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  1. How's the numbers coming along? Getting close now.
  2. How local do you want? we use to collect razor clams from Peel beach on low spring tides
  3. Reads like a rant from a parent, who has been given one view from their sons one side, sometimes you can't see the wood for the trees. Till it all becomes clear.
  4. Edited. After reading all of OP rant at the police and finding out who was arrested. The cock-eyed little shit who made the comments about the office's family does need a good hiding as nothing else has worked.
  5. Those that have had refunds was it from Villa-Gaiety bought tickets or from the organiser web site via pay-pal?
  6. Define public recreational space as the deads have been in private ownership for years
  7. Ah hard to beat a bit of gossip yessa! £1800 for an oven, was probably £800, and you've just added the £1000 on, more than likely has 1 income never mind 2. £10,000 for a kitchen! I'm telling you yessa, the taps are made from real gold and the work tops are marble. Think what you like, It’s no gossip and I have embellished nothing, I know what I have read on Facebook and seen the pictures posted, people should be more cautious with their privacy settings, as to who can read their conversations and profiles.
  8. Like the friend of a friend on Facebook, bitching about how long it is taking to install her free kitchen, bitching about how her rent is going up a couple of quid a week, then bragging how she is spending £1800 on an oven, all the time having two incomes coming in.
  9. Not been for a few years do they still not open on a Sunday?
  10. Any one see the new episode last night? I thought it a little ironic that one of the skippers he was talking to at Port Erin about having closed areas, has previously been fined for fishing in a closed area.
  11. So by the logic of the objectors the, IOM cycling team must have Cav, the Kennaughs etc, or it can’t be called the IOM cycling team, the list goes on for every sport. The Manx athletics team has been fund raising for 2 years for this trip and the athletes still have to pay in the region of £1500 each for this trip, if it means that much to the Manx FA and the players why have they not been fund raising and dipping into their pockets to fund it. They have known for at least 3 years that 2013 games were in Bermuda there has been plenty of time and chances to raise some money towards the costs, at the matches they have played at the Bowl etc.
  12. Taken from ApeManns web site proposal, A tad optimistic on the visitor numbers that are holiday makers, to get a figure like that they must be using the arrivals to the Island, I think they should be aiming for a higher local market as the 10,000 visitors is a bit on the high side.
  13. Once was enough to see that photo, please don't include it in quotes, I will now have to wash my eye's with bleach again.
  14. Which one stu? or did a big lad like you go to both
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