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  1. Picture of Mother in Law has worked well overnight in keeping them at bay. The humane trap got me thinking though - as there are hundreds of the buggers in the fields behind me so they'll keep coming into the garden - is it worth trapping them and selling to a butcher or restaurant? Is there a market for rabbit?
  2. I'd rather have rabbits then smelly cats in my garden anyday.
  3. Are coming into my garden and eating my veg and plants. Any ideas on how to keep them at bay without resorting to harming them?
  4. I recommend you don't do it as it looks naff...
  5. I recommend you use this instead http://www.filehippo.com/download_izarc/ far better than winrar imho. And freeware to boot.
  6. lectro


    Before Xmas B&Q were selling an item called "Elek Tek Downlight Heat Diffuser". Unfortunately they're not available anymore. If anyone bought some and has any spare or unused I'd like to buy it from you. I actually need about 12 but if I can get one I can probably make some quite similar to it. PM me if you can help.
  7. You're always blathering on here so much with your tin-foil hat on I'm surprised you get any work done...
  8. lectro

    Horse Trams

    How to jump from one loss making enterprise to another in one easy step...
  9. I'm always a bit wary about planes they say you can build in your garage / hangar. Its just inventing new ways to kill yourself. it looks like a rutan cozy, there used to be one hangered at jurby around 5 years ago. i did see one leave ronaldsway a few months ago, perhaps it has moved down there. TBH it was silhouetted against the sky so I couldn't see any detail only the shape. Looked pretty cool.
  10. Saw a weird looking plane yesterday flying low over PSM. It must have just taken off from Ronaldsway as it was climbing. It looked a bit like this but I can't be sure if it's the same model. Plus the one I saw sounded like a jet. Any spotters here can confirm what it was?
  11. lectro

    Horse Trams

    Other problems... too expensive, too slow, too..... etc etc If nostalgia is the only reason to keep them then I suggest we let them go the way of the dodo.
  12. lectro

    Horse Trams

    We already have one on Prospect Hill. Touché
  13. Seriously though. Buy him an acre of Rainforest or one of the other Greenpeace / Friends of the Earth type initiatives.
  14. I think you'll find he'll be expecting that every year...
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