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  1. Just passing through to say Hi.

  2. It's the 768 Top version by Asus. The cheapest you can match the exact components and OS on Ebay as of today was £1019 (box only excluding monitors etc etc etc), so thank you for your offer, but I will decline.
  3. I will only be selling the monitors etc if the main box goes first.
  4. The Mobo is a Gigabyte X58a-UD3r perfectly designed for stability and overclocking ease. With regards to splitting, I certainly won't be breaking the box into components under any circumstances, but would be willing to accept sensible offers for box only, then monitors/printers seperately
  5. Intel Core i7 950 3.2 easily overclocks to 4.0 6 gig triple channel 1600 ram Gigabyte X58 mobo Nvidia GTX 460 Gfx NZXT Phantom case with fan control and additional fans fitted Noctua NH-D14 cpu cooler (best on the market) Antec Quattro Trupower 850w PSU 3xHdd (500g, 250g, 1TB) 2xBenq G2420HD 24" monitors LG external dvd writer/litescribe Alesis M1 ACTIVE studio monitor speakers Epson R1800 A3 photo printer/disc printer Zboard gamers keyboard Laser mouse (loads of buttons for gamers) Windows 7 Ultimate retail To buy at current cheapest prices (overclockers etc)would cost you over £2000 AWESOME for gaming, studio, media etc etc etc. VERY powerful No component over 4 months old Open to sensible offers. Will not split apart from printer
  6. I've moved over to corny kegs, so I have 2 5 gallon plastic pressure barrels that are now surplus to requirements. Plastic ones with tap at bottom and S30 valve lid (takes a soda stream gas cylinder which is also available for sale) retail at about £30 each and the cylinder is about £8 plus gas at retail. Offers!
  7. The most sensible offer I can make is of advice. Never buy, sell or promote the wearing of fur.
  8. But, do they still do vegan options? That is the biggest loss from Greens imo.
  9. Misfit

    Snow !

    Tesco was still dead at noon. And the shelves fully stocked. Twas glorious
  10. Having a bit of a clear out. Marshall Half Stack Mode 4 350 watt head and 4x12 cab. Perfect mint condition ,over £1200 new. Offers over £500 Marshall Stack AVT100 head and 2x 4x12 cabs. Good enough condition, couple of minor scuffs on vinyl. New preamp valves installed. £350. Boss GT10 uber mental complex pedal board. Boss's top of the range unit, mint condition with box, manuals etc.Built in record/playback loopstation etc. I think it also makes cups of tea. £250. Pod XT. Older fx unit, but still great for studio etc. £80 Behringer Ultrabass 4x10 Bass Cab. Mint condition. £175 Offers welcome for multiple items
  11. Yes, Rhumsaa. As you can see by the date of my last post, some time has passed since those early reports. I used to order from them and enjoy, and even passed menus onto my customers, but the service and standard of food went downhill very quickly. I expressed my views to the manager ( at least he said he was) but nothing changed..never used it since.
  12. Misfit

    Manx Wow Guild Ideas

    I finally managed to quit wow recently. Anyone want to buy a human paladin, ICC 25 hard mode geared, Spectral Tiger mount etc? I reckon offloading the account is the only way I'll never play again
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