team winning the World Cup? I don’t think so. A hah you may say there is no such EU football team men or women. Well not at the moment but the trajectory is such that the EU will end up with its own army, with soldiers from each EU members, police force and football team similarly. Fortunately the UK referendum voters realised this and pulled out before it becomes a reality, but unfortunately citizens of countries still remaining in the EU think so but they have not had the chance to speak in a referendum. Probably the one thing you can thank Cameron for. The great sadness about all the this is that a looser affiliation of European countries could have achieved so much more together. We do have common aims and ambitions but also our differences. There is room for both but alas not under the aegis of the EU.
  11. Prawn cocktail? Garlic mushrooms? Soup perhaps?
  12. It may be a stupid rule but taking off your shirt having just scored a goal is a bit stupid in itself. Why do players do that? I understand there may be a slogan written on an undervest ( a protest against something, a declaration of love). But it’s hardly the time and the place and there is no guarantee that you are going to score so your slogan goes unnoticed. Besides, as on the occasion the other night,there isn’t usually a slogan to display. A bit more dignity might be in order, say a simple fist pump, a wave to the crowd or a simple shout of “get in”, before trudging back to the centre circle for the restart.
  13. Exactly, however there are some that seem unable to untie themselves from the EU’s apron strings.
  14. But if I am starving and pinch an apple from a market stall I am a criminal ( not a de facto one) That doesn’t mean I should have my hands cut off and be deported. We have moved on since those days.
  15. In fact on a scale of creepiness I would give the Black and White Minstrels 10 and drag queens 8, maybe 8 and a half
  16. Tread? You were posh! I assume you had a compass in your heel?
  17. Ah the old xenophobia/racist argument again. Still where would you rather claim asylum. The UK or France? Kind of validates the Brexit decision doesn’t it? I know which country I’d rather live in. No disrespect to the French. France is a lovely country but given the choice I’d rather be in a country which values its independence
  18. Thats true . You wouldn’t deliberately step in it but if you did end up with some on your shoe it wasn’t the end of the world. Bloody snowflakes again.
  19. Well you can define these people as illegal immigrants and criminals for fleeing persecution etc, and their turning up on UK shores being an “ongoing invasion” That phrase says a lot about you “Return them back to France or whatever safe country they had departed from” Why do you think France or other “safe” country owes these people more of a duty of care than the UK does? Brexit or no Brexit these people are human beings and deserve being treated as such
  20. I’m afraid you are talking a different language to me! Lord of Misrule, Mrs Shufflewick. Means nothing to me. I’m also not a fan of Shakespeare, having had his plays thrust upon me as a schoolchild. If that hadn’t happened then maybe I could appreciate his works as an adult but it spoilt it for me. But I’m sure I wouldn’t have a heart attack at ballerinas names. I’m fairly broad minded. As for drag kings I’ve not really given it much thought. I do appreciate my unease with drag queens is irrational. They’re not doing any one any harm. But I suppose the same could be said of most phobias ( arachnophobia etc) I just find them creepy.
  21. You could argue that if you forgot you had an appointment six months hence it’s not that important to you and therefore there’s not much wrong with you. Its not like arranging to meet your mate at Port St Mary golf club pavilion for a delicious afternoon tea in half a years time.
  22. Slightly less intellectual. Re all the discussions surrounding the LGBT + community. Most right thinking people ( and I include myself in that) acknowledge if that’s the the absolute equal rights of these sections of society. (Some may find the “trans” bit a bit worrisome but put that aside for a minute.) This may not be the right place to raise this but here goes. Drag queens. I find them a bit unsettling. Men dressed as women ( which is not the unsettling bit) but with suggestive names, for example one promoting himself as “Dusty Crack” in Bernidorm, ( Bargain loving Brits in the sun) and all the crude innuendos they come out with. I would have thought this was demeaning to women but apparently most don’t object. I see parallels with the old Black and White Minstrel show, white men dressing up as black men and singing the likes of “Ole Man River”. Both those and drag queens trouble me. You may say well don’t watch them if you don’t like them but that doesn’t make it go away like not watching (for example on You Tube the slaughter of sea life by the Faroe Islanders) Am I alone in my unease about drag queens?
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