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  1. Loads of ordinary people get off on the 14 day rule anyway, you don't need a lawyer - the NIP is served correctly or it isn't. Many people just get them dropped before they even get near court. If I were in the same boat I'd certainly argue the notice was not served correctly.
  2. Just a thought... Was he asking the price an IOM business or consumer would have to pay or the cost price to IOM Post? One is a stupid question you could answer for yourself by reading, the other might be going somewhere. (Might be going somewhere utterly pointless, but I'll give him the benefit of doubt for now)
  3. One to restrain the legs to stop them kicking. One to restrain the torso to stop them rolling. One to restrain and manipulate the arms to put the cuffs on. Always looks worse than it is. Does it really take 3 cops to do it? Fewer means more thrashing and kicking and flailing, more chance for injury to the cops and the individual. Temporary discomfort and a bruise or two for the non-compliant is nothing. Pava on the other hand is nasty shit and probably causes more pain for longer than a bit of manual handling.
  4. What is missing in this thread is a little context. Precisely what data do Argon and IT Works come into contact with in the performance of their contract?
  5. They've lifted it in the hope that the owner will come forward to claim it. This suggests they don't know the current keeper, which suggests this vehicle is not lawfully registered and as such shouldn't be on the road in the first place. If the owner hasn't registered it in his own name what else hasn't he bothered to do? Tax it? Insure it? Pass a driving test?
  6. If they send out a notice to keeper I'd be astounded. They get all their data from the DVLA electronically so the process for the IOM will be too far off piste for them - too much effort for too little gain. Still if you do receive a notice to keeper, head over to forums.pepipoo.com. Don't just ignore it as there is the potential for keeper liability if they do things by the book.
  7. Dial a ride isn't a taxi service, it's a way to justify slashing bus services and replacing them with fewer buses when they're needed (needed means as infrequently as can be justified). Uber it ain't. It's probably more likely to generate business for taxi drivers.
  8. The one near the Castle Mona is practically opposite the old Imperial Hotel. When did the crossing on Queens Prom disappear? Can only be in the last couple of weeks if it really has gone?
  9. Except maybe the two crossings located near the Castle Mona and on Queens Prom by promenade t-shirts...
  10. As much as I agree with the ban, they haven't published the stat doc making the regulation. I do hope they actually made a traffic order and haven't simply enforced their will without the actual legislation...
  11. So grab a couple of the veg bags and stuff them in the trolley before you start.
  12. It was the outbreak back in May that fucked up the NHS. Popped up in the news again today as the guy who foiled the global attack by stumbling across the "kill switch" was arrested at DefCon for his alleged involvement with the development and distribution of the Kronos Trojan.
  13. Because: 1 - The amount of vehicle excise duty collected does not cover the full costs of the road network - the rest is made up from general taxation. So any taxpayer is paid up, including pedestrians (who get a special little lane reserved just for them I might add). 2 - Many cyclists are also motorists, and will also have paid vehicle excise duty for the privilege of leaving their car at home whilst they cycle. 3 - Apart from heavy breathing, sweating and flatulence, cycling is zero emission. 4 - A pedal cycle causes virtually zero wear and tear on the road surface compared to even the smallest lightest cars. In essence, everyone who has paid any amount of any tax to the IOM Government has chipped in something towards the road network, so pretty much everyone has already paid. Motor vehicles pollute more and cause substantially more wear and tear, increasing maintenance costs so it's perfectly fair that the use of a motor vehicle attracts more taxation than walking or cycling.
  14. Fairly confident I saw some on the shelf in Jac Stores. Unless it was substitute after all, can't say I looked too closely.
  15. The powders are generally shit. I use the gel filled traps. They take the gel back to the nest and it kills them all off reasonably quickly. A good option if they're getting into the house as it's way cleaner than a powder. Icing sugar is an interesting choice. Not sure it would get rid of them rather it would keep them entertained for a bit. If you want to go old school on them mix icing sugar and borax 50/50 and feed that to them instead. Boiling water also handy for rinsing down afterwards.
  16. Ahh, but they are not contradictory... I had 2 letters. One stating an increase of circa 12p per day and another stating a decrease of MINUS 12p per day. My recollection of basic maths tells me that a negative decrease is an increase. They're still a bunch of robbing fucking bastards. I wouldn't mind the increase in the standing charge if the unit cost goes down, even if just a fraction on a penny, but it stays the same.
  17. Well I'm guessing he's been charged with an offence under the Proceeds of Crime Act, which the article would seem to imply. Reasonable suspicion would be supported by the fact that the cash was concealed with considerable effort - it's not like he just chucked it in the glovebox.
  18. I pronounce it "die you little bastard, die!" doesn't seem to be a poll option though - can you add it?
  19. No, it isn't. A cyclist is a road user. A pedestrian is merely somebody who has to cross a road which has been put in their way. Pedestrians don't get very far if they only cross from one side to the other. In order to get anywhere it's usual to walk along the road, preferably on the part of the road known as a footway where one is present.
  20. I bought myself a Moto G4. Performs well above it's price point. Think MT and Sure are knocking it out at £169. Got mine from Tesco direct for £150.
  21. BigDave

    Ben grounded

    Embedded vid didn't work. Bah.
  22. I've seen them exercise discretion and cancel tickets for "honest mistakes" like parking in the wrong sort of bay in error or thinking it's a 2 hour limit when it's 1 hour etc. They're nowhere near as grasping as UK councils here. Not by a long shot.
  23. I'd give them a call or pop into the office and question it anyway on the basis that it "doesn't appear to be completed properly and you'd like to know if it's a proper ticket before you pay up (You've never had a parking ticket before so don't know if it's legit etc etc...) If it's an obvious cock up they might just drop it there and then.
  24. Provided the test drivers have a policy providing 3rd party cover for any other vehicle (both my standard comprehensive car policies allow this) then they're legally covered. Comprehensive cover will be more tricky - I'd follow the "you break it, you buy it" rule if they can prove they have 3rd party cover, or get them to buy temporary cover themselves if they can. Being a Scooby I presume it's not standard?
  25. You'd also note that the legislation intentionally omits the term "motor" when referring to the driving of vehicles on footways. This covers cycles too. Some people think you can't 'drive' a cycle, but the law would seem to disagree. For what it's worth I can't see a problem myself. So long as they're not being twats about it or mowing down old ladies.
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