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  1. Having read the initial report things at first seemed reasonably credible until it got to the point where the good old "tin foil hat" came into play . Saying that a few things struck me as coincidental about the GB locations i.e. ports and coastal locations , my guess as to origin of this noise and the accompanying vibrations , large marine diesel engines ? A typical slow speed diesel chugs away anywhere between 95-110 rpm . The exhaust gas is then dispersed through a fairly wide funnel (think boy racers and their fuck off big exhaust pipes) , couple this with the vibrations coming from the engine itself and dirty great props thrashing through the water and the well known sound carrying properties of water and you could end up with the right conditions for the aforementioned hum . Certainly when the weather conditions were right where I used to live in the UK I used to be able to hear large ships chugging along the river up to a couple of miles away , the sound possibly amplified even more by the buildings either side of the river banks . Stu mentions his loaction as being up near the old hospital so in effect above the power station , possibly the noise from the turbine exhausts ? Or of course it could be just another great big pile of typical TJ shite .
  2. Pressure sensor on the handles sounds a really good idea , the warning light rather than engine cut out would probably be a safer option I'd imagine that a very sudden unexpected deceleration could be a bit dangerous . Also gives the option that if you get a spurious activation that the driver/pilot can have a quick glance over his shoulder to check if his passenger has indeed fell off .
  3. Fact is, about 90% of the people you walk past in the street are complete assholes and most of them are not even what I would define as human. Shut the fuck up you sanctimonious little cunt . You whine about people taking their time shopping and blocking the aisle wasting your precious time but will happily fill these boards with post upon post of utter fucking drivel , derailing topics with your self indulgent bollocks therefore wasting peoples time who had started reading something that may have been of interest only to find you'd jumped in and shat all over the place like a seagull on laxatives. Fuck off and become a hermit if the rest of the human population is such an annoyance to you .
  4. Regardless of when it was written it's still a UN bill so I refer to my original question who is going to enforce this ? If you don't trust the UN to enforce their own policies then who do you trust ?
  5. I agree. I meant "the international community" in some ideal world which is never going to exist. I'd never lend my support to a corrupt institution like the UN or entrust them to do the right thing in a country. And the unilateral warmongering we've seen over the last 10 years isn't good either. That'll go down like a treat with the earth's 1.6 billion Muslims. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights http://www.un.org/en/documents/udhr/ So you don't trust that corrupt institution the UN but are happy for somebody else to try and enforce the UN declaration of human rights . How does that work then as surely whoever is enforcing the UN bill is then doing the dirty work for that corrupt institution . Or are you proposing that somebody else drafts a new international bill of human rights ?
  6. Declan raises a good point there Vulgarian . Whilst it's great to fill your mp3 player full of your favourites it's also good to hear new stuff . Whilst Manx Radio does have some crap on there is also a fair amount of diversity when you put it alongside the repetition of 3fm and Energy . I doubt that there are many local stations that will have 50's or brass band music one night and thrash metal the next . A few people have already mentioned Ed Oldham on a Saturday who as well as playing a hugely varied playlist also showcases local bands , can't grumble about that at all .
  7. Ok fair enough your link says that you need 250k population within 5 miles of the rink . These links would suggest otherwise http://www.sk8scotland.org.uk/links/rinks-in-scotland/ . Certainly the likes of the Elgin rink and Lockerbie rink being way off that number . Elgin in particular is a pretty reasonable comparison as the whole of the population of Moray county is approx 10k more than the island but spread over an area nearly 4 times larger and Elgin itself having a very similar population to Douglas .
  8. Druid must have been even happier that the score was 3-0 to Canada a nice little coincidence Cracking match , impressive display by the Canadians to shutout the Swedes who had been in great form , don't think the loss of Nicklas Backstrom helped though .
  9. I'll second that , an ice rink over here could be a real asset . Pretty sure I've said it before but I'll say it again anyway , asides from the obvious ice based stuff a nice little 2-3000 seater rink could be a pretty decent concert venue or indeed used for other one off events eg boxing or wrestling matches .
  10. Electricity price per kw/h table for Europe Current exchange rate is around £1 = 1.20 euro so there's a fair few countries more expensive than us .
  11. Ok , trying to make a point you say , well instead of burying said point in a load of bollocks why not just get straight to it.The only point I got from your extreme hypothetical scenario was that you are quite adept at coming up with nonsense no matter what the subject , you attempted to use the same scenario twice just increased the ridiculousness level the second time and still no real point , unless you are alluding to the offensive smell (that is his dislike of fake banana/bubble gum flavour vapour) part of the original posters argument in which case you could have saved a small amount of time and said "Why not ban offensive smells in pubs" . This of course would be a ridiculous state of affairs.
  12. and the chances of any of that happening? Okay. What if a neo-nazi went into a Jewish pub and started puffing away on a zyklon-B flavoured e-cigarette? Would you people have any sensitivity to the people breathing in those fumes then, or would you still insist on the right of smokers over that of everyone else? Smokers are really starting to remind me of cyclists. This is where your already piss poor argument falls even flatter on it's face . A) I can't really imagine that e-cig flavour manufacturers are going to come up with poison gas flavour stuff . B) I think the neo-nazi will have already caused a suitable amount of offence by going into the Jewish pub in the first place , I suspect he'd get a good pasting before getting a chance to 'spark up' his e-cig . Before you come up with the half arsed "Oh but I was being sarcastic and funny" save your fucking fingers you're about as funny as the aforementioned Zyklon B .
  13. Slow cooked some shin to make a bolognese sauce , very tasty and more tender than the fully grown beast .
  14. Hogget is meat that is too old to be lamb but too young to be mutton . Not sure what the actual cut off points are .
  15. I don't believe that you are, either. But there are a lot of things you claim about yourself that I simply don't believe. HAHAHAA. I'm as Manx as the hills! Descended from the oldest Manx families. Nice try, no cigar. I haven't said anything anti-English, you tosser. What I "spouted" was a dislike of the culture you find in big towns and cities. The last time I checked, England is not the only country on this planet which has big towns and cities; and, the last time I checked, England is a big place and not everybody there lives in big towns and cities. A lot of English people living in England share my views about big towns and cities. Some, like Woolley, say they came to the Isle of man to get away from that, and those people are WELCOME here. It's the people who come here from big towns and cities and want to make the Isle of Man just like a big town or city who should get the boat home. Get your facts straight before you start accusing me of bigotry. If I was anti-English, I would have disowned my English mother and two English grandmothers, and wouldn't have spent years living and studying in England at an English university. If I was anti-English, I wouldn't have participated in the UK elections by supporting the UK Conservative Party. Nor would I be so enthusiastic about maintaining proper usage of the English language. Please retract your disgraceful, false accusation against me. So English mother and 2 English grandparents , therefore not as Manx as the hills at all then .
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