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  1. Just in case anyone thinks the CDC was talking about the whole of the USA or the world, 74% referred to 469 positive cases in Barnstable County, Massachusetts.
  2. The team that created that is on its way to Richmond Hill.
  3. I imagine the trustees are also watching the Abbotswood saga play out. Why risk personal liability to keep the facility running? Easy to fall foul of the Inspection Unit. Big risk, little or no reward.
  4. Both young kids if that part of the dashboard is accurate.
  5. A bunch of emails have just arrived on Manxnet.
  6. The questions are seeking information and clarification. They are never critical so easier to answer.
  7. The Steam Packet had over 300 staff according to its 2018 accounts so we'd have to test them all to be sure of catching the positive one. What's interesting is how we will cope when the borders open. The under 50s will not have been vaccinated until late summer so the virus will continue to spread around that group in the UK and here. The hospital will have to accept the risk if we are to have visitors this year.
  8. So after 300 negative tests a day for 9 months you'd be pretty pleased for a positive result.
  9. Who would you have tested before the outbreak emerged?
  10. My wife and I received our letters this morning.I dashed to the computer and was halfway through filling in the details when my wife told me to come and speak to the nice man on the phone. Job done. Seems that providing an on-line option has eased the pressure on 111.
  11. We achieved the same result without testing 1,000 per day so it would have been a complete and utter waste of time and resources.
  12. It was a bit optimistic to think they could organise appointments better than they did before the pandemic.
  13. Guernsey recorded 569 active cases in this outbreak and one death. We are heading for something similar.
  14. Can anyone add a link to the old Smash advert when the aliens can't stop laughing, except it's not a laughing matter.
  15. Just 5 jabs in care homes recorded so far today so hubs not in use. Cambon beat me to it.
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