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  1. I've bought a laptop so I've got one that I need to get rid of. It's a Dell Inspiron Mini 10. I'm not sure of the exact age, maybe about 3 years old. It works fine, it just needs a new battery and a charger. I don't know whether to sell it on as 2nd hand, or sell it to a shop for spares/repairs. Can anyone recommend someone or a shop which takes laptops for spares/repairs who I can contact to get a price?
  2. hello MF...it's been a while...

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      Hello! I keep forgetting to browse this website...

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      I see not much has changed! Although less impressed at the lack of skeet from today. But I can guess the reason for that!

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      Scrap that, I've found it...

  3. girl89

    Snow !

    When will the Isle of Man ever be prepared?! Haha it's quite a difference here in Geneva. Whenever we've had just 2 inches of snow fall or 8 inches of snow in the city centre, all main roads have been cleared, main pathways cleared, and most things run as normal! Also, the local people also make the effort to clear the pathways in front of their buildings.
  4. Ahhh I hope it's all finished by Friday!
  5. RIP Jamie. Everyone has said you were genuinely such a nice guy, and had so much going for you. Thoughts are with your family and friends.
  6. Got my table ticket! I went last year and it was a great night, definately reccommend it
  7. 26 degrees ish in Switzerland
  8. Geneva Switzerland About mid 20's today.
  9. Is that generally? How about North Korea? Ok I shall rephrase: The experience of moving to Switzerland!!
  10. The experience of moving to a different country! Spending money. Good night out with friends.
  11. Couple of pictures of my weekend. Pic1 Pic2
  12. Spent this afternoon chilling out next to Lake Geneva :-) Will see if I can dig out some pictures.
  13. I hope the ash stays away from London tomorrow! What should have been a simple flight via Liverpool to Geneva has now turned into a boat trip to Liverpool, train to London and flight from there. Yawn!!
  14. girl89


    I'm working in Geneva for 2 weeks from Monday, so will have the evenings and a weekend to experience the city of Geneva :-) Can anyone reccommend places to go, sights to see etc? Or even suggest nice restaurants to visit.
  15. You can appeal against the failed test. But what if your friend has the same examiner for test number 2 - the examiner will probably have a grudge against your friend as they said the examiner couldn't do his job properly...it's wrong but likely to happen! Anyways, don't the examiners have a 'quota' for each month on the amount of people they pass? (P.s the above scenario did not happen to me, I passed first time )
  16. I got quotes from the local Kestrel and Tower Insurance which were ridiculously high. Ended up buying from a UK broker which was £300/400 cheaper than the local companies.
  17. I bought my first car insurance at 20 (just passed my test) and found that there wasn't much difference between third party fire and theft, and fully comp. May as well go fully comp now and build up the no claims bonuses.
  18. girl89

    Eco House

    I quite like it! Would be great as my first time buyers place.
  19. Correct. My mum, who answered the door to them, had never heard of the charity before and they didn't speak great english. We were just being careful, not racist
  20. It sounds like the same group we had around Onchan. We called the police to advise them in case they were fraudulent, but the police checked with them and they have a valid license.
  21. 100% agree! I rang up some of the hairdressers on the island. I found they were more expensive than ordering directly from the GHD website. I really reccommend ordering from their official website as it's a good price and free postage. Mine arrived the next day.
  22. Thanks everyone for your messages I haven't posted on here for a while so wasn't expecting a whole thread dedicated to my birthday Yes I'm happy my birthday falls on easter weekend, lots of partying to be done!
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