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  1. Yeh aint it abysmal how poor the IoM is for cycling and storage. I've just sent this post off to the DoT Minister and Bruce Hannay but will they reply? Millions being spent on the road networks here but no new cycle lanes introduced 'anywhere' that I can see. We're all getting fatter, need more exercise, reduce cars on roads, safer routes needed for kids but is there any planning for it? Can't wait for Peak Oil and the ensuing price hikes that will come in fuel, personally, but then I don't own a car.
  2. Doesn't this all beg the question..... why burn it? It won't burn well in the incinerator and would benefit the Island's land far more once comosted - so perhaps a 'time wasting' question in Tynwald isn't so bad as it shows up bad management and that it should be stopped.
  3. Having a bus station is about creating community spaces as well and 'descent' shelter is important to make people using public transport to feel like respected citizens rather than second class ones. Would you wait for more than 10mins sitting on those hard seats in the shelters? You make some good points about not 'sticking' the car drivers but what future for the Island if car ownership continues to rise - I believe Jersey is horrendous with narrower roads and even more cars. I was born here and it's so sad how the place has turned into a rat race be it in cars or the pace of life. Wandering off the subject, sorry. Surely 'the future' for the Island has to be vastly improved public transport.......and more cyclists of course!
  4. Unless we DO provide safe/r routes for cyclists then there's not likely to be more of them is there? - and David Anderson was on ffinlo Costain's Perspective radio programme last night saying a lot about providing cycle routes, parking for cycles and shower facilities.....begs the question 'why the hell doesn't he get on with it'? As mentioned before the 'other island' has a network of routes in/all around it, organised by Sustrans.
  5. Most of the gates are skippable on a bike, you can get around the styles at the sides. I think there's only one that's a bit tough from memory. It should be tarmacked all the way though, then road bikes could use it. And yeah, coming out at the QB is hell. Sorry I cocked up the last quote! Good post Triskelion but we should be supporting local food production instead of shipping in exotic food from around the world and 'most' of the supermarkets don't. Slim how much more expensive is your food going to get as the oil prices go up to ship food in? If enough people 'hound' their MHK's & the DoT about better cycle routes (and lousy gates!) the more chance we will have of a positive change........I've already started on Bruce Hannay - bruce.hannay@gov.im
  6. Sure, I'm not talking about cycling home in the pissing rain like I did last night, I'm just talking about leaving the car at home while going to the corner shop to pick up a paper for example. Even if these journies were canned, it'd make a big difference to traffic, air quality and peoples health. Me too!! I don't see any harm, personally, in making cars less attractive to discourage their use. We know that generally the nations health is declining in line with car use rising. We know how much of peoples wages are spent on them, we know that they contribute to global warming and air quality, and we know that they're burning a finite supply of fossil fuels. So why not nudge people away from them? That's not to say carrots shouldn't be used also though. And yes, there's also an argument that says the market will sort this out, as it's doing already, but really we could do with some encouragement from the authorities too. Long may the fuel prices continue to rise to prove this. Rallybug: add the depreciation of your car per journy and tax, insurance and upkeep into those costings, it makes a big difference. Yep my bicycle is sooo cheap to run. As to fitting everyones shopping from Tesco onto a bus: out of town supermarkets are a shit consequence of increased car use, the solution is easy: don't. I'd far rather tesco got burned down, and everyone started walking to their local shops again. Hear, hear! I'm sorry, but I think you're wrong, and as has been pointed out, prioritising busses over cars has been proved to make them more attractive elsewhere. Why the hell doesn't the DoT actually try this to see if it works?
  7. The UK government does have some creative stuff here, employers schemes for buying bikes for employees There's a possibility of this coming here......... .....and slowing cars in favour of bus priority lanes does work, it's been tried elsewhere.
  8. No excuse for cycling on pavements, but jumping red lights can sometimes be safer than waiting if, for example, you're turning left into a narrow road with multiple lanes of traffic, buses parked at stops, roadworks, etc., to contend with. There's going to be a fight for space and cyclists are rarely given any consideration. We're just as invisible on roundabouts too. I cycle to work up past Spring Valley to the lights at A/Coar & it's b**** frightening how fast, close and how many cars jump the lights ON RED, especially when I'm in the middle of the road trying to get across, so that's why I ride on the pavement and use the pedestrian crossing....thanks car drivers you're very considerate - or is it that they're in a rush to get to the next set of lights? IF the roundabout goes ahead at the QB then there'll be another set!?.....and there's no provision for a cycle lane around it - archaic planning totally out of touch with the times.
  9. 1. Did you read my reply? 2. I live in Ballaugh - the two nearest secondary schools are Ramsey Grammar, 7 Miles away and Peel QEII (which my daughter attends) which is 8 miles away. Try cycling or walking that every day (especially during winter). We don't all live in Douglas (or wish to for that matter). Missed your reply, sorry. Good points though, I guess you are one of the few that does live some distance away from a school! 8 miles on a bicycle hmmm, cheap to run but would take quite some time to do - I'm sorry that you'll be paying so much more for your fuel doing the school run. Here's a thought, what about the bus - 60 kids on a bus instead of 40 or so cars on a run and cheap too!
  10. Trend? For example? Which school in Douglas or Onchan has been shut down in the last 40 years? Hey good point! - it's not as if Manx schools are far from anywhere? I did like the Monkey Dust clip thanks....and then went onto view more, funneee.
  11. Daft eh?...we'll see whose daft when the oil is over $200 dollars a barrel by...... early next year? It'll be interesting to see how many parents are actively trying to find cheaper alternative methods of geting the kids to school as the oil price continues to climb? The way things are going there won't be a future for the kids. You weren't allowed to cycle on the road 25yrs ago!? You've lead a protected life. All the best to you with the school runs
  12. I'm sorry but I think you'll find most working families combine the work and school run - dropping the kids off and then driving to work. Therefore its actually a very valid point particularly where you have kids under 12. I agree 'sultan' that it has a lot to do with school runs, it's proven all the time that congestion is much less during school holidays so maybe too many people are running their kids to school!? I see loads of them doing their proficiency cycling training near to where I live but you'll always get parents saying it's too dangerous for them on the roads....why? - coz those same parents are packing the roads with their cars, perhaps? Lots of us don't lead very healthy lifestyles now so walking and cycling is a way of counteracting that - and obesity is becoming more of a problem in the young, particularly. We as adults should be making examples for the young to follow.
  13. Yeh it really is a joke...to me, that people fail to see the damage they are doing/have done to the environment for their nice metal boxes.
  14. Great thread this with some good tips. I've always like cycling since I was a kid and continued using a bike (on & off) for nearly 20yrs now. Cycling to work has its ups & downs (weather and inconsiderate w****** in cars mostly) but it's definitely kept me fitter - after all those years I'm not sweating when arriving from a 20min cycle to work. It's very sad how the Island has turned into a car park (everywhere in Douglas is covered in them!!) and even reading a biker friendly thread like this it's still weighted to the glorious motor car. In the UK the Sustrans network (http://www.sustrans.org.uk/) is superb but here we continue to invest millions in road upgrades for the bloody motor car!? Where's the infrastructure to help/support the cyclists, after all lots of people are unhealthy, kids go cradle to grave in a motor car now, we ban passive smoking but what about the cocktail that comes out of a car exhaust? Long may the fuel prices continue to rise in my opinion coz that way the car drivers might get out of them....and smell the fresh(er) air? Oh and with 65,000 private cars registered here, less on the roads means less CO2 helping to create climate chaos.
  15. Excellent info on this forum - thanks Jim. FYI the Manx Energy Advice Group are always at the Green Centre on a Saturday 10-2pm (often later) and the advice re renewables is experienced, free and they're not trying to sell you anything! The Green Centre is in Douglas, Chester Street opposite Shoprite's entrance.
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