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  1. DRAM

    World Of Warcraft

    Back up and I'm now Level 16 . Really should do something else now.
  2. DRAM

    World Of Warcraft

    I won't be playing WOW today......... Because the ruddy servers isnt up yet. I would have been Level 16 before lunch.
  3. Not people’s usual opinion of me but in some ways it’s accurate. I think you’re on to something there Ean but for every meaning of life you would have 100 more pages of talking absolute drivel.
  4. Only when drunk or feeling confident, so not very often really.
  5. But that would mean getting rid of DRAM and I couldnt do that he would be hurt.As for the new attitude no one ever changes you just become more like yourself.
  6. I think I have the ears right. I just need to give him a receding hair line some stubble and make the pectorals a lot less prominent . It's nice to be back.
  7. Anyone else here a big Smallville fan?
  8. I realised I missed posting and I got told that manxonline had closed (thanks McSpanner) and figured this would be a chance for a fresh start.
  9. Or possibly her R key is jammed from all the xxxx on her keyboard. But she never corrects them because she thinks it makes her interesting.
  10. It's conversations like this that make me doubt it is worthwhile upgrading to broadband. Any opinions? That are constructive.
  11. DRAM

    Far Cry unleashed

    So much for people learning from there mistakes.
  12. It's nice to see so many people have found the new forum. I will try to post more often.
  13. Not really intrested in the line ups this year. Will go next year most likelly.
  14. Looks good although Batman Beyond and Transformers intrest me more at the moment.
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