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  1. No, I don't know you and so am unable to do that. I am accusing you of being unable to define Manx culture and as a result setting impossible goals for people who are, in your words, black, yellow, pink with green spots, scots, irish, english, poles or pensioners to come here to live in a way that is acceptable to you. What are these many negative aspects to which you refer? I don't imagine for a minute that Albert is racist. It does however annoy me when he disses my country of origin as if it's some sort of cesspit and implies everything on the Island is so much rosier. Yes I live here and like living here very much But I did not leave the UK because I disliked living there. It was a series of circumstances that bought me here much as I imagine it is for most, (eg personal relationships, getting a job here) rather than a desire to leave all evil behind and come to the promised land.
  2. Hope you don't regret stating that on a public forum! I don't imagine he does. Fraud is a grey area for some.
  3. Oh, irony! Are you going to milk this for all it's worth? I'm a bit cheesed of with all this. You've been voted the creme de la creme - is that not enough?. Leave it alone. Don't have a cow man.
  4. He has been found guilty of a criminal act pure and simple. If there are as you say plenty of others like this, yes let's build a bigger prison. Is one drug dealer sent to prison merely a scapegoat? Whatever our economy is founded on, do you want it to be founded on money laundering? I don't
  5. I really don't really understand all this angst. You get on/ leave a lift in the same way you would for example get on/off a bus, observing normal societal niceties . No need to even think about farting or whatever. Quite simple really. No, what is more perturbing is the decision as to when (or indeed if) to put the "next customer" triangular separator between your shopping and those of the next customer, on the supermarket conveyor belt. I wake up in a cold sweat having nightmares about that one. Slightly off topic though, having to assess the age of the checkout operator when alcohol is included in your weekly shop is v stressful. Do you choose the longer queue because the operative on the till is clearly over the age of 18 or take a chance that the kid on the shorter queuing till has reached the age of majority so that you won't have to wait 5/10 minutes for someone who has passed that milestone comes to your aid and swipes a card or gives a masonic style nod of the head. Plus of course if you do choose the more mature checkout operative and have the temerity to purchase more than one bottle of wine you have to endure the "having a party are we" quips which make you feel like an alcoholic. Not to mention the "do you want a wine carrier" fiasco. It's a bloody minefield out there.
  6. A bit unfair, given that he talked eloquently about - the difference between nationalism and racism; that the fsfo campaign was aimed at the development of large houses for wealthy people retiring into the Island instead of houses for young local residents; his part in (and subsequent regret about) the arson incident; and his view that Manx Nationalism means building the best society for all residents where-ever they originate in the first part of this two part programme (first part on 5th, Blue Monday.) Effectively it was one interview split over two shows, he's perfectly open his past and doesn't duck difficult questions on the subject. Agreed, he's not quite on the Martin Mc Guinness scale but as you say he regrets the arson thing (served his time) and has legitimate political views, whether or not you agree with them)
  7. This guy is a criminal. He has been tried and sentenced. (I'm sure Bernie Madoff contributed to the US economy by way of taxes,employing gardeners etc) How on earth is prosecuting criminals subordinating ourselves to the UK? And how the hell do you link the ending of the reciprocal health agreement to all this? Some very twisted thinking here methinks
  8. It's not a tax break, it's a tax cap. As we can see from the figures, only 80 people earn enough to hit the cap. They're already contributing 100k in taxes, which is more than the vast majority of earners here, they're hardly not paying their bit. We're a small island, yet we have some things here because of our high earners. What other 80k population town has an M&S the size of ours for example? Well whoopee dah we have a disproportionally large M &S relative to our size of population - makes life worth living doesn't it? I would rather measure quality of life in terms other than how many uber rich are living here or how many we can attract. When I made the decision to move here it certainly wasn't dictated by the size (or even presence of) high street stores.
  9. It's a line from a Guns n Roses song. I thought Robbie Williams/ Take That (or some other boy band). Can anybody help?
  10. Not by me he isn't but yes the stuff he spouts could be quite damaging in a Nick Griffin sort of way
  11. Well not as far as I know about this but has been about other stuff ( eg North West politics show about the VAT agreement.) Has Tax Justice Network website on which he demonstrates his ignorance . Bit of a figure of fun really - think Norris out of Coronation Street, that's pretty much him.
  12. Went for lunch. They used to do a spicey noodle dish which I was looking forward to but appeared to have dropped off the menu. Anyway, I digress - had steak and ale pie, chips and mushy peas (£7.95 if memory serves - no complaints on that score). Very pleasant, as was the service. However won't be going back as was charged £1.70 for the smallest bottle of diet coke you could ever imagine. It's just not right.
  13. To me the sentence seems about right for the crime and hopefully may act as a deterrent. While I'm on here, that bespectacled Murphy fellow doesn't really have a clue. Why do the BBC et al have him on as some sort of "expert". He's just someone with no understanding of the facts who has seen a niche market for somewhere to promote himself.
  14. LDV, you can be quite entertaining sometimes. But sometimes you can appear just plain stupid.
  15. What on earth leads you to the question the legality of that? I'm at a loss. Is one allowed to speed in the dark?. Do the police have to suspend their operations between dusk and dawn? Can one burgle with impunity once the sun has set?
  16. If you'd have got Neil to re-instate Timothy Taylors Landlord Bitter at the Whitey I'd have signed your piece of paper. But then again I don't live in Peel so it wouldn't have done you much good. How about going for EU president? (Sorry, bit of a flaw with that one as well)
  17. Slightly off topic but one thing I don't get is people who say for example "I can't have an expresso I'll be bouncing off the wall - too much caffeine" FFS it's a coffee not an armful of heroin. It's even said by people when debating whether to have a coca-cola for God's sake! Is it just me or are they just drama queens? Anyway I'll add my name to those who like McD coffee, when I can bear to venture in there
  18. No you dont have to be, but most respectfull ppl do it anyways I'd rather spend the 2 minutes demonstrating against the atrocities of war. And what form do you propose that taking? I think the atrocities of war are uppermost in most peoples mind when observing the two minutes silence
  19. How are you partly responsible for Afghanistan? I don't believe I am, and don't believe we should be in Afghanistan yet will still show my respect for those who have died in this and previous wars. As for you, the two minutes silence is not enforced, you just carry on your normal business and leave it to those of us who do care.
  20. I'm very much with Albert on this one
  21. We could all wear a poppy to identify ourselves as members of this august forum
  22. Hopefully someone will put a brick through your window. what because thay want to park, bit harsh aint it, diden know when u buy a house u buy the road as well You're just the sort of cock we get round our area. Leave your car outside everyone elses house for days on end, and don't have the moral fibre to think about residents. But he's right. You don't buy the road outside your house. Anyone, including residents of the street/road has the right to park there as long as it complies with the Highway Code (subject to disc parking etc). Being possesive about a thing you don't possess shows a lack of moral fibre, or at least a warped way of thinking So you think it's ok to abandon your car for days on end outside someones house, while you go travelling? I beg to differ, and you would change your tune if it happend to you. I'm not talking about the odd hour here and there. Well yes I think it's OK to leave your car legally parked on the public highway for as long as you may or may not need. "If it happened to me" - what does that mean? What has happened to me? Why would I change my tune? My tune is that everybody should not disobey the law and parking legally does not fit into that category. You seem a bit of a net curtain twitcher
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